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opioid epidemic


You’ll notice that I end each paragraph in this piece with a question or two. It’s the last one, though, that’s crucially important. Will you read it twice for me?

I’ve spoken to a number of educators in California about UCLA doing Big Pharma’s bidding in India this week… to no avail. Administrators, professors, teachers of the lower grades et alia. And I’m wondering why there’s so little interest in where NIH funds are going, what the U.S. Army is supporting, and the ongoing shenanigans of drug giants like Pfizer. Isn’t all that of extreme importance to educators preparing their charges for a world worth living in?

The rising costs of health care for everyone is unconscionable, of course. And that must be coupled with the rising incompetency of medical professionals, and the decreasing accessibility of health care (of any kind) for the vast majority of citizens in the U.S. and elsewhere. Where will we be a few years from now if our current momentum continues?

Health injustice is a very serious issue, which educational institutions are ignoring at the peril of not preparing youngsters properly, to put it mildly. Instruction in Science and Technology is all the rage these days… supposedly preparing youth for what they’ll encounter in our Brave New World. But… do any readers come across — ever — discussion in classrooms which seriously address what unfolding? Is in-depth exchange, and ongoing back and forth taking place at all?

What’s happening in India — as per the Alternet article by Alexander Zaltchik — is not restricted to the subcontinent. Rather, it’s quite typical worldwide, and I find that I’m hard put to come across educators informing students of what’s really coming down of vital importance respecting our collective crises on any campuses these days. Should I not push the envelope with others in academia addressing the major issues of our day? Should you?

Because I have contacts with independent journalists worldwide who risk their lives daily to get the ignored “truth” on many matters to me regularly, I am seeking to share the singular information I receive with others in any classrooms which might welcome updates on what I’m spotlighting here. Is there anyone out there who is interested in discussing this — connecting me —  with educators in their realm?

It would be an honor to be engaged in such movement in educational and community solidarity. Will you help me… so that I can help our youth and contribute to this troubled world transforming into something more healthy?


Richard Martin Oxman has been an educator on all levels worldwide for half a century, and has embraced a socially-conscious mission for longer than that. He can be reached at [email protected].


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