To rebel is to create
To conform is to stagnate
To question is to know
To follow is support to status-quo
To doubt is to be radical
To undoubtedly assent is to be ‘practical’
To self-criticize is to grow
To self-eulogize is just to blow with the flow
So dare to think
A challenge by Emanuel Kant
Dare to question anything and everything
To be radical is to grasp the roots
Thinking is not an abstract act in theworld of abstract ideas
But an intellectual practice in the particular circumstance
Not in the self-chosen but transmitted from the past
Along with traditions of the dead generations
Trying to refute the historic maxim
‘Every next generation is smarter’
In the long journey from stone to cyber age
Breaking the cages with natural rage
 Have courage to apply knowledge
Irrespective of precedence
Creating precedence is more pleasant
Than submitting to custom.

 Ish Mishra, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Hindu College, University of Delhi


  1. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    Absorbing poem

  2. Avatar Suvasish De says:

    It touches the core…