The ‘ Ogre ‘ Of Violence – Rooted In Childhood


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From ancient times, violence in society has been an integral part. There were killings and brutal murders. But, now-a-days, we are witnessing extreme form of ‘sadistic’ and gruesome violence that is chilling and heart- wrenching to say the least. For instance, Haryana singer Mamta Sharma found dead with throat slit ( published 18 -1- 2018 In another incident, Shayara Bano divorced and remarried, was murdered and her throat slit and pruvate parts cut open (published January 7,2018, Girls and women are being raped, murdered and their vital organs mutilated or cut open. This extreme form of male cruelty is on the rise.

This trait is possible mostly when the adult had disturbed childhood. If the children grow in atmosphere where crime is all around them, they invariably become criminals with intent to murder for their desires to be full- filled.

Juvenile crime

The horror of violence has spread deeper into society. Children too are becoming violent and not afraid of killing in schools. These incidents common in US and other countries, are increasing in India. School children in Delhi and other metro cities are not afraid to kill their class- mates, school- mates or teachers for trivial causes like postponement of exams or holidays ( the famous Pradyuman Thakur case is example of such crime).


The victims of such gory crimes are women who face hatred from male chauvinists. This trend of hate has percolated into schools and children are being influenced by the vicious atmosphere around them. This is a cause of concern not only to the present young generation but also to future youth who are in their childhood days now. The oppression by male has spread to boys who feel superior to girls.


If this cycle of violence continues, children will be spoiled from their tender age. Boys will start finding satisfaction in acts of crime and pater, when they grow, will become habituated to the violence. Many private corporate schools are already witnessing a surge in juvenile crimes. Girls are being stalked, threatened and even thrashed by boys without any fear.

Therefore, there is a need to check aggressive behaviour of children specially boys who grow up watching porn videos or films secretly without the knowledge of parents or teachers. The tender aged kids must be taught to abstain from violence and thoughts that instil hatred. Only then, they would eschew such ogre of violence and incidents like Mamta Sharma or Shayara Bano can be prevented .

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


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