Nullity Canceled


We are little grains of sand in an endless beach.
Our unique and relative placement is of no account.
Swept along by tides of time,
Flung and refined (with the rough edges removed)
By harsh unyielding winds of change,
We exist here on no grounds save that we simply are.

Set in an ordered sequence
That starkly negates any control or reason,
The cold driving rains that pummel,
The sunny skies that reflect gold into our sheen,
The dark nights that engulf us in starry brilliance
Mindlessly come and go of their own accord.

Nothing seems to count except these recurring passages.
They stand out to define our small finite singularity
As contrasted to the sweeping vastness
That they, in opposition, comprise.

Yet despite insignificance,
All that is done, had and become by one slight body
Holds consequence for a brief moment
And against all odds.
Each direction it bears against the residing nullity,
Alters everything else as it hurls through space.

So, each choice substantially matters
And weighs heavily as it tenaciously brushes up
In gritty defiance of the bleakly barren void.
One must select with care.
One must be who one is with care.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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