The War Against Nature

snow fall

Our MA, USA governor, Charlie Baker, informs us to all stay home or shelter in place as a state of emergency response when weather gets dangerous. We even have emergency response information to keep us updated about what to do and where to go:

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency ensures the state is prepared to withstand, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters. … We provide Massachusetts residents and visitors emergency preparedness resources, emergency alerts, and information during and …

I was told by a friend that currently 100,000 homes and businesses are now without power in our latest ongoing storm. A town near mine has more than 20 inches, 50.8 centimeters of sticky wet snow. The amount keeps climbing and the snow clings to our trees and bushes. Then they fall down and some hit power lines. This is one of the main reasons for the power outages.

I look out the window and see the decimation in my own yard and across the street. I look at what I have planted in my deliberately made biodiversity yard and see some demise. … And I do blame a large section of humanity — the portion of us who are self-serving for letting climate change continue to grow out of control while they drive and jet around, consume endless arrays of products (whose manufacturing and transporting to stores, as well as to homes demand a huge amount of carbon loading energy, including in the extraction of materials from the Earth as resources to build these products and their containers).

So once again, I am watching the destruction of a part of the world: It is not in Iraq. It is not in Rwanda, Syria, Yemen or Afghanistan. … It is right HERE.

Our governor tells, of course, that some people need to shelter in place — critical workers at hospitals, fire stations, police barracks, ambulance service units and so on. So short staffed in their locations, they often work two shifts (sixteen hours) and sleep for a shift. Then they start up working again due to shortage in staff in their operations.

I’m telling you: It looks like a white strange war zone out there — on the other side of my house windows. You have no idea about how bad it looks — heartbreakingly bad.

Yes, and I do blame humanity, including some people who I know who just can’t seem to curtail their wants and energy use in relation to their wants. … Their visions include: Oh, I have to go to FL and Costa Rica after which I will fly to Arizona for another vacation in a few months. Oh, I have to go to Disney World and buy more than $50,000 USD of products per year. We have to drive or fly to and from our vacation home four or five states away from our huge mansion that we heat in winter and cool in summer with air conditioning, etc., etc. La-de-da, I can’t change their thinking! They are stuck in patterns based on habits and expectations.

… Just because you have the excess money to do or have something more doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to curtail yourself from taking it. And, yes, I have to work very hard to not become resentful as THEIR excessive behaviors impact my region of the world whether it is through their huge carbon loading, excessive resource use, jetting and driving, huge baby making in some families that forces my neighborhood to build again and again more housing, malls, shops, etc., etc. Why should my biodiversity yard and ever dwindling species around me have to pay the price for the greed of others regardless of the way that the greed expresses itself?

The more that you have — the more that you want is the rule of thumb in many cases. … The 20″ of snow isn’t anything as it is still coming down full-force. Nonody knows what the ultimate totals will be, nor the ultimate damage. … Darn ignorant fools that can’t pair their behaviors with outcomes like this one — the gargantuan storm that is destroying so much.

So who is winning this war of man (and woman) against nature? Neither side is winning. We are ALL losing again and again and in ever worsening ways until people as a whole mend their ways and start behaving en toto differently with carbon loading and other critical factors that shape the world around us.
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Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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