Another Hero Comes Forward!

james shaw
James Shaw Jr., who stopped the Waffle House shooter, becomes emotional as he holds his 4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, at a vigil for the shooting victims.

I am accustomed to having certain friends and family members willing to lay their lives on the line to protect others if need be. They and I have thought long and hard about it. We got firm as a result. Indeed, some of the people who I know have done just that — laid their lives on the line — and we are primed to go if and when we have to serve.

Others have, seemingly, no prior deliberations on the topic, but when pressed to go forward, they do so even when grazed by a bullet and suffering second or third degree burns from grabbing the AK-47, an assault rifle, in the wrong place. James Shaw managed to grab the weapon, anyway, throw it over a counter and drag the shooter (who had killed four people already and injured others) out of the restaurant where he was carrying out his shooting spree.

The shooter, Travis Reinking, was buck naked except for a jacket which had more ammunition in its pockets. This fact didn’t deter James as he wrestled him to the ground, took the rifle to fling it and dragged the murderer away.


Afterwords, James was taken to the hospital for medical treatment as his hand was quite raw and his bullet wound needed treatment, too. Then he went to visit other victims of the shooting at the hospital to see about how they were doing. Then he went to eat and went to church where his family and friends were waiting for him.


While at another restaurant not long after the shooting incident, he was worried that someone dangerous might come through the eatery’s door. So he kept checking it.

In addition, he said that he was now leery and afraid of strangers, especially on the street. So it would take a while to heal, but he found his church, his friends and family especially helpful in the healing process, including his very young daughter.

He, next, raised money for the families of the incident victims at a go-fund-me site and it obtained more than $150,000 USD. Someone else, a stranger to him, started one for him and in 24 hours, it got over $120,000 USD dumped into it from around the USA and abroad.”Part of the reason I decided to start this is James, after putting his life on the line, started a @gofundme for the victims,” Ali posted on Twitter. “He really represents the best of America and I think we should help him too.” – Yashar Ali

On Tuesday, Tennessee state lawmakers honored Shaw for his heroism.”You are my hero,” said state Rep. Jason Powell, a Nashville Democrat. “You are Tennessee’s hero.” A Tennessee Senate resolution, which unanimously passed Monday, called Shaw’s courage especially moving and inspiring. The state House followed suit Tuesday afternoon. – Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw Jr. created fundraiser for victims, now there is one for his daughter – USA Today

Go look at him. He is, obviously, an amazing person:

In all honesty, I do not care one whit about this hero’s skin color, culture, ethnic group, religion, the fact that he named his daughter Brooklyn after a city or anything else of that ilk. All of this sort of information means nothing since what matters is that he stand up for that which is right, good, honorable, moral and conscionable. He is lovable on account.

He represents a model that we need to have more. We need it instead of the horrid assault video games that even certain college administrators have students play to get scholarship money. We need it more than our department of defense in the USA funding some of these games with taxpayer dollars and looking for recruits on account — i.e., the ones best at video sharpshooting and handling drones with missiles.

In fact, the two positions — the one taken by James and many in the USA government — seems dialectically opposed. His stance also seems opposed to the gun nuts in the USA and the main position of the NRA, as well as weapon manufacturers. Accordingly, may the orientation of James prevail! May it inspire others!

Lastly, I wish for him, his family, the victims of the massacre and others:

“May you be safe and protected. May you be healthy and strong. May you be truly happy.” – Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist, on beginning this time-honored, heart-opening practice, How to Do Metta

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA


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