Musings on the Trump Phenomenon: The Art of Asymmetric Forthrightness


Millions of Americans celebrated, or were surprised or outraged, and some even went into hysterics, and many powerful people felt great anxiety, when Donald J. Trump, ‘unexpectedly’ (to most media, ‘experts’ and pollsters), was elected president of the United States. This perplexing political ‘happening’ and its aftermath – some call it The Trump Phenomenon – comes after a generations long process of American societal – including political – deterioration.

Big subject: we’ll have to limit our scope.

We’ll leave it to others to decide how near or far Trump is from true patriot or disgusting sellout, or inept buffoon or entertaining puppet or cunning tactician or inspired strategist; or polite color blind gentleman, or boorish pussy grabber.

This is also not about Trump as neophyte war monger or foolish stoker of the risk of nuclear war, or intended peacemaker, deflected temporarily away by circumstance, or reluctant or enthusiastic militarist. Nor is this about Trump as fueling further environmental degradation, or Trump as economic savior or well intention-ed economic wrecking ball.

This is a bit, however, about Trump as eccentric ‘self-made man’ laboring mightily against heavy odds to become POTUS. Trump is a throwback of sorts, the iconic ‘American success story’, titillatingly spiced with seamy underbelly, a combination billionaire businessman and celebrity TV host who late in life, at roughly the potential threshold of the age of wisdom, becomes a rookie politician and acquires the opportunities and burdens of the American presidency.

As candidate for president, Trump worked very hard. His populist-flavored campaign performance was effective. Cheering overflow crowds attended his (typically several) daily campaign stops. Trump election signs across most of the United States far outnumbered Hillary Clinton’s visible support. For millions to whom it is painfully, viscerally obvious that America has gone badly wrong, Trump’s was the message they wanted to hear: MAGA. Let’s make America great again: Let’s rebuild our country, take care of our own, create good jobs, tighten borders, built excellent infrastructure; and implied, let’s not do empire.

A significant portion of Trump’s supporters understood that the US – despite the ceremonial trappings and much lip service swearing of allegiance – was no longer a Constitutional Republic but rather the police state headquarters of Global Empire. Many yearned to restore the American Republic.

Those who controlled the United States had ordained and assembled and were trying to maintain, an earth-enveloping military-based Empire. A thousand military bases, and a vast network of supportive institutions, including importantly financial and informational ones, infrastructure, technology, war machinery, vassal countries, and many individual foreign minions, were integrated into the scheme. The explicit short form description of American military ambition was ‘full spectrum dominance’; complete, no-holds-barred global authoritarianism.

Symptomatic of the demonically arrogant breadth of US global empire policy was the adoption of National Security Study Memorandum of 1974, which explicitly gave highest priority to third world population reduction; and, via modern weapons and military agendas, threatening “… the very structure of the Earth itself”, as described in Rosalie Bertell’s lucid book PLANET EARTH, The Latest Weapon of War. An example is the massive decades long program of contaminating earth’s atmosphere with toxic aerosols for military purposes, as explicated by Amy Worthington at Global Research. (1)

Far from having made America itself great, and Americans healthy and happy, and the planet a better place, the American global empire project had done great harm at home and abroad.

Within the United States, for example, tens of millions were dependent on food stamps and anti-depressants, countless tent ‘cities’ and homeless vagabonds were to be found, and there were more people in American prisons than in the prisons of China and India combined. The United States had gone from materially wealthiest country in human history after the second world war to most indebted country in history a mere half century later.

Its ‘foreign policy’ accomplishments included a long list of destroyed or harmed countries, and countless millions of destroyed or injured lives: Direct warfare, warfare by proxy, secret wars, economic warfare, wars of terror on the terrorism of its own creation, war on truth, war on human decency, war on the Earth, more and more war upon war. And more and more Americans were gaining more and more awareness of such bitter and shameful realities.

One imposing international monkey wrench had been thrown into the Empire’s full spectrum dominance ambitions in recent years, and unmistakable as Trump came to power: the emergence of a Chinese and Russian led significant counter-force – economic and military and cultural. The military counter-force capability was underlined emphatically by Vladimir Putin during his March 1st, 2018 state of the nation speech, when he revealed several new powerful weapons systems that effectively ended US ‘full spectrum dominance’ military pretensions.

Upon assuming the presidency, besides facing the many societal dysfunctions within the United States, Trump was now the ‘commander in chief’ of the American global war machine. Within the United States a massive military budget was sacrosanct it seemed, as countless communities and individuals were heavily invested in the global empire project.

Trump also inherited a large conglomeration of so-called intelligence agencies, with their covert agendas, turf jealousies, and criminal tendencies. Furthermore, virtually every public institution and major private institutions in the United States had become connected to, hobbled by, in the service of, financially beholden to, and otherwise influenced by agendas driven by the vast military, and ubiquitous secret police and ‘intelligence’ agencies, infrastructure and activities.

This included importantly a long standing extremely ambitious and largely effective international information-control effort – massively dependent on ‘spin’, lies and censorship – that especially in the United States had created a society-enveloping false ‘reality’. The extensive brainwashing of the American people had for decades severely hampered the American public’s ability, and especially American politics, to create intelligent public policy. And while the Internet had provided influential countervailing and many reality based narratives, the catastrophic personal and community results of the decades of mind-warping disinformation were still very much dominant. (2)

Also developed had been an extremely ambitious electronic surveillance infrastructure, directed at both the American people and the rest of the planet. Peeping Toms in every appliance. This, it turns out, was directed at Trump, too. (3)

Desperate Americans aware of the extent of their country’s descent into dysfunction heard in Trump’s various messages the best leadership chance they were offered. He was giving at least some voice to ideas and concerns which kindled the possibility of redirecting the US towards some semblance of societal sanity. And he had a certain attitude and style which on many occasions was in sharp contrast to much mealymouthed ‘on message’, ‘talking point consistent’, stale scripted garbage spewed by ‘normal’ politicians and official ‘spokespersons’. Trump could be refreshingly unscripted, authentic, even when displaying his ignorance.

Trump’s MAGA slogan, while it contained positive messages, also served as a loud implied criticism of the Establishment, those who had ‘guided’ America into the mess he inherited. And during the first year of his presidency, Trump faced extreme, unprecedented opposition from just about the entire Establishment, including what is now commonly referred to as the ‘Deep State’, and also, prominently, people associated with the upper levels of FBI and CIA. The mess makers are desperate to keep on denying, and making, their mess.

The attack on President Trump amounted to an ongoing velvet coup attempt, and for many months featured a completely phony investigation into how Russia had somehow been influenced by Trump or had influence over Trump to somehow win the election for Trump. For this non-existent American election puppet-mastery feat by Russia, sanctions have been placed on Russia, and slurs abundantly. The investigation has had the extremely ironic effect of exonerating Trump while exposing criminality and sleaze – including Clinton actual collusion with the Russians – in those who are behind and leading the attack on Trump. To what extent Americans are aware of all this is unclear, given the mass media’s continuing heavy duty censorship and dishonesty.

This article is also about Trump, in ‘un-presidential’ manner, and subject to much derision, effectively deploying ‘tweet-storms’ directly to his appreciative public, his tens of millions of Twitter ‘followers’, while throwing his critics into fits: Trump succinctly with his own spunky words sidestepping the pretentious and boring and insidious army of fake news purveyors; Trump’s tweets providing an antidote to Trump-related media censorship, and often counter punching the unprecedented president-directed mass media hostility and dishonesty. Sometimes he verbally skewers political opponents, or even his own team members, via tweets.

Here we have Trump turning the tables on the CIA with their subversive ‘color revolutions’ via ‘social media’. He has gone where no political personage of note has gone before, showing himself to be creatively resourceful and untamed, a home-spun new-media savant of sorts, independently sculpting his own influential media narratives.

And this is also about Trump helping to familiarize people with the important concept “fake news”. ‘Fake news’ is a striking shorthand description of much contemporary oligarchy-owned-and-serving, and ‘intelligence agency’ controlled mass media ‘news’. Trump’s dismissive “fake news” meme, his inaugural fake news awards, and publicly eviscerating serial-liar CNN – even as Trump himself contributes his bit to the outpouring of dishonesty – undermines those whose power depends upon the general public’s eager or sleepy continued consumption of contemporary mass media’s dubious offerings.

Noteworthy too is Trump turning an ominous gaze at the numerous power-besotted pathological creatures of the Swamp that he has said he wants to drain. In 2012 he tweeted “Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.” Ted Gunderson, former head of the Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles FBI, began late in life to speak boldly publicly about American government and elite-related crimes, including widespread American child sex trafficking and other terrible crimes against children, even ritual sacrifice of children, and modern child slave auctions. He charged that the CIA are involved in snatching up children and satanic cult activity in America. (4)

Of interest too in this regard are Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails, which Wikileaks released in late 2016. The emails contain language which is identical to coded language that sexual predators on children use, and became known as the Pizzagate scandal. While there was a concerted mass media attempt to suppress and muddy pertinent inquiries about the content of the emails, and falsely dismiss the matters implied by the emails as fake and debunked, it is noteworthy that Ben Swann, then host of Reality Check, aired by CBS Atlanta, was one of the few reporters in mainstream or prominent alt media in the United States to merely publicly ask probing questions about some of issues raised. He was promptly removed from his position, and he and his report attacked viciously. (5)

Kevin Shipp and Robert David Steele, both former CIA, have stated categorically that predation on children, including ritual murder, is a real and extensive pathology associated with elite power inside and outside the United States. If Trump is attempting to deal with this extreme pathology, this would explain some of the relentlessly unhinged opposition to him. The global empire project would appear to be partially glued together by hidden children-targeting heinous crimes.

Is Trump aware of the Russian Duma’s recent move to stiffen penalties for child molesters, and strengthen the protection of children? Previously, Putin had banned the adoption of Russian children by Americans due to concerns about American sexual abuse of those children, and has spoken out strongly in defense of children.

And there is also Trump as nationalist, often stressing the key principle of national sovereignty. This is anathema to those committed to the grandiose attempt to construct a ‘new world order’ based upon global oligarchic authoritarianism, with former nation states subsumed into regional conglomerations, reduced to vassal-status and dis-empowered fiefdoms. In Trump’s frequent evocation of sovereignty he is kindred to Russia’s Putin, who has effectively led the restoration of much of Russia’s national sovereignty and societal well being after the national catastrophe that followed the dismantling of the Soviet Union.

It is no coincidence that the two leading candidates for most demonized political personages of the last half century are indeed Putin and Trump, both of whom stress national sovereignty and national renewal for their countries.

Trump soon after his election showed his nationalistic mettle by quickly ditching American participation in the multi-country trade arrangement TPP, which if implemented would have weakened the capacity of the United States to pursue independent economic policies.

Noteworthy too is Trump’s frequent willingness to deploy what is now a near extinct ‘step too far’ in the upper echelons of the sovereign Culture of Deception: jarring forthrightness; unscripted ‘telling it like it is’. Trump’s capacity for forthrightness is very dangerous to the scripted ‘on message’ universe of dishonesty, even if Trump’s offerings are mixed, a conglomeration of deft and daft utterances. To the culture of deception, a bit of honesty is terrorism, and sustained honesty, broadcast, would be irreparable demolition.

Among many examples of Trump’s ‘out-of-bounds’ forthright proclivities is his tweet regarding National Security Adviser McMaster’s misleading contribution to 2018 EU NATO Munich [in]-security theatrics. McMaster had asserted falsely that Russian meddling in the US election was beyond dispute. Trump responded: “General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked H[illary], the DNC, and the Dems. Remember the Dirty Dossier, Uranium, Speeches, Emails, and the Podesta Company!”

Being American president poses personal danger. Any American president will presumably be aware that the JFK coup d’état involved the betrayal of the President by not just the chiefs of the American military and various security agencies, but by the presidential protectors themselves, the Secret Service. Any President with his own ideas, contrary to Establishment agendas, walks an especially dangerous line. Trump has attempted to reduce the danger by bringing in his own private security. He has also surrounded himself with Marine Generals.

Trump became president of a country which practices political assassination at home and abroad, and the planners and perpetrators are virtually never brought to justice. Think Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Michael Hastings, Seth Rich, and multiply greatly.

In the post-Constitutional/anti-Constitutional American political landscape that Trump inherited, a longstanding fundamental bulwark against flagrant tyranny, Habeas Corpus, has been repudiated. Torture has been normalized. Full free speech has been banished from much mass media, and criminalized where deemed too revealing. Massive intrusive illegal surveillance of Americans is being carried out. The Trump led US is captured-by-outlaws territory.

The public enthusiasm for Trump included millions who understand the above and much more.

Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, who also won election unexpectedly, tells the story in the introduction to his book American Conspiracies of being visited by the CIA shortly after his election. The CIA are by law not supposed to operate within the US, hee hee, but they came to interview him to find out how he had managed, against all odds and on a shoestring, to win. They were curious; didn’t see it coming; wanted to fix the glitch. Ventura’s victory represented an unexpected loss of control by the Establishment over the election process in the United States.

Ventura subsequently learned that CIA agents were illegally honeycombed throughout the US political system. Again, not a Constitutional Republic.

Whether we admire or dislike Trump, there is consolation: The Trump phenomenon can be interpreted as evidence that the control system does not have complete control yet. The Establishment were certain that Hillary Clinton would be President.

An eccentric old billionaire, fueled by millions of enthusiasts, was able to squeeze through an electoral hole in the totalitarian ambition. Whether Trump in the end does great good, or great harm, or is a mixed bag, Trump has shown signs of attributes that are a permanent nemesis to tyranny, and indispensable to broad human success: That part of us that prefers spontaneity over the rehearsed, freedom over subjugation, truth to lies, negotiation over command.

The several presidents who preceded Trump – Obama, Bush the latter, Bill Clinton, Bush the senior, and indeed Hillary-wannabee-president – are all utterly committed devotees of the culture of dishonesty, the operative realm of scoundrels and criminals. These contemptible creatures have integrated the lie into the very dark heart of their existence, and it was a great success in many ways: they achieved wealth and fame and power and much heinous criminality, much pillage and mass murder, while so far evading human justice.

Trump on the other hand is a composite creature, head of a massive dysfunctional criminal enterprise, but also questioning it, a booster of it and a critic of it, subject to it but trying to modify it, and many hope, waging asymmetric battle against the worst of it.

His public technique involves an amalgamation of bafflegab, lies, ignorance, well meaning intelligence, and blurted out honesty, and the latter two in combination, to the sovereign culture of deception, are unwelcome, potentially terminally-toxic threats; and to many Americans who are trying to begin the process of beneficent reform in pursuit of societal success, the presence of that admixture amounts to a new, refreshing gale of hopeful revolutionary oxygen.



(2) The CIA’s globe spanning Operation Mockingbird combined with concentrated corporate and private ownership, Zionist dominated, were two of the main reasons for the comprehensive success of the disinformation effort. Another key rationale for the continued brainwashing of the American people was the American military adoption of the dogma of war as inevitable, as preached for example by the Report from Iron Mountain and the Rand Corporation shortly after the second world war. War preparation justifies extreme censorship and lies, and often any depravity.

(3) There is much ironic potential in the extremely ambitious government agency and corporate attempt to influence and control via electronic wizardry, since the tables can be turned. Citizens can conduct surveillance too; police brutality can be shown; false flags exposed; whistle blowers can broadcast truth; a Wikileak can give vast exposure to nefarious secrets.

(4) Here for example is Ted Gundersen giving a broad ranging talk which includes reference to heinous crimes against children.

(5) Ben Swann’s ‘unacceptable’ journalism

Robert Snefjella is a Canadian retired organic farmer and contractor

[email protected]

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