Spy Games: Some Basic Questions (Rest you already know!)

russian embassy1

Britain’s reaction of sending 23 Russian diplomats back is hasty. Not supporting the death/killing of the former Russian Spy (later a traitor for Russia and Spy for MI6), but we don’t know the reasons behind that as of now. As per the legal definitions, “innocent until proven guilty”; why not to wait for the outcome of an investigation?

I didn’t like the UK delegation’s response in UNSC meeting which included MH17 and alleged Russian involvement- is it a fact known that Russia was behind that plane crash or the international investigators found otherwise (?), and if we are going to count such incidences; shouldn’t we count the death toll of Afghan nationals (Iraq, Syria as well?) killed by UK forces alone? And if death matters, what about the UK soldiers dying in Afghanistan (and other places)?

My question to both Russia and UK- are we in a hurry because it is a game called “I am stronger than you’re”?

To UK, should your former colonies investigate all the crimes committed against their citizens and how it destroyed generations, deprived generations of a possible future? Is there any compensation for that?


(Ashish Kumar Singh is a Doctoral Candidate of Political Science department of Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Prior to that he has studied in Oslo, Mumbai and New Delhi. He can be contacted at: [email protected])


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