They defiled
Garlanded with slippers
Pelted stones


You were a silent statue

They will praise
Place flowers
Churn out speeches
And melodious songs
Shower accolades
Distribute sweets


You will be a silent statue

But, for those who carved
You with their flesh and blood
Days and nights of sweat
In shivering cold and sweltering heat

You are not just a silent statue …!

You are an inspiration
A determination
A motivation
To march forward

To Dalits, Muslims, subalterns,
To women, the poor, the marginalised sections,
You are a statue full of life
In this world of strife !!

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere

One Comment

  1. Avatar Sally Dugman says:

    By all means, let’s repeatedly honor our s/heros and reinforce the messages that they bring to us. Let’s, please, though reject the flower garlands and bouquets. It is too much waste of worldwide resources to let them wilt and die adorning statues and other markers. Let’s use the beauty of the world in another way than on statues, at graves and at other sites!