The Madness Of Unchecked Growth: A Conspiratorial World View

highrise growth
The White Man’s High-Rises Growing Everywhere in the New World Like Deadly Noxious Weeds
Photo: Peter Rae

The White European conspiratorial model of constant, unbridled growth and expansion, vigorously exported and aggressively promoted throughout the New World, is a form of sheer madness: mentally, culturally and spiritually. It knows no allegiance to any one country, people or way of life other than to growth and expansion for their own sake and the aggrandizement of but a few. It’s conspiratorial world view refuses to debate how much human societies are hopelessly growing out-of-control, and instead prefers to focus everyone’s attention on how to perpetually cope with the out-of-control growth; which, of course, no one ever can because it’s essentially a hopeless endeavour. It refuses to debate the inherent fatal flaw that exists within the ever-growing density of all its major urban centre, and instead only asks the question, “How dense should the world’s urban centres get before they spread ever outward until they become massive, inter-connected entities of unimaginable size, density and complexity.

From the moment of discovery of the New World by Europe’s early explorers, the untold crises those discoveries have led to between every invading Western colonial power and their occupying settler hordes who were at once pitted against the opposing world views of whatever aboriginal culture and peoples with which they made contact. The many divisive clashes that ensued between their opposing word views continues to this day to fuel the debate over whether or not there is any possible way to ever reconcile their vast differences.

However, underlying the basic concept of finding some Reconciliation isn’t just a matter of how to ensure that the original aboriginal, indigenous, First Nation native peoples finally receive: the same healthy benefits; the same educational services, or; the same equal employment opportunities as other non-indigenous peoples in the general society. What seldom is ever discussed with the context of Reconciliation is how to also close the gap between their world views means really something much more sweeping and imperative that represents what actually is the next huge, critical stage in human development upon which will be determined whether human societies, non-human societies and the earth itself can survive in harmony together.

Yet, in places in the New World like Sydney, Australia, where much attention and thought is currently being given to the question of Reconciliation, a just-released landmark report by Infrastructure Australia has outlined its own world view vision for the future and how the growth and expansion of its major cities should proceed forward. The three scenarios that its master plan proposed for the growth of Sydney and New South Wales don’t even begin to remotely take into account how to reconcile its world vision for the future of Australian society with that of its aboriginal peoples and all those who adhere to the same values and principles. It’s just more and more of the White European’s model and world view of exponential growth.

Embodied within its master plan’s chief question, “Hoe Dense Should Sydney Get?” is the kiss of death to any notion of real Reconciliation ever happening. Over the next twenty-five years, Infrastructure Australia intends to balloon Sydney and its surrounding population of seven and a half million, creating, in the process, three massively-dense cities comprised of: Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD); a greater outlying city of Parramatta, and; a brand new city formed around a forthcoming second major international ‘Badgerys Creek’ airport for Western Sydney (“Urban density set to soar as 2.4 m Sydneysiders arrive”, SMH, 28th Feb, 2018, Lisa Visentin)

The chief executive of Infrastructure Australia, Phillip Davies, has publically declared, “There is no doubt Sydney is experiencing growing pains, but this is not a reason to reject growth”. But by Davies own admission, “There goes the neighbourhood”, as the old saying goes, with the added comment “Yet Again!”; Sydney, as all those who now know her and love her, is toast. Those who knew her as she still is will soon become as faint and distant a memory as once were the aboriginal people who lived for millennia all along her shores. Davies and Infrastructure Australia are simply the embodiment of the same insane, invading White Europeans and their philosophy that came with the First Fleet who first sailed into Sydney’s inner harbour.

The madness seemingly has no end. In the nearby historically-famous Darlinghurst Road area of Sydney’s legendary ‘Kings Cross’, a development proposal seeks to demolish the site of the famous Kings Cross Bourbon and Beer Bar and, in the process, destroy the fine-grained retail pattern and architecturally-significant Darlinghurst Road area in spite of the City of Sydney itself and 12,000 residents already signed onto a change-org petition to try to stop it.

In still other inner and outer Western Sydney suburbs, a massive West Connex development project to open up a major corridor, linking Sydney’s inner-west communities with its outer-west areas, is the scene of phalanxes of bulldozers and wrecking cranes ruthlessly ploughing through Sydney’s many historic communities; destroying untold architectural and human heritage all along the way in preparation for the creation, many kilometres away, of a major new city and second international airport to handle the hordes for which Phillip Davies and Infrastructure Australia are eagerly planning. This massive development in New South Wales could be likened to the actions of the American Civil War’s General Sherman and his “March to the Sea” when he was directed by President Abraham Lincoln to destroy everything of the Confederacy – homes, crops, livestock, whole town and cities – in a 60 mile-wide ‘scorched earth’ swatch from Atlanta, Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean. Lincoln’s intent to break the will of the people to keep resisting just as West Connex is intent upon breaking the will of the Australian to resist the massive changes planned for them whether they like it or not.

What Sydney and its surrounds are undergoing could rightly be described as berserk. Local aboriginal and non-aboriginal people alike simply say, “White Fella’s madness now is going through the bloody roof! But what can you do?” As traditional Aussie values and traditions become further dissipated and displaced by the hard-edged corporate values of the ‘White Fella’, an exodus has begun as true-blue Aussie’s flee from Sydney and its surrounds to the hinterlands, in search of what all is being lost’ so much for the kind of Reconciliation that the earth and humanity so desperately needs now.

In the end, the result is the same everywhere in the New World, whether it’s Australia, Canada, the United States or wherever. No matter how much the people may protest whatever the crazed development scheme – be it West Connex or the equally-massive Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Canada or Dakota Access Pipeline in the U.S. – the white European’s conspiratorial world view of things continues, unabated, to mine, gouge or strip to the hilt the earth and its traditional peoples of their legacy. So, for the aggrandizement of but a select few and their ever-voracious, insatiable hunger, each transplanted European government in the New World remains hell-bent on the same suicidal course that knows no limits or boundaries, bound for the same nihilistic, catastrophic planetary future while taking all of us with it.

Irwin Jerome: Author’s Bio Note: During the 1960’s and early 70’s Irwin lived with the Dakota and Lakota peoples on the Crow Creek Sioux & Oglala Sioux Reservations in South Dakota and later published the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle island Odyssey” ( that documents their historical plight and those of other indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.


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