“There was a point at which Jackie Robinson refused to ‘respect’ the flag at ball games.” — James Baldwin

Demonstrators protesting the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man blocked entrances to Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California Thursday night amid chants of “black lives matter,” prompting police to shut down admission to the Sacramento Kings’ National Basketball Association game.

It was a very effective demonstration, paralyzing profit and disrupting business as usual. Its activist potency has prompted me to wonder out loud whether or not an NBA play against the NRA might be in order.

In order to save the day which was lost when millions of folks screamed their well-meaning hearts out during the recent March for our Lives protest. “Lost” in the sense that the thrust of the march is likely to come and go, its planting of beautiful seeds being worth the heartbeats notwithstanding. Meaning, I really don’t think that legislators are going to respond well enough to honor the feelings of concerned citizens vis-a-vis gun violence because of the historic show of intensity we witnessed on the streets of the U.S.A. the other day.

That said, that doesn’t mean that the NBA players — polled to be consistently over 80% in favor of new gun legislation — couldn’t bring the NRA to its knees… finally.

The players would simply have to be willing to boycott their scheduled games for as long as it took to bring about a book titled, something like X* Days Which Shook the World. Risk something. Draw a line. Force fans and others to see that all is NOT fine. That there’s a correlation between the gun violence on campuses, the record number of police killings of citizens and the insane legislation in place at present.

*The number to be determined contingent upon how long it took them to achieve the desired results.

In fact, an NBA vs. NRA confrontation might get us all to get around to taking down the main reason for all the killing. Something touched upon recently in, Mother’s Moving Menacingly…., If Teachers Taught the Truth…., Stunted Education Is My Answer, Being Too Principled…., and my own Gleaning the Meaning.

That would be taking “Taking a Knee” to another level.

Rachel Oxman can be reached at [email protected].


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