On the whole, the USA public is a kindly and responsible lot. For example when the New Hampshire governor called people to action to provide help after the last hurricane to hit the island, 60,000 pounds of food, water and other goods were donated in the state that is called “Live free or die” based on early US Revolutionary tendencies. It was all sent to Puerto Rico.

We also can assemble 40,000 people in Boston to march against hate speech and students in schools all across the USA to simultaneously protest gun violence. We stand up for our rights and for positive changes in our society, and have always done so since the founding of this country.

You can see the evidence here in all of the chapters:

A People’s History Of The United States by Howard Zinn

A People’s History Of The United States. by Howard Zinn. Presented by History Is A Weapon.

History Is A Weapon’s response · ‎Columbus, The Indians, and · ‎Tyranny is Tyranny

At the same time, we have a culture that has more guns than people in the USA. This being the case has resulted in around 7,000 children since the Sandy Hook elementary school murder. That is around a five year span — 7,000 killed in around five year!

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. – From Wikipedia


We also have a government that is always hatching more plots to dominate the world (meaning get resources from across the entire sphere and control of operations for US favored corporations) than any other country and such machinations are very expensive to carry out. There is a toll for these plans for the ones in harm’s way and the taxpayers at home, who do not want wars, but do want improvements for their own lives for money spent in taxes.

Indeed, the federal government has us all on the hook for money borrowed to keep expanding the US military-industrial complex, Ike who capitulated with it (including covert operations, which are a sinkhole of goodness knows how much extra money beyond the military budget).

Eisenhower’s Military-Industry Complex Warning, 50 Years Later : NPR…/ikes-warning-of-military-expansion-50-years-later

Jan 17, 2011 – On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the militaryindustrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.

Supposedly our national debt is now up to around $185,000 USD per US citizen and the military-industrial spending just keeps on rising. This is the sort of horror that my government dreams up and sometimes does carry out and sometimes doesn’t:

Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The plans detailed in the document included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.[2]  – From Operation Northwoods – Wikipedia


Code named Operation Northwoods, the plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in …

Meanwhile, the USA has overt and/or covert military operation in just about every country across the globe. Our government has been trying to expand our sphere of influence ever since the founding of this country at the heavy expense of the Native Americans and the rest of us.

How bad can it get? Definitely check out this little pie chart.

[PDF]FY2018 Pie Chart.indd – War Resisters League

Social Security — that are raised separately from income taxes for specific purposes. What federal income taxes you pay (or don’t pay) by April 18, 2017, goes to the federal funds portion of the budget. See for our complete. 2018 budget analysis after it is released in April or. May. On that …

So right now, the USA is bombing to hell Yemen, Syria, still Iraq and still Afghanistan, as well as meddling in ever so many other countries like Venezuela.

My favorite line in this following song? It has to do with bombing them (Iraqis) into freedom. Yeah, let’s bomb to teach that democracy is good for you! … The writer in this film reached across the world and inspired people to fight against the war ON (not in) Iraq. He is a real person. … Check out this short song, I recommend. It is beautiful!



The bombing of Libya was largely about getting oil for France and Italy — friends of the the US government and for which we taxpayers paid and which has now left that additional country in shambles. The many trillions of USD spent on the Iraq War based on phony charges of weapons of mass destruction in that country has left that country in shambles, too, and was largely funded by China loaning money to the US federal government and guess who got the majority of Iraq oil deals in the end? China, of course!

What a sweet deal! Loan money to the US, have it repaid with interest and reap the benefits from the war that the US carries out with many members of our military coming home with massive war wounds, missing limbs and psychological problems like PTSD. How clever of the Chinese and stupid of our government!

Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m | World …

Sep 16, 2007 – The man once regarded as the world’s most powerful banker has bluntly declared that the Iraq war was ‘largely’ about oil. Appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1987 and retired last year after serving four presidents, Alan Greenspan has been the leading Republican economist for a generation and his utterings …

Our federal government has been like a giant sucking vampire — stealing funds and resources away from US schools, human health needs, community building, low income housing and other services for the poor, job building, infrastructure repairs and other ways to improve life in the USA. Instead it is trying to dominate the world to get resources for liked corporations while only throwing a small amount of money at needs at home.

It is only getting worse over time and the national debt is well over $21 trillion USD.

National Debt Clock – Wikipedia

The National Debt Clock is a billboard-sized running total display which constantly updates to show the current United States gross national debt and each American family’s share of the debt. It is currently installed on the western side of One Bryant Park, west of Sixth Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets in Manhattan, …

However, this being the case doesn’t stop our feds from acting insane:

Trump proposes huge increase in military spending – Los Angeles Times

Feb 12, 2018 – The Trump administration on Monday proposed a defense budget of $716 billion for fiscal 2019, part of an ambitious effort to substantially boost Pentagon spending after years of tight budget limits and refocus the military on countering Russia and China. The budget blueprint …

Largely because of our government spending on the military-industrial complex, we had the Vietnam War, which expanded into Cambodia and Laos. What DID the USA gain from it? Please let me know if you can imagine anything positive that derived.

Here is a film from the Vietnam War era. Symbolically and metaphorically, I bet that just about anyone can guess about which boy represents the USA and the other one in posing as Vietnam.


Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.


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  1. Bob Stuart says:

    One specific “positive” result of the Vietnam war was maintaining the US tin supply, according to Lyndon Johnson. The US already had most of the world’s stockpile, but it was tied up in Kirksite dies, shelved in case of a need for rare aircraft pressings.
    In “The Greedy War” Cornelius Hawkridge details much of the corruption he saw. The war was primarily a zone cleared of accountants, so crooks could collect tax money there.

    • Sally Dugman says:

      Thanks. I had heard that it was about keeping the Chinese out of the region and about controlling uranium presumably in Asia. I heard this from a Vietnam vet who I had as a taxi driver. … Tin makes more sense, along with the desire to delimit communist influence.