An Open Letter To The Israelis And The Jews, Enough Killing Palestinians!

land day massacre

Two years ago I sent an open letter to the Israelis and the Jews, and I said enough of seventy years of murder and crimes!  During the last seventy years, you steal our land and deprive us of living free, and in peace in the homeland, we inherited from our fathers and our forefathers. You destroyed our society, and we became dispersed all over the world. During seventy years the hands of the Jews are stained with the blood of the Palestinian people.

Since you came to Palestine, you spread wars and destruction, until the name of the Zionists, Jews and the Israelis has become equivalent to the word of death, destruction, cemeteries in the minds of the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

Jews have lived peacefully with Arabs and Muslims for centuries. Every Jew knows this very well, but what you are doing has made you hated all over the Middle East. We do not wish that, of course, but you who allow this to happen. What is happening in Gaza these days is proof of how Israel deals with Palestinians who peacefully demonstrate .They employed snipers and shot defenceless Palestinians killing more than 22 and injured more than 2000.

We know that many forces in the West support you. This support encourages you to violate international conventions because there are those who use the veto in the UN and prevent punishing and condemning Israel. But the fact is that you will not win over the indigenous people in Palestine, and will not win over the Middle East. Every war you win opens the prospect of a new war and increases the sentiments of revenge and hatred towards you.

Your leadership takes you from war to war, and you think you are victorious. But the truth is that you are in an endless war. Your administration put your children and grandchildren from war to war.

You said that you came to Palestine to live in peace away from persecution. What you are doing is persecuting the people that did not harm you. America and Europe will be changing sooner or later and will be fed up with supporting your crimes. Because they know that by helping you they are losing their credibility worldwide.

Therefore I call upon Jews to rethink their situation away from the misleading Zionist propaganda. I call upon Jews to have a look at the jewfish history in the Arab and Islamic culture to learn how Jews was living happily alongside Arabs and Muslims.

I call upon Israeli and Jews to realise the crimes done by their name.

I call upon Israelis and Jews to revolt against the deadly Zionist culture which leads you only to wars. The Zionist project in Palestine is a loser project and has no future.

Israeli and Jews need to realise that the only possibility to live in Palestine and the Middle East is through recognising the right of Palestinians to live free in their home country and to distance themselves from the Zionist ideology which is an ideology of war and destruction.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.


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