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Achhe din  Achhe din
The good times are here.
Modi is just like Santa Claus
spreading much good cheer.Demonetisation killed millions of jobs.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Farmers are starving or hanging themselves.
The good times are here.

Without an Aadhaar card you’re dead.
Achhe din  Achhe din
All the top crooks have fled.
The good times are here.

Millions are hungry or malnourished.
Achhe din  Achhe din
GST destroyed countless businesses.
The good times are here.

Vigilantes roam the streets.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Dalits and Muslims live in fear.
The good times are here.

“Make In India” is a pipe-dream.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Bureaucracy reigns supreme.
The good times are here.

Anti-Romeo squads attack couples.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Modi is silent or turns away.
The good times are here.

One Percent own three-fourths of everything.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Roads are a nightmare, bridges collapse.
The good times are here.

People are punished for speaking out.
Achhe din  Achhe din
Everyone threatened into silence.
The good times are here.

Rahul is somewhere visiting Granny.
Sonia is making tea in the pantry.
The coalition has no new ideas
but they or the BJP will win.
Achhe din  Achhe din
The good times are here.

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  1. Sally Dugman says:

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    Sep 21, 2017 – If you hear any of Modi’s election speeches during that time, he made a calculated pitch: “Acche Din” (the Indian forerunner of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”). That was the shibboleth that galvanised India. Modi repeatedly disparaged the Congress-led UPA for lowering India’s financial …

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    Jul 17, 2017 – The bigger question is whether reviving growth in the last year of a government’s tenure will be enough to remind voters that ‘acche din’ are finally here. That’s another parallel with the Vajpayee years. After struggling with growth from 1998 to 2003 growth took off vertically only in 2003-04, but voters didn’t …

    “Acche Din”
    People are starving and some are doing so to death.
    People are homeless and living in streets.
    People are without jobs and are in poverty.
    (There are not enough jobs available.)
    Resource shortages (including water and food in some regions) are coming.
    Climate change is worsening in dire impacts.
    Elites want to set up mining, logging and other operations on lands belonging to the people.
    Energy demands keep on rising.
    The oceans and waterways are running out of fish and other life.
    The coral, nursery to sea life, is bleaching across the globe.
    The ever growing garbage problem keeps mounting.
    Biodiversity is shrinking.
    Glaciers are melting.
    The sixth great extinction is upon us.
    The human population keeps growing.
    Our leaders only care mostly about their own enrichment and throw pennies to the rest of us with pretend tears.
    Our governments indirectly plunder and pollute the land, the water and the air.
    They and their capitalist cronies are largely responsible for ruin of the biosphere.
    Yes, “Acche Din” or in my country, the USA, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again.”
    Dream on your happy myth of “Acche Din” or “Make America Great Again”.
    The only way that it will happen is if people rise up to demand their rights in nonviolent protests and en masse — huge numbers of them.