Warning: Hang Out With The Kind People. Avoid the Monsters!

burning house

I heard a very touching account yesterday. It involved a house for which a whole home burned practically to the ground in a town near mine. So a local Go-Fund site was set up to help the family living there. Then $60,000 USD was raised for the family to restart their lives.

Anyone who thinks that this money for a small town is easy to raise is unrealistic. Instead it involves sacrifice, dedication and strength to serve the betterment of others. It also means going without for one’s family since the money is going elsewhere located — to community members in dire need … financially worse than their own.

The people involved in giving do it anyway since it means keeping intact communities, helping neighbors and being kindly as much as one can as a group of others loosely connected.

Now compare it to these following description and decide about  the way that we should behave towards monsters. In my opinion, it is shunning, avoidance and non-capitulation. And if we run across them, we need to expose them and legally sue them as restitution and stoppage.

Slap them on the wrist or more to stop them. They need to stop infecting our societies with their evils.

Here we go. True narratives:

Sam sold over a million dollars worth of robotic equipment to an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). He sold a two year contract for service on it from his company that he represents while knowing fully well that the company was going bankrupt in two months.

He was proud of his actions since it showed that he was a success in business and profit-making. He made ten percent on the deal. He made around or over $125,000 USD,

Sociopath. He destroys others for his own gain — an opposite placement or stance, certainly, to the town helping the hurt family.

Suck it up, ugly monster. Suck up your wealth at all costs to societies, companies like OEM’s and others.

Here’s from another person in the same general ilk, a multimillionaire: “I want what I want when I want it. There’s a colliery to this. I don’t want what I want when I don’t want it. Do you get it?”

A third example comes from this following description. In response to receiving it via an email from a friend of mine, I yelled at him and said that he has to be more proactive to stop these terrors from going after us personally and in a larger way,  socially. He has to turn into a fighter instead and take these people down legally and other ways so that they do not ruin us.

How could he let this happen? What was his thinking?

Does he have a low social IQ wherein he can’t read intentions?Why didn’t he stop the event? Was it like gambling wherein one thinks that there is a prize at the end?

Anyway, I yelled at him and told him that he has to get ACLU on it. Otherwise you just cave into the depraved derelicts who destroy our common life and our individual selves.

He wrote me:


This began when Metrxxx Incorporated/ Materials by Metrxxx was established in 1975 and carried on until 1990 under several other names which resulted fin  thee instances of the owner bankrupting the company.


f%( @&*($$%d  over for all of those years.


When we were in one of our offices I was made to go next door to a restaurant to use the public bathroom – couldn’t use that in the office.


No reason was ever given.


My space in the next office we occupied  was taken by his computer  distribution activity.

I had to work in a open factory room with poor heat and no air -20 ft ceilings.


One year we posted sales of ~3million.  Everyone’s reward [I’m] sure some people got a bonus, I got a damned fruit basket


He built a luxury” period” office ” of  brick with columns, etc.  in which all but one office connected to a seating area with a fireplace and designer furniture.


There were two identical office suits with sitting rooms and one sat open for quite  some time until one of his computer people moved in.


I was given a smaller office no amenities  under the guise that I had to be near the  secretaries.


My ultimate reward was to  be take over the Company one day in the future but that never came to fruition.


He bankrupt the same company 3 times a new MetrXXX name each time.


I invested $25,000.00 earning 10% INTEREST, I don’t think I got more than $5000.00 in total.


Our credit rating was so bad that we were shut off by suppliers until their invoices were paid.


I of course factored those receivables to save MY company


When my wife died in a motorcycle accident he put his arm around me and said, don’t worry everything will be OK.


Then he started little by little eating away at the insurance benefit.


Still believing in my future I began factoring the invoices with my personal money.


He owned a real estate office and convinced me while under duress to sell my house and buy a new and buy a better one.


When I finally had enough he had bankrupt the company with an outstanding loan of $250,000.00


He had me sign the loan application and a note as  a personnel guarantee.


I wasn’t even a signatory on a checking account but for some inane reason the court up ruled it was a personal guarantee .


Poof 250K straight from my pocket.


Threes more including how  I lost my house to cover the $250k loan.



When I left I was owed a month’s salary, all the debt from factoring  and two months expenses along with many other debts


Talking about this  brings depression and an anxiety attack which mimics a heart attack.  





This was only one company [of the same orientation]  – there was another  –a story for another day.


No corporate lawyer could be bothered since there didn’t seem that MUCH  money to  be made.

Now personally, I think that my friend is very naive and trusting. I am not so since I grew up with this pattern.The Gruesome Brother!, The Bad Brother!, Growing Up With A Monster In Your Life!

I am not so facile with parents and others that  taught us to protect and serve
(including the sniffing out sociopaths with which I grew up). I am not so having watched Jim Crow laws in USA and having seen Hiroshima Maidens when aged five with missing body parts in NYC for reconstructive surgery.

Same state for my sister. Watch my sister go at it, for example:

She’s something else for sure. One day driving down a four laned highway to take her teenage daughter to a soccer game in which the child was involved, she saw two teen boys on the opposite side of the highway kicking, punching and hitting another boy in the grass.

So she turned her car around, brought it to their location, locked its doors and told the boys that her daughter locked in the car had a cell phone to call police if commanded to do so. Then she told them to stop.

Scared of her force and the severe look on her face, they did so. Then she followed one of them home after having checked that the injured boy was okay and not in need of medical help beyond her initial first aid assessment.

She wanted to know whether either of his parents were home. Not finding them so, she talked to the boy about accruing a criminal record and his luck that she, wife of a prison director, had intervened when she did so to prevent him from making a big mistake.

She explained some assault facts that scared him. I bet that he won’t in some sort of rage towards another person do something stupid again.

So her daughter was late to a soccer game. Who cares? The gain was worth the cost in time in my opinion.

Likewise in my opinion, you act like a pitbull dog with a scurvy in its mouth. You shake it and shake it again. We run or drive our cars like all get out to reach the wrongs.

You protect life as best as you can. You train others to do the same whether old (like my friend hurt by this company that he described) or young because we can’t let the monsters win out.

You move and move again and again year after yearr as it is the only way forward to improve life. I know it and my sister does to so.

I have fought since age five with the Hiroshima Maidens. And I’ve honed my skills and understandings over the year … as has my sister.

We only stop when senile or dead. You want to see? Take a peak and when the world gets worse, we only fight harder — period … until we have to hand the effort over to others. Sally Dugman … no quitting here.

I have news. My sister and I are very replete in skills and knowledge .We could spend our times jamming up money for ourselves. I’ve had my arts and writings in several museums, a Ford Foundation grant, an NEH Fellowship and much more. And we have high IQ’s.

So why do we push the envelope to improve the world? No choice. since it is about serving the world … and even at personal risk sometimes in terms of death for us since my sister could have been murdered by assalting teens.

Yet, we won’t stop until we can’t doing anything more that we can do. Take our trend and tendency, eh? Pick it up after us as we are in our late sixties age-wise.

In our opinions, it is your duty and responsibility. I could have certainly have spent my time in more personally pleasant ways … as could have my sister.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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