Modern Democracy And Influence of Leaders in India


Political gathering in political activity is a significant phenomenon in Indian democracy what we are regularly experienced. We see that a huge crowd congregates whenever the particular political party calls for in a particular place and date. Density of a crowd varies sometimes because the party rules the then government it obviously claims the highest congregation. Is it due to political awareness and literacy of people and their Paramount interest as well as faith in democracy or the charisma of the leader of the particular party or fear politics involved with this?

Eventually, this is the gathering of working class and poor ignorant.  It is also evident if we ask them what they have learned from this political meeting, reply would be nothing. They attend for a packet of lunch along with pocket money. Fear of local party representatives is an extra benefit.   This gathering is only a show off pressure to the opponents that the voters are with this particular party and it is a democratic tactic of advertisement. That’s why, Thomas Carlyle said, ‘Modern democracy has produced millions of fools who vote, other men who go to Parliament and palaver, and inevitably, the few who act.’ The leadership of this particular political party tries to impress themselves as changing tool of  society. Here, Tolstoi reminded ‘there is no greater fool than him who thinks he makes history and believes others when they assure him he does.’

Actually ‘a political leader may be identified as any occupant of an established political position or as any person, in or out of such a position, whose political activity has more influence upon a group’s behavior than has the activity of the average member.’ People choose or follow one rather than another due to influences. However, is this huge gathering the result of the charismatic leader? According to Max Weber, ‘Charisma is the quality that enable one man(woman), without measurable traits far exceeding those of his/her followers, without coming from any ruling group or holding any office, to exercise surpassing magnetism and to gather a tremendous following. Charisma is non-rational, nontraditional, and non-bureaucratic.’ It is a quality particluar by virtue which sets from ordinary men and it is also supernatural. It determines continuous demonstration of heroism, striking successes and abilities of prophecy.  A charismatic leader particularly challenges the existing political leadership, the government and many of the existing laws.

Anyway, present political leaders irrespective of their parties are not considered being charismatic leaders because they do not carry Max Weber’s description of charisma. In relation to this, we can quote Pandit Nehru.  After Gandhiji, Nehru by his own words, of uncertain character and was also at once moment rational, skeptical and impatient of adulation received as “miracle man”. But he said, “I drew these tides of men into my hands and wrote my will across the sky in stars”.

Present political leaders consider them as a demi-god like Hitler.  The followers pray them only to get some benefits or fear. The political environment is absence of direction and is dominated by fear. There is potential hostility in Indian politics. It is eared among people – ‘What will  we do?’ ‘What is there to live for now and future?’ ‘Who will save us now?’ and so forth.

The political leaders ‘how they have acquired their positions, should produce result in excess of those expected of normal men. They stand or fall by their performance unless before their skill or luck runs out’, they might act according to their oath under the Constitution of India and its democracy. Therefore, they need to be routinized or consolidated their position.

 Harasankar Adhikari is a Kolkata Based Independent Social Worker



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