U.S President Donald Trump Has Been Declared “Persona Non Grata” In The Caribbean


( A Declaration that was authored by the Pan-Africanist and Socialist popular forces of  the Caribbean nation of Barbados at Bridgetown, Barbados on Saturday 13th January 2018, and  submitted to the people and civil society organizations of the Caribbean for their endorsement and adoption)


We, the under-signed representatives of the sovereign people of the Caribbean, hereby declare that President Donald Trump of the United States of America is “Persona Non Grata” in our Caribbean region !

We further declare that as a “Persona Non Grata” President Donald Trump is NOT  welcome in any territory of the Caribbean, and we hereby confirm that we – the Caribbean people – will petition our Governments, vehemently protest against any Trump visit, and engage in popular demonstrations designed to prevent President Donald Trump’s entry into any portion of the sovereign territory of our Caribbean region.

As sons and daughters of the Caribbean, we hereby affirm that the continent of Africa is the revered Motherland of a sizable majority of our people and that the Republic of Haiti — the seminal architect of the destruction of the system of chattel slavery that held our ancestors in bondage — is the foundational cornerstone of our Caribbean Civilization, and we therefore consider that any insult or attack that is directed at the African continent or at the Republic of Haiti is intrinsically an insult and attack that is directed at us as well.

We further affirm that we Caribbean people — in light of our history of experiencing, resisting, and surviving the most horrendous forms of enslavement and colonialism — consciously regard ourselves as champions and defenders of the dignity and fundamental human rights of all Black or African people, and that we are guided by an over-arching and non-negotiable principle of zero tolerance of any manifestation of anti-Black or anti-African racism or discrimination.

It is against this background that we, the sovereign people of the Caribbean, have determined that by describing the nations of Africa, the Republic of Haiti and the Central American nation of El Salvador as “shithole” countries, U S President Donald Trump has committed a despicable and unpardonable act of anti-Black, anti-African, anti-Brown racism that has served to further energize and fortify the vile White supremacy system that the said President Trump has self-consciously sought to champion and lead.

We — the sovereign people of the Caribbean– hereby declare to the entire world that we vehemently and unreservedly denounce President Donald Trump and the evil and inhuman White supremacy value system that he represents !



  1. Clement Payne Movement of Barbados


  1. Pan-African Coalition of Organizations (PACO)


  1. Israel Lovell Foundation of Barbados.


  1. Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI)


  1. Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defense of Humanity


  1. Global Afrikan Congress


  1. Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN)


  1. Peoples Empowerment Party (Barbados)


  1. Pan-African Federalist Movement–Caribbean Region Committee


  1. International Committee of Black Peoples (Guadeloupe)


  1. Jamaica/Cuba Friendship Association


  1. Jamaica LANDS


  1. SRDC Guadeloupe / Martinique Chapter


  1. Ijahnya Christian  (St. Kitts and Nevis)


  1. DorbreneO’Marde  (Antigua and Barbuda)


  1. NswtMwtChenzira Davis Kahina  (Ay Ay Virgin Islands-US)


  1. Ivana Cardinale (Venezuela)


  1. Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad & Tobago


  1. Organization for the Victory of the People (Guyana)


  1. Gerald Perreira (Guyana)


20 Black Consciousness Movement of Guyana


  1. Conscious Lyrics Foundation  (St. Martin)


  1. MyrthaDelsume  (Haiti)


23 Anthony “Gabby” Carter (Barbados)


  1. Cuban /Barbadian Friendship Association


  1. Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados)


  1. Maxi Baldeo (Barbados)


  1. Dr. Nancy Fergusson Jacobs (Barbados)


  1. Ayo Moore (Barbados)


  1. Haiti / Jamaica Society


  1. Anthony Reid (Barbados)


31.CherylHunte (Barbados)


  1. Hamilton Lashley (former Barbados Minister of Government)


  1. Erica Williams (Guyana)


  1. KilanjiBangarah (Namibia / Jamaica)


  1. International Movement for Reparations  (Martinique)


  1. Alex SujahReiph (St Martin)


  1. Thelma Gill-Barnett  (Barbados)


  1. Khafra Kambon (Trinidad and Tobago)


  1. Margaret Harris (Barbados)


  1. Jacqueline Jacqueray  (Guadeloupe)


  1. GarcinMalsa (Martinique)


  1. National Committee for Reparations (Martinique)


  1. Officers and Members of the Global AfrikanCongressuk  (GACuk)


  1. Jamaica Peace Council


  1. Ingrid Blackwood (Jamaica)


  1. Glenroy Watson (President, RMT’s London Transport Regional Council / Jamaica)


  1. Paul Works (Jamaica)


  1. Abu Akil (United Kingdom / Jamaica)


  1. Kwame Howell  (Barbados)


  1. Ian Marshall  (Barbados)


  1. Michael Heslop  (Jamaica)


  1. Andrea King  (Barbados)


  1. Cikiah Thomas  (Canada / Jamaica)


  1. Bobby Clarke (Barbados)


  1. Trevor Prescod, Member of Parliament (Barbados)


  1. David Denny (Barbados)


  1. John Howell (Barbados)


  1. Lalu Hanuman (Barbados / Guyana)


  1. Onkphra Wells (Barbados)


  1. Rahmat Jean-Pierre (Barbados)


  1. Philip Springer (Barbados)


  1. Cedric Jones  (Guyana)


  1. David Comissiong (Barbados)


  1. Selrach Belfield  (Guyana)


  1. Kathy “Ife” Harris  (Barbados)


  1. Andrea Quintyne  (Barbados)


  1. Felipe Noguera  (Trinidad & Tobago)


  1. Suzanne Laurent  (Martinique)


  1. Line HilgrosMakedaKandake  (Guadeloupe)


  1. Kerin Davis  (Jamaica)


  1. Delvina E. Bernard  (Africentric Learning Institute, Nova Scotia, Canada)


  1. Muhammad Nassar  (Barbados)


  1. Anthony Fraser  (Guyana)


  1. Troy Pontin  (Guyana)


  1. Nigel Cadogan  (Barbados)


  1. RasIral Jabari  (Barbados)


  1. Nicole Cage  (Martinique)


  1. Robert Romney  (St Martin / Guadeloupe)


  1. Anne Braithwaite  (Guyana)


  1. Icil Phillips  (Barbados)


  1. Marie Jose Ferjule  (Martinique)


  1. Errol Paul  (Guyana)


  1. Erskine Bayne  (Barbados)


  1. Robert Gibson  (Barbados)


  1. Alister Alexander  (Barbados)


  1. Mark Adamson  (Barbados)


  1. Junior Jervis  (Guyana)


  1. Lee Bing  (Guyana)


  1. AkramSabree  (Guyana)







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