women prisoners

“His vision, from the constantly passing bars
has grown so weary that it cannot hold
anything else.” — from Rilke’s The Panther

I’ve worked, recruited, organized and serviced — in various capacities — in every single Spanish-speaking country in South and Central America, without being anything near fluent in the language. My successful track record in those realms I attribute, in great part, to the fact that I’m a trustworthy soul, and passionately focused on making a difference.

I immersed myself in immiserated areas for years, and I imagine that plain and simple folks in need can sense authenticity and honesty viscerally. And that’s what I’ll be bringing to my new work as Custody Case Manager in downtrodden Stockton, California shortly… where their preference is for someone who is bilingual.

I relish the opportunity to interact with the loved ones of the incarcerated. For I firmly believe that there’s wonderful potential for hope embedded in the homes of those who have been put away. If their family members can be supported in supporting their jailed loved ones, helped respecting survival issues and given encouragement for the future… well, then I think I’ll be able to carve out inroads with them. I’m full of confidence, my language shortcomings notwithstanding, because I’ve always lived by the mantra…

O bailan todos o no baile nadie. Either everyone dances or no one dances.

And I’m willing to engage with those I’m going to serve ’round the clock. Be available for one and all. Such access rises above language.

The personal library which I make reference to at the end of a recent article I plan to make use of as a point of departure for improving the lives of the incarcerated throughout California and their family members… affecting many communities deeply.

I encourage readers to do the same. [Pause.] Or something similar.

Richard Martin Oxman is the founder of the Oxman Collective, an educator on all levels for demographics all along the spectrum for half a century. He can be reached at aptosnews@gmail.com.

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