Getting Above Racial And Religious Profiling


I have a friend in India. His father never made much money, although he was an MD, who worked around ten hours a day for five or six days a week in his profession. Now, why is that? Why paltry wages?

Often the people, who came to him, were financially poor. They could not pay for his medical services, nor for their prescription medicines that he prescribed at a drug store. So he would give them money to pay for them at the pharmacy and not charge them for their medical visit.

The family was just above the poverty line due to this father’s altruistic practice and the father felt that it was his duty to serve since his gifts as a doctor came from God and all of life belongs to God.

My friend, his son, has the same attitude. He gives away his services related to success in businesses to any in India to uplift others and society as a whole. (He works internationally on this program to uplift. He is very adamant about it.)

His favorite song concerns Jesus expending himself to serve and overcoming adversity and pain through service. Yet this choice in music may seem odd to some … because he is a Muslim.

If I recall correctly, he may be an Imam. I’m pretty sure that he is, but all that I know is that he is my kind regardless of his religious beliefs with which he has been inculcated since birth and, accordingly, follows.

Like most people, he believes in the truth of the religion in which he has been trained since being born. This orientation holds for all religions. The followers follow due to developing a mindset for a particular way of looking at themselves and the world, as well as their faith based beliefs.

I am not a Muslim. Yet, I am close to him because he thinks like me. He has the same values, ethics, morals, concerns and attitudes as mine. Then he puts them into action, as do I.

I am in the USA. Here many people, both in our government and outside of our government, try to teach you that Muslims are terrorists. Other mass murderers are not posed as such, like the shooter in Las Vegas.

This is pure propaganda. It reminds of Big Brother ugliness.

big brother

Then I listen to the US President drone on and on in his tweets castigating the Muslims indirectly and trying to make laws against them coming into this country. Afterwords, I think that I won’t go along with this claptrap, the lies, the brainwashing techniques.


Neither will my girlfriend, a woman who recently retired as a professor with her doctoral degree in psychology, who works in an international women’s empowerment organization with some of the females in it being Muslims.

I know that there are corrupt, terrible people in EVERY religion.Yet I am not going to buy into the myth that all of the Islamic faith are bad despite that many in my government, and some of the mainstream and alternative media tries to push me that way.

I have proof from my Indian friend that thisvision is not so. So does my girlfriend in the women’s empowerment group.

I reject being a toady of a system that is trying to teach me that Muslims are bad. I feel sorry for the hypnotized masses that buy into that ugly view propagated by some in our government, their own alternative, non-Muslim religious groups and alternative means, such as media presentations.

People who grab onto the garbage that our governments and others push at us need to stop the madness. They need to intellectually and emotionally sharpen up.

Orwell past quote

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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