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The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union gave the American administration the opportunity to become the only political and military global power. The world, then, became unipolar. The American Military Industrial Complex, though, suffered greatly since the main American enemy; the Soviet Union, had been neutralized and there was no more need for arms race. The attacks on 911 had to be perpetrated in order to initiate a global war on terror to revive the military business. The American administration had a free unimpeded reign to wage wars all over the globe, especially in the Arabian Middle East to pursue the Zionist Greater Israel Project.

Within the next ten years the Russian Federation, especially under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, was able to rebuild itself and to rebound back to become, again, an important player into the global political arena. American administration’s global authority has been challenged, and most importantly its meddling in, and its terror campaign in the Arabian Middle East in pursuit of the Zionist Project has been exposed and forcefully opposed.

This challenge started in 2008 in Georgia. Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, came to power through the American led 2003 Rose Revolution (coup) to oust the pro-Russian president Eduard Shevardnadze. With the encouragement and support of George W. Bush’s administration, president Mikheil Saakashvili in 2008 invaded South Ossetia. Russia sent its troops to protect its citizens and defeated Georgian troops in five days spoiling the American plan.

Ukraine was the theatre of another confrontation. In 2004 an Orange Revolution deposed the pro-Russian prime minister Victor Yanukovych, replacing him with pro-western Viktor Yushchenko, who accused Russia of attempting to poison him, and Yulia Tymoshenko to power. According to The Guardian this Orange Revolution was planned and funded by US State Department and USAID along with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, and the National Endowment for Democracy among others. Yet in 2010 Yanukovych was elected again as president, who agreed to enter into a Euromaidan agreement with the European Union that would include the replacement of Russian forces in the Crimean Peninsula thus controlling the Black Sea.  But Yanukovych changed his mind and opted to stay with Russia. The US and the EU orchestrated in 2014 riots that eventually deposed Yanukovych and installed Petro Poroshenko in his place. Russia then arranged for a referendum in Crimea, that resulted with 97% wishing to join the Russian Federation and a treaty of accession was signed accordingly.

The biggest American defeat took place in Syria. The misnomer Arab Spring was actually a step within the Zionist Project, aimed at toppling strong Arab regimes, further dividing the Arab World and installing pro-Zionist rulers. In 2011, after spreading chaos in Tunisia, installing a crypto-Jew ruler in Egypt, and destroying Libya, Syria’s turn was up. But Syria proved to be different than the other Arab states, and the American orchestrated demonstrations against the Syrian regime failed to produce results. So, the American administration, partnered with UK, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, created, trained, financed, armed and smuggled into Syria terrorist groups, under different names, to destroy the country. In 2015, and on the request of Syrian president; Al-Asad, Russia sent military advisers, weapons and fighter planes to fight the terrorists. On the other hand, the American administration, uninvited, unlike Russia, and in a move that could be legally construed as military invasion, sent its troops and fighter planes into parts of Syria and established military bases under the false pretense of fighting terrorists while in fact, and as revealed many times, protecting, and arming the same terrorists it is claiming to fight. The presence of American forces in Syria has no legitimacy since they were not invited by the Syrian government, and the terrorists they claim to fight are half the globe away and are not posing threats to USA.

Documented with hard evidences and video recordings, Russia and Syria had exposed American, Israeli, Turkish, and Saudi support to the terrorist groups especially all the chemical weapons false flag attacks. Russia has recently warned “We will take all necessary measures to prevent other American mistakes against Russian military or other military facilities on the territory of Syrian Arab Republic”

Russia had become a big global rival to the American hegemony and had spoiled the Zionist plan to destroy Syria. The plan to weaken and divide Syria had backfired; instead of minimizing the Syrian threat to Israel it succeeded only in increasing it. Although wounded, Syria has become militarily stronger, battle hardened and experienced, better armed and supported by strong allies of Russia and Iran. This poses a serious stumbling block to the Zionist Project.

The Zionist-controlled American administration decided that Russia, represented by its President Vladimir Putin, needs to be contained, and to be taught a hard lesson; specifically, a Talmudic lesson. Such a lesson would come in a form of a gradual and long-running plot that includes false flag terror attacks, proxy wars, regime change, economic sanctions, character assassination, and breaking international laws and conventions. This lesson has culminated recently with accusations of meddling in the American election, use of chemical weapons in Syria, and assassinations of Russian defectors, secret agents, whistleblowers and double spies.

In April 2014, a renowned French security expert; Paul Barril, who was an officer in the French Gendarmerie Nationale, served in French presidential security, and led several private security companies, had exposed the existence of “Operation Beluga”; a plot that was formed primarily by American and British intelligence with the cooperation of Israeli Mossad and others to demonize Putin and to destabilize and weaken Russia.

The process of demonizing Putin started in 2004 when Ukrainian Victor Yanukovich accused Putin of poising him with dioxin; a poison that could hardly kill a person. Yet this allegation helped Yanukovich to get elected as president.

In 2006 UK had accused Putin of assassinating Alexander Litvinenko; a Russian defector and former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service of Russian Federation (FSB). UK explained that the assassination was ordered because Litvinenko accused Putin of ordering the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. It is known that Litvinenko had fled to the UK to avoid court prosecution in Russia. He was working for a Jewish-Russian oligarch; Boris Berezovsky, who in turn had fled Russia to the UK to avoid Russian judicial system for committing multiple crimes. Litvinenko died by Polonium-210 radioactive poisoning. Traces of Polonium found on the seat of the British Airways planes Litvinenko flew back and forth to Israel suggest that he was smuggling nuclear materials to Israel and his death was the result of mishandling and exposure to the radioactive material rather than by assassination.

UK had also accused Putin for the death of Boris Berezovsky, who was found hanged at his ex-wife’s mansion in Berkshire, UK in 2013. Berezovsky fled Russian courts and was granted political asylum by UK; an act that negatively affected UK-Russia relations. Berezovsky’s aggressive anti-Putin propaganda campaign gained him the friendship of MI6 and the CIA. Before his death Berezovsky had written letters to Putin pleading to be allowed back to his native Russia. The letters suggest that Berezovsky found himself in a difficult situation in the UK and he was requesting Putin’s protection. It was also reported that Berezovsky was about to hand Putin a video and audio evidence of a plot to organize a coup against Putin.

The US joined the UK in accusing Putin/Russia of meddling in 2016 election. Throughout the whole 2017 year all the American media were hammering this accusation, while ignoring the well-known and established fact that the only state that regularly interferes in American election is Israel through its agent AIPAC. Megyn Kelly had interviewed Putin twice, during which she fired direct accusations against Putin personally. While broadcasting the interviews, the TV was focused on Kelly’s accusations while Putin’s answers, in Russian, were not translated in English leaving the audience in the dark. Putin explained that Russia has no goal meddling in the American election. He also pointed out the numerous incidents where the US had meddled in elections of many other countries. He stated that the American politicians themselves brag about the fact that the US had interfered and changed the course of elections in other countries, justifying the act as spreading democracy. You can watch the whole translated interview here and compare it with the non-translated interview here.

The chemical weapons issue has been stressed by western powers as a prelude to a chemical weapon attack planned in Syria. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had discovered in March 14 a chemical weapons lab belonging to Jaish al-Islam terrorist group in the recently liberated village of Al-Shifuniayh in Eastern Ghouta. The lab had American made equipment. The western plan was to accuse Russia of aiding Syria in alleged chemical weapon attacks against civilians. It is worth remembering that on March 12 Nimrata “Nikki” Haley; the American ambassador to the UN, warned that the US will take action on its own in Syria if the UNSC fails to do so as a response to the alleged chemical attacks on civilians.

The alleged Russian chemical weapons issue surfaced again in the UK when few weeks ago, it was reported that a UK-Russian double spy; Sergei Skripal, and his daughter were found poisoned allegedly by the Russian manufactured military-grade nerve agent called novichok (newbie). It was reported that Skripal and daughter were exposed to the nerve agent through the air-condition vents of his car. Such accusation is very ridiculous due to the fact that novichok is extemely potent, reported as up to eight times deadlier than VX nerve agent, that can kill a person with a mere pinhead sized drop. Yet Skripal and his daughter are still alive and under treatment. The other absurdity of this accusation is the fact that Russia would not use this very expensive agent to kill somebody when there are so many cheaper ways to do the act, and would never use a chemical agent, whose fingerprints points directly to Russia.

Theresa May accused Russia of assassination without presenting any evidence stating that “no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of Mr. Skripal and his daughter.” She claimed that the Russians have done it because only they have these poisons. Vil Mirzayanov is a Russian chemist, who was involved in the manufacture of novichok, and later defected to the USA. In his 1995 paper he claimed that novichok can be easily manufactured by any laboratory that make fertilizers or pesticide. He also explained that Soviet Union’s chemical weapons storage sites became public knowledge when the Rossiiskaya Gazeta published in January 1994 the amount and type of chemical agents stored at each site. The paper further explained that the chemical weapons were vulnerable to theft due to inadequate security measures.

It is important to mention here that on Monday March 12 another Russian defector was found dead in the UK. Russian airline mogul Nikolai Glushkov was found dead with strangulation marks at his home in New Malden, UK. He was imprisoned in Russia for embezzlement and defrauding Russian airline company Aeroflot. Glushkov was a close friend and a business partner with Boris Berezovsky.

It seems that there is a close connection between all these murdered Russian defectors: Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, Sergei Skripal, and Nikolai Glushkov. They all live around the vicinity of the British chemical weapon lab Porton Down in Salisbury, UK. Knowing that Litvinenko was smuggling radioactive material to Israel it would be worthwhile investigating whether this group of Russian defectors were involved in a ring smuggling radioactive and chemical weapons from Porton Down lab in UK to the Israeli Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), that is also involved in the manufacture of chemical weapons. Israel’s use of chemical and biological weapons against Palestinian and Arab communities is well known.

There is a plan to relate Skripal’s assassination attempt with the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria to demonize Russia globally at the UN level in order to suspend Russia’s membership at least for a while until the UNSC passes anti-Syrian resolutions, without the threat of a Russian veto, to “legitimize” further destruction of the country. On Wednesday March 14 Nikki Haley accused Russia of flagrantly and aggressively using nerve agent to poison Skripal, and at the same time blaming Russia for chemical attacks in Syria. Nikki also warned that if no immediate concrete measures taken to contain Russia the next chemical weapons “could be used here in New York, or in cities of any country that sits on this Council.” This is an implied threat that similar attacks could take place by Russian imposter.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab American from a Palestinian descent. His family was evicted from Haifa, Palestine, after the 1948 Nakba when the Zionists stole his family’s property. Then the family was evicted again from the West Bank during the 1967 Naksah, after the Zionist, again, occupied the rest of Palestine.


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