Continuing Down Psycho Paths

 The more ancient the abuse, the more sacred it is.” — Voltaire

I’m not a fan of Voltaire’s, but I quote him here to underscore that longstanding practices don’t justify themselves by virtue of their continuing embrace by society. What’s popular in this world is quite often a sign of bad health.

That said, I believe there are several paths in vogue these days which we should be particularly wary about traveling down, as they are the roads only psychopaths would beckon us to embrace. In fact, they must be blocked from our lives, as we would block the intrusion of a mentally deranged deviant into our personal realms. What follows is a highly select list from the top of my head, by no means truly representing all priorities, obviously not at all definitive.

  1. Increasing space debris. Why isn’t this talked about more?


  1. Using self-driving vehicles. Who ever thought this would work? People who just had to have more freedom to text while in a car?


  1. Ignoring the dangers of electromagnetic pollution… the greatest health experimentin the history of mankind.


  1. Multiplying humankindas if there’s no tomorrow. Of course, if we used the population density of Manhattan we could fit 7.5 billion folks into the state of Texas, but… we’re not going to do that, and we shouldn’t.


  1. Movingfurther away from our spiritual natures. I believe… I believe this speaks for itself. To everyone, perhaps, except those who are lost in a totally mechanistic view of their very own existence. Our eyes must be on Eternity.


  1. Continuing to produce more and more plasticeach and every year. The scorecard is in respecting the futility of recycling as long as this goes on.


  1. Continuing to invest in our nuclear dynamic. ICBMs alone will do us in.


  1. Continuing with the increasing disparity of wealthin the world.


  1. Continuing with wars.

The above guarantees that we will continue to lose species at the greatest rate since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, of course. And much more.

Our core focus should be on how we can continue together long term, not how we can continue in the short term individually.

I humbly and respectfully request that readers discuss viable options with me. So that we can move in solidarity with others following a fresh paradigm. For what folks are doing at present is not working, and we must not continue with what’s obsolete… if we want to continue.

Marcel Duchamp Oxman can be reached at [email protected].The author has lots of links to share related to the above, upon request, but there’s no substitute for one–on-one interaction to get things started. Once personal bonding is established for movement in solidarity, there will be plenty of time to read documentation. The idea is to not encourage a review of endless documentation in lieu of readers actually doing something together about our collective crises.




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