We keep ourselves peaceful when we act kindly;
for the welfare and benefit of all beings

Acting with kindness has the effect of drawing
to us the same kindliness from others

Our thoughts words and deeds, indeed all our
intentional actions; each act, whether
mental or physical, tends to produce its like

Every action produces an effect and every effect
in turn becomes a cause and produces still further
effects, and causes, and effects, and causes, and
effects and causes…
Like spreading ripples of water

Our responsibility, therefore, is to be thoughtful
and compassionate, and act for the good,
and for the wellbeing of all beings
Multiplying and extending the cause and effects
of kindliness

That’s how we keep ourselves peaceful

‘Adapted’, ‘reformed’, ‘inspired’ ‘borrowed’ and ‘recycled’ from  The Meaning of Buddhism – Fundamental principles of the  Theravada doctrine by Bhikkhu U Thittila

Pratap Antony is a Passive activist. Active pacifist freelance thinker and writer. Writes on ecology and environment, social justice and pluralism, management ideas and issues and music: western classical, jazz, and Indian classical dance.


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