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My daughter is a guidance counselor, a position like being a school psychologist. She, all by herself, handles a school with 350 children in her role. It is a lot of heavy work with such a huge load of children to which to attend. So you streamline and teach classes to groups and only attend to the individuals worst in troubles.

She is just a course or two under her doctoral degree. She didn’t complete it so that she would look like a financial bargain with only a Master’s with a 4.0 GPA (A+ grade point average) since pay scale is dictated, wrongly, by educational level, which forces us to compete with each others for job positions.

One of her and my “jokes” is that I did my Master’s coursework with a 4.0 GPA while going to school full-time and working a 40 hour a week job. (Her jobs were only twenty hours a week while she was a full-time student.) …

We love to tease. We, more than playing around with each other, like to discuss the issues in our lives. So she will discuss cases and individual issues related to her job and I will respond with ideas. … It is very professional. She never discloses identities, nor personal information of other sorts.

Now here’s my fear. She is my only child. She is in a public position that puts her at risk like that school psychologist who got killed in the mass murder at Sandy Hook, CT.

It is because ALWAYS a number of the students, parents, teachers and administration have mental health problems that are not being adequately addressed if even addressed at all.

So every time that an incident happens like this one at a high school in FL, I get deeply disturbed. I can’t imagine losing my kindly daughter, who wants to serve humanity, in a deadly shooting. I can imagine the pain of people who did suffer such losses.

Something needs to be done and done quickly to fix our broken health care system. The work that my daughter does is simply not enough! (Some of the adults and children with whom she deals are outright vicious. Others are crazier than coots!) …

Her job is the support of children, but she is swamped in work. So our society needs to step up to make corrections. This little daughter of mine CAN’T do it all on her own. Impossible!

We all get scared sometimes. Imagine losing your only child in a massacre and see the way that you feel. And the more that you are out in the public, i.e., at public schools, the more you are at risk.

Yeah, we have to do something because the way that it is all working out now isn’t much working at all. … Do you want to hear to list for USA or globally for all of the mass murders in 2017? No, you do not since it is too extensive.

I heard about one of the murders in FL. Its victim was a sports’ teacher. He used his own body to shield his students from the gunfire.

One of the students at the school said that when he had leukemia, the teacher would send him funny statements and Bible scriptures to be loving. The teacher was also a friend of the sheriff, the person undergoing the school shooting investigation. … This now dead man is, obviously, my kind — just as my daughter is — since we will or (in the case of the coach) did try even with our lives on the line to protect and help others. We can go in the line of fire and will be willing to do so if needed.

Parkland school shooting: Football coach died shielding students


One of my friends in India wrote me:

This is an important subject for discussion. Humans are becoming selfish by the day. They don’ t think of trauma faced by others. For instance, in India, number of manual scavengers die during cleaning sewers. No one cares! The government sheds crocodile tears. No one understands their traumatic death. If we could imagine what they face while performing such risky jobs ….

When I imagine, I cannot go to sleep for days….

Similarly, mining labor. They are forced to dig deep into earth for coal or other minerals. They are stuck up for days awaiting slow excruciating death.
World would have been a better place had there been no such horrifying deaths. The traumatic situations makes our heart beat fast. 

In addition, there are traumas of people with terminal illness like cancer, HIV, etc. One would not even feel like eating if such thoughts pass through brains!!
So, a movement should start for safer and happier lives… Stop manual scavenging, especially in countries like India and other poorer nations! Stop mining …the minerals are used by rich corporates – or at least, stop labor sending into mines ….
Let us make life as safe as possible! 

Develop ‘ end of life support systems’ to encourage terminally ill to look optimistically. Research has proved that life can be extended by medicines and psychiatric counselling

(I wanted to research and write but my limitations are causing obstacles) .
Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.

Yeah, we have to fight like all get out to change our gun, knife and other abuse madness as a society; to stop in advance our people who only live to dream up new ways to murder, and prevent laying burdens on people like my daughter, who are then put at risk and can’t handle it all!

My daughter needs help to handle the issues. Our whole society does! We need betterment for us all — not just the children in schools that my daughter tries to uplift!

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.



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