“(B)lack Power Is Not The Question; Revolution Is. It Is Only The Fist That Is Black.”


As the Black Panther Party was struggling to gain a positive consensus, and political will of the oppressed masses all over the globe in later half of 1960s, and their organizational programme, and functioning was sending shivers down the spine of many white-supremacist organization like Ku Klux Klan as one of them. The fourth pillar of the democracy that is, the newspapers and news channels could not completely understand the sudden though systematic outpour of the black masses in a form never visualized before by the mainstream media. The media as always dominated by the ruling class discourse found it difficult to digest the events and report ethically without any bias towards the Imperialist America fighting war in Vietnam and facing crisis within its own dominion by the depressed classes, and majority of the oppressed black people. In its representation of the Black Panthers Movement, it was always a script that ran down the broadcasting machinery to create a certain kind of perception about the Black Panther Party. It is obvious the ruling white-class with its imperialistic agendas would only label the rebellion in the heart of the nation as terrorism, like it does all over the world wherever it receives resistance against its policy of profit making and loot. The real aspects of the movement were forcefully brushed under the carpet, so as not to let the dissent grow. And coercion thus became easier once the label of terrorism was pasted on the head of BPP.

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