Please Protect Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’

azad ravan

It is not enough for us to sign a petition to suggest Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’ to be released from prison. We must write essays so as to rally and encourage the people rejecting his imprisonment to protest in masse.

Whenever I think about him, I start to get tears in my eyes. It is because I can’t imagine losing another shining light — someone like a Martin Luther King, Jr. and so, so many others who were jailed and/or murdered for fighting the status quo — an ugly racist or caste system.

So someone needs to post our writings on the topic to encourage others to take a strong, proactive stand. Then someone needs to organize to protest in the ways that we do about gun violence in the USA.

I have a fantasy. It goes like this. … You see, my friend slung a sign on his neck that said “I am a USA citizen” and the Serbs with their machine guns were afraid of my government such that they would not shoot through him to get to the Bosnians that he’d lined up protectively behind him. … He wasn’t certain about the way that his action would turn out, but he absolutely did know about what he needed to do during the time that he acted as a peace advocate in Europe quite some years ago.

So here is my fantasy. I make a mask of Ravan’s face — a photo on cardboard and wear it. I put on a yellow stocking on my raised hand. I put on a blue scarf. I put on a sign that states: “I am a USA citizen. Hands off and bullets off of me.” Then I talk at a rally that I put together and if I need one — a Hindi translator — fine since I already have my speech already good-to-go in my head.

Then we’re all marching to the prison where he is detained and I have a bullhorn and I am yelling for his release, and we are chanting when I or another person is not yelling through the bullhorn.

I talked about a Jewish student in my latest essay. He said in the video that I included — if you save one person, you save the world according to Jewish tradition. … Well, that is the way that I feel about Ravan. Someone has to go and save him. … A group has to march like all-get-out the way that we do in the USA.

PLEASE SAVE HIM!!! … Fight the goon squads and their government backers in the ways that we do, pleeeasse!



Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA


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