Understanding The Right Wingers


train lynching incident

” Except in the desserts, at every place of human habitation, there is the left, the centre and the right. This will continue to be 10,000 years hence”
Mao (22-4- 68)

Last few years, the right wing atrocities have increased all over the world in general and India in particular. Many people belonging to subaltern communities suffered due to the merciless attacks of right- wingers. Hence, there is a need to analyse the basic character of right – wing and explain people their mode of operation.

The centre

While the right and left are two extremes, most people are at the centre. They may be centre – right or centre – left. These large number of masses need to be educated in order to wean them away from the rightist forces. While it may be hard to explain the centre- right, it would be easier to convince center – left followers.

Some characteristics


As the very name suggests, Right indicates ‘ righteousness’ which was attributed to religion. According to wikipedia, the terms ‘ left’ and ‘ right’ were used after French Revolution (1789 – 1799) with reference to seating arrangement in parliament. Rightists who sat to the right of the parliamentary president’s chair were nobility, conservative or pro – establishment. Hence, rightist are religious persons.

The religion they profess, if carefully analysed, is mainly emphasis on rituals. For instance, Christians insist on celebrating Christmas. They rarely speak of the values taught in Bible. Similarly, Muslim fanatics stress on festivals rather than inner meaning of ‘Quoran’. Hindu fundamentalists give enormous importance to temples, festivals and rituals like setting roadside ‘ pandals’ for prayers. The actual messages in religious are rarely practiced or preached.


Right wing thrives on hatred. Fascist Hitler hated jews. Trump very often incites hatred towards muslims. Indian right wing hatred towards Muslims ( and to some extent Christians) is well known. But there are plenty of writings in every religion teaching love towards each other. Thus, these rightist fanatics propagate ‘ pseudo – religion’ through hatred.


Right wing promote specific culture like dress code, eating habits and mannerisms. The Muslims always stress women to wear ‘ burquas’. The hindu fanatics emphasize on dresses according to castes like brahmins shaving their head, untouchables making particular gestures to signal their presence at a place, etc.
Beef ban is an example of such ‘pseudo- cultural’ practice. Many ancient texts such as Vedas have verses regarding eating of beef. For example, in ‘ Aiteraya Brahman Book 2 para 6 and 7 , it is stated ” Turn the animal feet northward….dismiss its breath to the wond, its life to the space, …. Dig a ditch in the earth to hide its excrement ‘ ….’ Present the evil spirits with the blood’ .( Beef eating in vedas and other hindu texts, scribid.com). The passages in these texts are never debated by Hindu rightists.


Right wingers are warmongers. Hitler and Mussolini depended on war. Trump has been preparing to wage war in middle east and Korea right from the first month he took charge of office. The Indian government has increased spending on war and encounters in Kashmir and central India reflect their intent. The surgical strikes on Pakistan army and statements of war with Pakistan amplify the belligerent attitude. Islamic jihadists also thrive on war.


Though right wing are religious and very conservative, they depend on latest technology for promotion of their views. The social media has mostly helped them to air their views. Trump and Modi have large followers on Twitter. The ‘ whatsapp ‘ group of various religious fanatics promote hate messages and videos that become viral. The murder accused of a muslim in Rajasthan has uploaded the entire incident. Hate speeches of leaders are also uploaded frequently. Further, the arms and ammunition for war belong to latest technical innovation.

Ironically, they despise ‘ scientific temper’ as unnecessary. Educational institutions are not encouraged to develop research in any other fields except defence. Occult sciences, astrology, blind beliefs, taboos, etc are regularly broadcast and telecast so that the youth are indoctrinated with dogmatism and super- naturalism.Technology, thus, is used for restrictive purposes.

Nationalism and patriotism

To cover the loopholes of their arguments, the rightists resort to promoting nationalism and patriotism by speeches and imposing certain daily mannerisms. Daily prayers, songs of patriotisms, saluting flags, etc make people divert from the concrete socio – economic situation of caste discrimination, poverty, unemployment, etc and prepare for defending from ‘ enemy’ created to engage without thinking. Hitler, Mussolini , etc had used ‘ nationalism’ and superiority of race to build army for fighting in world war. Similar trends can be seen in present rulers.


These hypocritical characters should be explained to masses. Since, they are ignorant and cannot detect the secret behind right wing rhetoric, awareness programs must be carried out. These centerist elements mainly consist of middle – class, petty bourgeoisie and workers, they should be convinced about the machinations of rights to wean them away towards left.

Left wing which is majority of proletariat and small peasantry, should unite to expose the double standards of right wing. Since the rightists are rich landlords and few oligarchs, they are always a minority. The majority are inclined towards ‘ left’ ideas. They must unite to form egalitarian society and government.

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


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