Australia’s Subtle Trumpism


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Australians are said to be “appalled” by U.S. President Donald Trump policies, including the banning of Muslim immigrants and refugees from entering the U.S., and his threat of aggression and ongoing wars against weaker nations. But how different are Trump’s policies from Australian policies?

Trump was criticised during the election campaign by the Australian political and media (Tabloid culture) establishments that worshipped Hillary Clinton. However, once Trump won the election – of course, unexpectedly –, the Australian political and media establishments didn’t wait to reach out to congratulate him. Indeed, Trump’s election was a joyous day for Australian neo-Fascist politicians. Many Australian parliamentarians were euphoric, dancing and hugging each other (like a copulating group of chimpanzees) celebrating the rise of Trumpism.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had great difficulty trying to grab the attention of Trump to congratulate him on winning the presidency. Of course, Trump had more important things to do than worry about Australia. The U.S. has no “allies”, only obedient vassals. Australia is a U.S. colonial outpost and will remain so until concerned Australians wakeup. Australia is a vassal-state with no right to question its U.S. master. In fact, very often the Australian government punches above its weight to please the U.S. at the expense of its vital interests.

Australia is not only compelled to follow the U.S.-led Anglo-Zionist orders, it must grovel and capitulate in the most abject manner to Anglo-Zionist diktats. For example, a declassified report by Australian Army’s Directorate of Army Research and Analysis (DARA) revealed that the Australian government of John Howard grovelled to the U.S. – despite world’s condemnation – to join in the American-British aggression against the people of Iraq solely to boost its relationship with the war criminal George W. Bush, who was (and remains) much bigger war criminal than Trump.

Australian political and media establishments should bury their heads in the sand before they have the gall to criticise Trump.  In Australia, Trump would be more at home than he is in the U.S. He would face no opposition. The Australian media – an Anglo-American trash specialised in overt racism, Muslim bashing, misinformation, celebrities’ trash and pro-U.S.-Israel propaganda –, with no exception would love Trump in the same way they loved John Howard, Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson.  You don’t need to look like Trump to be compared to him. There is a bigoted Trump under the skin of every Australian in the corrupt white political and media establishments. Anti-Muslim bigots like Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, Pauline Hanson, Michael Danby, Cory Bernardi, George Christensen, John Howard and Jim Molan (Howard and Molan remain unindicted war criminals for their complicity in the U.S.-led bloodbath in Iraq) –  to name but a few well-known Australian hate preachers – make Trump sounds like a saint. Australians had no concern when they elected Trump’s doppelgängers, the bigoted John Howard, and Tony Abbott as their leaders. In fact, there are no considerable differences between what President Trump is doing and what the current Australian Liberal-National (LNP) – a clique of wealthy white neo-Fascist psychopaths – Government is doing. Both governments are pursuing an insidious neo-Fascist ideology. The only different is that Australia is an insignificant player on world’s stage. But, imagine Australia with the military power of the U.S. It would turn the entire world into a war zone and enslaves many defenceless nations, not much different from the U.S.

Like the U.S., Australia projects a manufactured positive image of itself to the outside world that bears no resemblance to the shameful reality at home. Australian politicians are among the world’s most corrupt, hypocritical and racist politicians. Corruption, dishonesty and favouritism are normalised and form part of everyday life among Australian politicians. Only a handful proclaims and often described by the media as “honest” politicians, but the exception designed to mask a corrupt Anglo-Saxon political system. Politics in Australia is a lucrative career in an environment of absolute impunity. Educational qualifications, and loyalty to Australia are not required. “Dual citizen” will do if you are white, even it is in flagrant violation the Australian Constitution – a large can of worms is currently on display.  Politician is a privilege position reserved almost exclusively for whites, almost always white males and their mistresses. Politicians are loath to give up their privilege even after they retired. Family members and friends expect the same privileges.

When it comes to foreign policy and international relations, Australia is blindly following the U.S., by supporting and endorsing the crimes of nearly every despotic, murderous regime on the planet. Take Saudi Arabia for example. Since early 2015, the U.S., Britain and Australia (among other U.S. vassals) backed and armed Saudi Arabia in its murderous attacks on Yemen. The war on Yemen has killed or injured more than 5,000 children and left another 400,000 severely malnourished and fighting for their lives, according to the Unicef. “An entire generation of children in Yemen is growing up knowing nothing but violence,” said Meritxell Relano, Unicef representative in Yemen. More than 10,000 civilians killed and over 40,000 wounded, over 5 million people forced out of their homes, 20.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including food, water shelter, fuel and sanitation, and 2 million children are unable to attend school. The Saudi regime has bombed Yemen to ruins, destroying vital civilian infrastructures, including schools, hospitals, roads, ports, and specifically targeting water and sanitisation plants to intentionally harm the Yemeni civilians. Because of these barbaric attacks, Cholera cases are estimated at 500,000-plus, mostly women, children and the elderly – the worst in recorded history, according to Unicef. Many civilians were killed – estimates range from 60,000-80,000 – because Saudi criminals backed by the Anglo-Zionist regimes have banned the import and distribution of essential medicinal drugs. It is an openly organised genocide. Furthermore, Australia voted with other Western nations to elect Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), citing Riyadh’s poor women’s rights record and widespread gender inequality.

Another example is Israel. The totalitarian regime that is often describes by Western media as “the only democracy in the region”, was created (1947-1948) by indiscriminate acts of terrorism and thriving on U.S. and European donations. Israel is a colonial U.S. military outpost populated by imported illegal European/Russian immigrants seeking better life at the expense of European and American taxpayers. The Nazi-like religio-fascist regime can count on the Zionist power in the U.S. to finance and implement its murderous ideology in Palestine. Despite its violence and genocidal policies towards the Palestinians, the Israeli regime is considered Australia’s closest ally.

In February 2017, the Australian Government and the Australian media got together to welcome the world’s most recognised terrorist and war criminal, Israel’s corrupt leader Benjamin Netanyahu. The son of a Jewish terrorist gangster (in the Irgun Zvai Leumi Jewish terrorist gangs) leads a truly colonialist, ethnic cleansing, and religio-fascist regime. The Israeli regime uses unnecessary violence to arrest, detain – without charges – and torture women and children as young as eight years old. The Israeli military justice system is so unjust and so evil, it pales in comparison with that of the Nazis.  “Many hundreds pass through Israeli jails each year charged with throwing stones. With a conviction rate by the Israeli military court system – the world’s most racist and corrupt justice system – of 99.7 per cent, the guilt and incarceration of such children is a foregone conclusion. “Figures from Palestine show that Israel detains and prosecutes between 500 to 700 Palestinian children in military courts annually.” They may be the lucky ones. Over the past 16 years, Israel’s army has killed on average 11 children a month”, writes Jonathan Cook in Nazareth, Palestine. For more on Palestinian children under Israel’s illegal fascist occupation, refer to: YouTube and The Electronic Intifada.

Netanyahu was in Australia to thank the Turnbull’s Government for Australia’s unconditional support and defence of Israel’s war crimes and Israel’s terror against the Palestinians and the region at large. The two countries have much in common when it comes to flagrant violations of international law and humanitarian law. While Israel has unique expertise in mass killing of defenceless civilians and as the world’s greatest sponsor of global terrorism (second only to its criminal associate, the U.S.), Israel has a ruthless commitment to impose tyranny and terror on defenceless people, Australia’s expertise is in its widely-condemned incarceration of defenceless refugees.

Undisturbed by Israel’s international status as a pariah rogue police state, Australia has always voted – with the U.S. and Israel – against all UN draft resolutions condemning Israel’s Nazi-like genocidal persecution of the Palestinian people. Australia’s recent abstention (hiding in the toilets) – rubbing shoulders with a few insignificant micro-nations, mendicant-states and despotic dictatorships – at the UN General Assembly regarding the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist Jews was shameful to all Australians. It isn’t new. Australia has a history of rubbing shoulders with dictators and fascist regimes the world over. What is unfortunate is that a dotard real estate conman, an agent of Zionism, could alienate all Muslims and Christians around the world, as well as secular nations, and handed the entire City of Jerusalem over to Jews in flagrant violation of international law. Furthermore, when the Palestinians responded by condemning Trump’s action and pulling out of the “peace process” charade, Trump did what war criminals do; cutting U.S. financial contribution (paying for Israel’s crimes) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) by more than 50 percent (Marjorie Cohn, 18/02/2018).

For seventy years, the Palestinian people have been the victims of Adolf Hitler’s holocaust. Since Hitler’s death, his clones continue to rule the regimes of both, the U.S. and Israel. Hitler’s crimes have been exaggerated to minimise (downplay) and justify Israel’s terror and war crimes against the Palestinians. Gaza is “unliveable cage”, a death camp for 2 million Palestinian civilian refugees, more than half of them are children. It is a reminder of Fascism alive and well. To call Gaza “an “open-air prison” is misleading and designed to downplay Israel’s terror and war crimes against the Palestinians. The Israeli occupation army (endorsed and armed by the U.S. and Europe) imposes a medieval siege on Gaza, which involves the collective punishment – death by starvation and daily bombing terror – innocent Palestinian civilians. Israel’s daily terror against the Palestinians is far worse than what Nazi Germany did to the Roma people, Poles, Jews and Serbs in Europe. For examples, Israel’s Jewish leaders have called for the murder of pregnant Palestinian women, saying the “little snakes” must be destroyed before birth. Israel Jewish leaders justify racism by stating that it is necessary to maintain the “purity” of the illegal Jewish state. The Nazis never bombed their concentration camps, Israel is bombing the Palestinians in their homes daily. Gaza is the Palestine’s Auschwitz, but forgotten and ignored by Western-Zionist media and by major Western-based so-called “human rights” organisations or NGOs to coverup Israel’s war crimes. The Palestinians should use this Israeli holocaust in the same way the Jews are using the “Nazi holocaust” to advance their interests.

Supporters of Israel who call Nazi Germany “evil” should look no further than Israel’s war crimes against Palestinian women and children in Gaza. They should visit the Palestinian Auschwitz. They would be outraged by a real and present Auschwitz where innocent Palestinians are dying by starvation. While the Nazis committed henhouse war crimes, their war crimes pale into insignificant compared to what the U.S.-Israel and NATO mercenary forces are doing around the world, genocides in over. The U.S.-Israel military alliance is much worse than Nazi Germany. The seven-decades U.S.-Israel’s terror have dwarfed that of Nazi Germany. Like its U.S. sponsor, Israel is a racist and armed violent hooligan. Unfortunately, Australia is proud of being part of the U.S.-Israel violent hooliganism.

With complete monopolies on false propaganda – disseminated by Western media outlets, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter –, manipulation of public opinions, militarism (with U.S. troops occupying 183 countries), global terrorism (creating, arming and directing), and global economy, the U.S.-led Anglo-Zionist Fascism poses the greatest threat to humanity than Nazi Germany was. Unlike Nazi Germany, U.S.-led Anglo-Zionist Fascism strives aggressively to dominate the planet by force, global hegemony. Because of its control over the global economy, the U.S.-led Anglo-Zionist Fascism can impose economic blockade (economic sanctions as an instrument of terror) on any country that refuses to submit to its (U.S.) demands, and wait until that country turns into a defenceless and easy target for aggression, destruction and military occupation. “It is a joint criminal enterprise intent on seizing control of the world for its sole Anglo-Zionist interests,” write Christopher Black, a Canadian international criminal lawyer. Fascism today is normalised, sugar-coated with United Nations (UN) rubber stamp, and promoted by the Zionist global media and Hollywood dirty propaganda.  (For more on this, see my: Stand up to Anglo-Zionist Fascism).

Anglo-Zionist Fascism is defined as the invisible British-American ruling class in which wealthy Zionist Jews financing and exerting enormous influence over U.S., British, French and other governments (See for example: Philip Giraldi, The UNZ Review, 19 September 2017) to serve Israel’s interests as a Zionist project.  “Jews not only control the politicians, they own and run the [global] media and entertainment industries …”, writes Giraldi. The U.S. and its vassal-state allies must ensure that serving Israel comes first, everything else is secondary.

Trump, the U.S. “President”

It is important to remember that Trump is just another U.S. President. Trump is not an aberration. He is not different from his predecessors. Nothing is new. Trump is following in his predecessor’s footsteps. For example, Reagan, Bush, H., Clinton, Bush G., Obama and Trump are all the same, serial liars. Obama continued Bush criminal policies, and Trump is continuing Obama’s criminal policies. The criminal enterprise is unaffected by whom the resident in the U.S. White House happens to be. Only ignorant people can differentiate between successive U.S. war criminals. They all have much in common with Adolf Hitler. “I would say the egomania, the total egocentricity of [these] men, and the inclination to mix lies and truth – that was very characteristic of Hitler”, German historian Volker Ullrich told Isabel Best of The Guardian newspaper. If there is a difference, Trump is unusual. He is unskilled talker, and is less discreet than his predecessors. Trump’s arrogance, visceral hatred of Muslims and Islam, unstable mental state, ugly nationalism, violence against defenceless opponents, outrageous lies, outsized narcissism, sexism, vulgarity, and more importantly lack of credibility revealing what the U.S. is about. He is revealing the truly ugly face of America that lies beneath a false veneer of platitude, rhetoric and hubris. The U.S. is an incubator hotspot for drugs, crime and violence. It is a wild shithole drowned in hubris and in its ugly Americanism.

Moreover, Trump is used by the U.S. political and media establishments to whitewash decades of carefully disguised U.S. savagery, war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is whitewashing Obama’s, and Obama was used to whitewash George Bush’s murderous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. “Trump has not only continued but also escalated his predecessors’ war on Afghanistan and Iraq, dropped Tomahawk missiles on Syria [and backed the terrorists against the Syrian government], threatened North Korea and Iran, intensified airstrikes against Muslim countries, and fanned the flames of conflict in the Middle East”, write Marjorie Cohn, a professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and former president of the National Lawyers Guild. As Irish journalist Danielle Ryan writes: “‘Trumpwashing’ allows Trump’s opponents to live in a fantasy land where America’s leaders were, until January 2017, benign, peace-loving individuals who worked only for the good of humankind”.

Furthermore, Trump is overtly pro-Israel Zionist, an anti-Muslim fascist, a sycophant and a racist supremacist. Trump’s insistence on using the term “Islamic terror” is an Israeli anti-Islam hostile propaganda. There is no such thing as “Islamic terror”. In fact, there is a “Judeo-Christian” terror.  Trump is not a “Russian agent”. The whole anti-Russia brouhahas of Russia allegedly “meddling” in U.S. election, is a hoax, and a blackmail. It is a lie manufactured to vilify the Russian government and deflects attention away from Israel – as the only beneficiary of Trump’s election. As mentioned earlier, Trump is an agent of Zionism. He is an empty shell, a coward who has no policy. If he has one, it is at odds with that of the ruling class, the “deep state”. He has no courage to challenge the deep state, which is led by large corporations, including the military industries, Wall Street and wealthy Zionist Jews. Trump is a blackmailed hostage of the deep state. It is an invisible government often called the “Neocons”, “pro-Israel Lobby”, and “Iran Hawks”, to obscure the role of Zionist Jews and enhance the taboo’s inherent deceit. Deep state politics works by controlling and subverting American “democracy”, if there is such a thing as “democracy” in the U.S. The deep state is completely divorced from the manipulated and brainwashed public.  As Peter Koenig writes: “Without the Zionists money (i.e. wealthy Jewish donors and Wall Street), it may have been difficult for Trump’s dark handlers to catapult him into the Oval Office”. For example, U.S.-Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson paid Trump over $30 million, including $5 million to Trump’s inauguration committee. Large corporations and Zionist Jews formulate U.S. policies to advance Israel’s interests. Trump’s rhetoric about “America First” was a con. Like most U.S. politicians, Trump is owned and controlled by wealthy Jewish donors and Wall Street. They tell him what to do, set his foreign policy and write his tweets. His one year as a President has been great for Israel, but a disaster for America and the ignorant and ill-informed Americans. The U.S. ruling class is built on institutionalised blackmail, rampant corruption, systemic racism, bullying, lies, blatant hypocrisy, criminal double standards, deep-seated megalomania, and gross violations of international human rights laws and the United Nations Charter. Its main goal is to wage global war on humanity to achieve hegemony, using terrorism as a pretext and as a proxy forces.

Terrorism as a U.S.-Western Tool

Terrorism has many definitions, but the most accurate definition of terrorism is what the U.S. and its vassal-state allies, namely Israel, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia do to other nations and communities. Defined by the United Nations, terrorism constitutes “criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the public”. It is mostly employed at the state level by the U.S. and its vassal-state allies. All have used and sponsored violence directed against civilians in Africa (Libya, Mali, Somalia, and Nigeria) Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon). All have supported organizations that fit exactly the definition of terrorists.

The manufactured threat of so-called “terrorism” is giving rise to a large terrorism industry that has long been the domain of science fiction. Terrorism is a Western invention to advance Western interests. It is an instrument of U.S. foreign policy. Terrorists and foreign mercenaries have been a staple of U.S. violent interventions for decades. The use of proxy terrorists in Iraq and Syria is consistent with U.S. Zionist agenda.  At home, terrorism is a pretext to justify criminal actions, including intrusive surveillance against the local population and crackdown and civil liberties.

The West’s highly publicised pretentious claim of “fighting ISIS” international terrorists – the so-called “Islamic State”– is a lie, designed to divert international public opinion from the war crimes committed by the U.S.-led forces in Syria and Iraq. As Christopher Davidson of Durham University’s School of Government and International Affairs writes, “… the Islamic State was effectively on the same side as the West, especially in Syria, and in all its other warzones was certainly in the same camp as the West’s regional allies.” He added, “In this sense, on a strategic level, its big gains had made it by far the best battlefield asset to those who sought the permanent dismemberment of Syria and the removal of [former Prime Minister Nouri [al-]Maliki in Iraq.” (for more, see: Christopher Davidson, Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East, Oneworld Publication, 2016). The current siege of Eastern Ghouta (a district of Damascus) by the international terrorists – who have been shelling and terrorising the capital Damascus of 8 million people for 7 years – is a clear case of concerted efforts by the so-called “U.S.-led coalition”, including the Zionist media, Western NGOs, and the UN to protect the terrorists and shift the blame on the Syrian Government and Russia fighting these Western-sponsored terrorists to liberate the district and its inhabitants. (For more on this, see: Eva Bartlett, Mint Press, 26 Feb. 2018, and Marcus Papadopoulos interviews by Sky News Australia about East Ghouta on 27 Feb. 2018 YouTube,, and Information clearinghouse).

The massive propaganda campaign to “save Ghouta” by Western governments and their Zionist media is not over humanitarian concern. It is over the defeat of the international terrorists who are on the run. In 2017, the U.S.-led coalition indiscriminately destroyed Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians. In short, U.S.-led Western governments, the UN and their Zionist media are playing disgusting, emotive propaganda game targeting the Syrian government and Russia. (Finian Cunnigham, Strategic Culture Foundation, 24 Feb. 2018).

The U.S.-led coalition, including the Australian cannot pretend to fight terrorism while they are doing their best to protect the terrorists. In fact, the U.S. is currently the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism. The U.S. is the arsonist, but pretending to be a firefighter. It follows that, the Australian government cannot pretend to be fighting terrorism, while Australian forces are part of the U.S.-led coalition that have been recruiting, arming, financing and providing logistic and Intel support to the terrorists against the legitimate Syrian Government. Together with U.S. forces, Australian forces provided air cover to protect the terrorists and their heavy weapons, and assisting them in their attacks against the Syrian government forces and their allies in many places. The pre-meditated criminal attacks on the town of Deir Ez-Zor on 17 September 2016 by U.S. and Australian forces were an example of many well-planned, and unprovoked attacks against the Syrian forces fighting the terrorists. The cowardice attacks were deliberate war crimes that killed more than 100 Syrian soldiers.  (For more on this, see: Anderson, T., ‘SYRIA: U.S. War Crime in Jabal Al Tharda, Deir Ez-Zor and the Implausible Denials’, 21stcenturywire, 12 December 2017).

Trump’s unprovoked war of aggression against the people of Syria was blindly and unconditionally supported by the Australian white political and media establishments, just as they supported U.S.-Britain barbaric and murderous attacks on Iraq in 2003. It is a clear case of criminal responsibility. The premediated aggression against Iraq – which is ongoing – resulted in 2 million innocent Iraqi deaths and the wanton destruction of the Iraqi nation. The morally reprehensible and criminal “bombing of Iraq [with legally banned weapons of mass destruction such as Depleted Uranium] has turned Iraq into a cancer-infested country”, wrote Iraqi artist Nuha al-Radi before her death of leukaemia. We now know that the use of DU in Iraq was a premediated war crime. What is most shocking of all U.S. war crimes was the destruction of Iraq’s water and sewage treatment plants by U.S. indiscriminate bombings.  Their destruction resulted in epidemic of cholera and other waterborne diseases.  The UN estimated that over 550,000 Iraqi children and infants died because of contaminated water. The two-decade long U.S. aggression against Iraq was war crimes. “To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole”, according to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

In Syria, Australia is part of the U.S.-led forces against the Syrian Government, not “fighting terrorism”. Sadly, what’s being hidden from Western public by the U.S.-dominated mainstream news-media’s reports on the war on Syria is that, ever since 2012, the U.S. Government – and its vassal-state allies – has been trying to overthrow the democratically-elected Syrian Government by supporting, training and arming, in Syria, the many terrorist groups who were being led by al-Qaeda in Syria  and ISIS international terrorists. The Syrian Government of President Bashar al-Assad is the sovereign authority of the country, elected by the Syrian people and recognized by UN resolutions. It has the right to defend its nation and to reclaim areas which have been usurped by illegally armed groups and foreign-sponsored terrorists. An article in The Guardian by Seumas Milne sheds light on the role of the U.S. and its allies in creating and nurturing of terrorism in Iraq and Syria. ISIS was a paper tiger constructed by the U.S., Britain, Israel and France as a pretext to justify the U.S.-led invasion and destruction of Syria and Iraq.

Since 2011, more than 600,000 Syrian civilians have died in Syria in unprovoked aggression by the U.S. and the U.S.-sponsored international terrorists. At least 15 million Syrians have been displaced either outside Syria, mainly to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, or internally as displaced people. In February 2018, U.S.-led attacks on a makeshift hospital in al-Bahra village in Syria, killed many innocent civilians, including women and children. These indiscriminate and criminal bombings were the latest in over 10,000 U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq over the past year, where the killing of civilians have increased by 215 percent. Furthermore, nearly half of the Syrian population of 24 million were displaced people and refugees. Like Iraq, Syria is methodically destroyed by six years of indiscriminate bombing. Almost every vital civilian infrastructure has been destroyed by the terrorists and the U.S.-led forces. Recent estimates suggest that the U.S. and its vassal-state allies, including Australia have been directly responsible for 4 million Muslim deaths since 1990. However, the accurate figure could be much higher when considering the criminal impacts of the U.S.-imposed genocidal sanctions on Iraq and on Syria. The overwhelming majority were innocent civilians.  The bitter irony though is that the greatest perpetrators and sponsors of global terrorism in the world today, the U.S. and Israel – followed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain, Turkey and France – are those who pretend to fight terrorism.

Moreover, another premediated and unprovoked aggression on 07 February 2018 by U.S.-led forces against the Syrian Government forces fighting ISIS terrorists in north-east of Deir Ez-Zor between the villages of Khasham and al-Tabiya on the eastern side of the Euphrates was rightly condemned by the Syrian government. It denounced that attack as war crime and “direct support to terrorism”, insisting that its loyal Syrian forces came under U.S. attack as they were carrying out military operation against ISIS terrorists. It is important to note that the U.S.-led forces in Syria are illegal invaders/occupiers and has no right to “self-defence” what so ever. The U.S. and its allies should behave according to international law and civilised norms and withdraw their forces from Syrian territory immediately. The U.S. aggression on Syria prompted the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) to accurately accuse the U.S.-led coalition of trying to divide Syria, control the nation’s resources, including oil resources and agricultural land. A statement by MoD said: Once again proved that the true goal of the continuous illegal presence of U.S. forces in Syria is already not the fight against ISIS terrorists, but the capture and control of the economic assets belonging solely to the Syrian Arab Republic.” the illegal presence of U.S. forces on Syrian territory aimed at undermining any peace agreement, and reversing the victory against the terrorists achieved by the Syrian forces and their allies, namely Russia, Iran and Lebanon. On its part, Australia refuses to confirm its role in an illegal occupation of Syrian territory – a Zionist project to serve Israel Religio-Fascist interests that Australians are kept in the dark about it (U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document).

After turning the City of Raqqa, Syria, into an “uninhabitable” ruin, including the destruction of the city drinking water supply, and killing thousands of innocent Syrian civilians in 2017, U.S.-led coalition forces were involved in facilitating the evacuation of the international terrorists, including ISIS, out of the City (Deutsche Welle). Indeed, satellite data obtained the Russian MoD show that the U.S. is arming and training the terrorists (those evacuated from Raqqa) at a U.S. military base near the town of al-Tanf in south-eastern Syria. The U.S. is using the Rukban refugee camp inside the U.S.-enforced so called “de-conflicting zone” on the Syrian border with Jordan to recruit and train terrorists.  Furthermore, according to the British propaganda organ, the BBC, under the “gaze of the U.S.-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who were in control of Raqqa, “thousands of retreating international terrorists, including some of the “most notorious” were evacuated to Afghanistan and other places to be used to advance Anglo-Zionist imperialist interests. (See: Raqqa’s Dirty Secrets, BBC).

At another location at a refugee camp in north-eastern Syria, the U.S. is training and arming 30,000-strong border force or “army of terror” in Afrin along the border with Turkey to become a permanent U.S. occupying force in Syria. It is possible that it is a fabricated pretext to justify a Turkish invasion of Syria. In any case. U.S. occupation of Syrian territory is illegal both under international law and under the U.S. government’s War Powers Act. Syria is a sovereign state with a recognized government. There is no U.N. or U.S. Congressional mandate that permits Washington to station its forces within the Syria’s borders. The illegal U.S. occupation forces (seen riding in the back of the terrorists’ pickup trucks in northern Syria) have sealed the area and hindered the deliveries of humanitarian aids to the Rukban refugee camp. Turkey have slammed this new plan of a permanent U.S. occupation using the Kurds as a proxy force and threatened to attack this illegal “Border Security Force” along its border areas. In fact, Turkey have already bombed targets and sent troops into the Afrin region. It is worth noting that, in Turkey, the Kurds are considered terrorists by Turkey and its U.S.-NATO mercenary “allies”, but across the borders in Iraq, Syria and Iran, the Kurds are “freedom fighters” serving as proxy mercenaries for the U.S. and Israel. The U.S. has openly stated that, its aim is the fragmentation and destabilisation of Syrian and occupation of Iraq U.S.-Israel Zionist interests.

A recent report by the Lebanese Arabic-language newspaper al-Akhbar revealed that, the aims of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria are to undermine peace and the disintegration of Syria (FARS, 25/02/2018). The mantra of fighting terrorism is a cover used by the U.S.-led coalition to justify the illegal occupation of Syrian territory and reinforcing the U.S. illegal occupation of Iraq. The U.S. is not in the business of fighting terrorism; it never was and never will be. The international terrorists were recruited, trained and armed by the U.S., Israel, Britain, France and other U.S. vassal-state allies. Moreover, the pretext of fighting terrorism is designed to inflame Muslim hatred and crackdown on civil liberties at home.

Concern for what they call “human rights”, “freedom” and “democracy” is not what leads Western regimes to perpetuate violence and invade other nations. These are modern constructs of the British meme of the “white man’s Burden”. Western regimes’ goal is to destroy their adversaries and install colonial dictatorships to serve their imperialist interests. Democracy, freedom, and human rights are elaborate fictions (manufactured illusions) to manipulate the public for the benefits of the ruling class. Furthermore, these elaborate fictions are often used to justify U.S.-Western aggression against nations that defy Western imperialism. For example, the U.S. is not a democracy. It is a militarised oligarchy which feeds on a broken political system control by wealthy individuals. (For more see: Perspectives on Politics, September 2014, vol. 12/no.3). According to a new poll, published by the Associated Press-NORC Centre on 26 Feb. 2018, a total of 85 percent of Americans believe the Congress’s job is below par, and most think it services lobbyists, not the people. The greatest violators of freedom and human rights are those who claim to “champion” and defend freedom and human rights, including interfering in other nations’ affairs. Of course, starvation by genocidal sanctions, torture and mass killing of Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, and Libyans is considered defending human rights in Western parlance.

As for Trump’s war on North Korea (the Democratic People Republic of Korea, DPRK), Australia blindly jump on Trump’s war bandwagon. In a statement on the state-run news agency, the DPRK accused Australia of “dangerous moves” by joining what it calls the frenzied political and military provocations of the U.S. the statement said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had personally expressed her support for the U.S. stance to consider all options including the use of nuclear weapons against the people of the DPRK. Minister Bishop must know that her government is supporting the country that developed, tested and used nuclear weapons. The U.S. first used nuclear bombs not on military targets but on Japanese civilians. It was history’s most heinous act of terrorism that can never be forgotten. Today, the people of the DPRK are facing premeditated genocide that is deliberately ignored and denied by the media. The U.S. occupation of South Korea aims at hindering peace in the region and undermining any prospect of reunification between the people of the Korean Peninsula. Furthermore, U.S. military presence in region is used a threaten to China and Russia.

Australia’s War on Muslim Refugees

When it comes to refugees, Australia’s refugee policy is criminal. Australia is a world leader in anti-Muslim and anti-refugee policies. Australia’s racist refugee policy and its anti-Muslim propaganda are the same if not worse than Trump’s racist measures and empty rhetoric. In Australia, there is an invisible wall that limits Muslim migration to Australia. It is true that, Australia has accepted a small number of Syrian refugees, but 92 per cent of those accepted are Christians. The racist policy is consistent with Israel’s fascist agenda – colluding with the terrorists – to eradicate the history of Christianity from the Middle East where the oldest Christian communities have lived in it and the entire Fertile Crescent since the birth of Christian history. It already happened in Iraq, where 85 per cent of the Christians were either killed or driven out of the country by ISIS terrorists.

For people from Muslim-majority nations who want to visit Australia, it is near impossible to obtain a visa to Australia, let alone migrate to live here. There is a secret travel ban on Muslims who want to visit Australia, with unbreachable hurdles and barriers. Nearly half of all Australians support such ban on Muslims immigration, according to a national survey by the Australian Population Research Institute. Like in many countries, anti-Muslims hysteria has taken a pathological dimension towards the 1.7 per cent of Muslim Australians. The social and religious distinctiveness of Muslims made them persistent targets for persecution by politicians and the media because racism is pervasive in white Australia. Glaringly unknown to most people is the fact that Muslim Australians are racially profiled and have been put on so-called “terror watchlist”. They have been denied the sense of belonging and mutual respect. Innocent Muslim Australians have their houses raided by police, arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges by police and ASIO officials. With immense power, ASIO officers are immune from prosecution if they commit crimes in course of a “special intelligence operation”, which has no clear definition.

The Minister of “Home Affairs” (a merger of several existing security and intelligence agencies), Mr Peter Dutton, a former Queensland drug cop and a serial violator of human rights who became extremely wealth soon after leaving the police force. “Other notable achievements during his time in the Abbott ministry included the stalking of a Greens senator on a visit to the Nauru concentration camp, and sending his black shirted private Gestapo into central Melbourne to stop and detain anyone seen acting suspiciously ethnic”, observes David Donovan of Independent Australia. Mr Dutton has a hoppy of playing the race card to the crowd of bigots, stigmatising marginalised communities that have no defence against his effective political weapon. Mr Dutton has the nerve to accuse the entire Muslim community of “violence” – without the slightest piece of evidence – because of a few. Perhaps Minister Dutton can tell Australians why Australia sits on top of the world in violence against women and paedophilia. So, according to Dutton’s theory, all white Australians are misogynists and paedophiles. Are they?

We know people who flee wars in their homeland had little chance to obtain travel documents (passports), let alone visa to Australia. So, Turnbull knew what he was talking about when he allegedly “told” Trump: “If they had arrived by airplane and with a tourist visa then they would be here”, underscoring the lie behind politicians support for border control, which turns a blind eye to widespread rorting across a range of Australian visa programs” and sheds light on the world’s most corrupt immigration system, writes Sarah Gill in the Sydney Morning Herald. Large private employers (companies) prey on migrants who are willing to be exploited. If Minister Dutton and his ilk care about Australia and who is coming into the country, he should focus his attention elsewhere. Dutton seems less interested in bogus students and illegal immigrants who are pouring into Australia taking Australian jobs that unemployed Australians are capable to perform.

It is worth noting that, it is very easy for Europeans, Indians or Chinese with no skill and no basic English to obtain Australian visa as “skilled migrants” for menial work like driving taxi, and cleaning work. However, it is near impossible for Iraqis or Syrians with PhDs, or MDs qualifications to obtain any kind of visa to enter Australia. It is the reason Muslim refugees and migrants take the risk of travelling by boat in the hope to reach Australia. Before reaching Australian shores, they are apprehended at sea by the Australian Navy and Australian Border Control officers and shipped to Nazi-like concentration camps on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nauru.

The UNHCR described the current situation as “unfolding humanitarian emergency”, criticising the Australian Government and expressing “serious concerns” over the welfare, safety and wellbeing of asylum seekers on the island. Of course, the Australian government doesn’t care, because the demonisation of refugees and the anti-refugees’ propaganda are so effective that most Australians want even harsher treatment for refugees. Imagine the outrage if Australian women and children are treated the same way as women and children refugees are treated.

The Minister is obsessed by what he calls “teaching” refugees a harsh lesson. According to two reports by the ABC Four Corners program (The Forgotten Children) and Amnesty International (Island of Despair), Australia is in violation of international human rights law by deliberately creating a punitive “open air prison” in Nauru Island, where refugees, including women and children are deliberately exposed to systematic human rights abuses. As mentioned, the policy is supported by a significant majority of Australians, because refugees are dehumanised and made scapegoats by the media and politicians.

Recently, Mr Dutton blamed all African migrants and African-Australians for the “gang behaviour” of a few African-Australians. Remember, the label only applies to young Africans spending time together in public, not to groups of white youths. Dutton is an opportunist politician who likes to label people. Once they are labelled with the “gang” label, it becomes easier to demonise them and smear all African communities. One of Mr Dutton’s ilk, Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin, head of Professional Standards and a police officer of 40 years Victoria’s Police Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin, head of Professional Standards and a police officer of 40 years was forced to resigned in disgrace over racist and obscene posts made under the pseudonym Vernon Demerest.  In one of his racist posts, under a video of a Somali pirate attack, Demerest posted: “I’m afraid this is what happens when the lash is abolished. The jigaboo [black people] runs riot and out of control. The ‘boo needs the lash. The ‘boo wants the lash. Deep, deep down the ‘boo knows the lash provides the governance and stability.” It is evident that racism is deeply entrenched among the privileged and powerful, and subtly perpetuated by the Australian state.

Subtle Racism

To say Australia is different from the U.S. or other predominantly white “Christian” nations is an overstatement. Racism is deeply entrenched in white Australia. It is “elite” racism that is subtle or covert racism. It is unlike the daily overt and isolated racism – or “racism in public” –  perpetuated by (often uneducated) poor Australians, subtle racism is viciously ambiguous and its consequences are everlasting and destructive. Racism is an action that aims to cause harm to the person of a different ethnic background and skin colour (people of racialized minorities). While they proclaim to have “egalitarian values” (white Australians are the perfect example), most white people are influenced by subconscious prejudices, buried deep within their psyche. They lack the essence of true human morality, and suffer from diseases like chauvinism and cultural superiority. For example, most white Australians share a common colonial background of racism and prejudice again Aboriginal Australians. It is like endemic disease infects every white Australian. It is so deeply embedded in their psyche that it develops as a half conscious or unconscious state of mind. It is no wonder that, the Australian education system, the media, the police, the justice system and the government, all practice subtle institutionalised racism as a policy to maintain white superiority. The practice of racism is copied and implemented with evil-intent by other organisations, and public institutions, including universities. It is always accompanied by an ever more vigorous denial of “not racism”.

While Australia shares the same values-based racism and anti-Muslim hysteria with North America and many corrupt, backwards and racist nations in Europe, Australia is not – not yet – in the grip of Fascist euphoria. Across Europe, anti-Muslim racist and neo-Fascist regimes are on the rise. Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Holland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland are just few examples of European regimes that are openly and enthusiastically espouse anti-Muslim and (pro-Israel) neo-Fascist ideology. Like Trump, their enemies are refugees fleeing U.S.-led military invasions and U.S. terror. The neo-Fascist Hungarian PM Victor Orban calls these refugees “Muslim Invaders”. It is worth noting that, Hungary is a member of NATO mercenary forces (and a U.S. vassal state) that are invading and terrorising women and children in majority-Muslim nations, including Afghanistan and Iraq. What is abhorrent is that most refugees that Trump, Dutton, Orban and their ilk referring to trace their plight directly to U.S.-led military invasions and aggression in their homeland.

Thanks to very concentrated right-wing Zionist media and lack of serious opposition politics, Australians – like most Westerners – are conditioned by the distorted and simplistic Zionist politics and media narrative of fighting terrorism. Like their Anglo-American counterparts, Australians live in near-total ignorance (paying no attention to) of the mass killing of Muslim people carried out in their name in countries around the world. Unable to think for themselves, Australians have succumbed to live under a police state that has total control of their lives and privacy.

Australians should be concern of the kind of government they elect. They are falling over themselves to not do anything to counter their government’s policies. Australia’s racist anti-Muslim laws, its foreign policy, and its obsequious to U.S. are isolating Australia from the world’s civilised nations. The only alternative for Australians who care about their country’s future is to become more vigilant about what is happening. Australians have an opportunity to stand up and disassociate Australia from Trumpism to safeguard human dignity, and in rejection of racism, extremism and war of aggression.


Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst and researcher living in Australia.


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