Are Harmful Ultraviolet C and Increased Amounts of Ultraviolet B Reaching Earth’s Surface?

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Ultraviolet C (UV-C) is the most dangerous part of the Ultraviolet spectrum, A, B, and C. UV-C coming from the sun has hitherto been declared by science as not damaging to life on earth due to its being entirely absorbed by the atmosphere.

Most UV-B, which is also a hazard but less so than UV-C, was also deemed to be nearly entirely absorbed by the atmosphere. A new study claims that some UV-C is coming through the atmosphere and striking the earth. Also, the amount of UV-B striking the earth is said to be greater than previously asserted.

The study is titled ‘Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface: Human and Environmental Health Implications’. The study’s authors are J. Marvin Herndon, Raymond D. Hoisington, and Mark Whiteside. The paper was published on March 30, 2018, by Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International. [1]

This study points out that a previous study, from 2007, (D’Antoni et al. 2007) also found that UV-C and more UV-B than expected were reaching Earth surface, and that the previous study had inexplicably not been followed up on, to determine its validity.

The recent study by Herndon et al. may help in part to explain a mysterious and extremely ominous recent-years change to Earth environment: the puzzling mass death or massive reduction of many lifeforms in many parts of the planet.

Examples of evidence of mysterious die offs in recent years: Dana Durnford’s 15000 mile coastal journey by water in 2015 documented the massive destruction of flora and fauna along Canada’s west coast (Durnford summarized his observations with the words “everything is missing”, and many pictures ‘before and after’ can be found at his website [2]); the numerous reports in recent years of unprecedented death, disease, and decline or absence of life out in the North Pacific Ocean itself [3]; or the roughly three quarter decline in insects over the last quarter century in German nature preserves (Hallman et al. 2017) [4]. The latter scientific study is consistent with the anecdotal observations of countless individuals in many areas of the Northern hemisphere: numbers of insects in many rural places have obviously declined over the last generation.

Coincident with the above have been: varying degrees of depletion of protective ozone over the last decades; the introduction over the last generation of increasing amounts of intentional experimental materials into the atmosphere (geoengineering) [5] in conjunction with military or experimental electromagnetic inputs; and all of these coincident since 2011 with the ejection into the biosphere and atmosphere of massive amounts of radioactive emissions from the explosions and meltdowns of nuclear reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi, in Japan [6].

Who knows what harmful anomalies or disastrous surprises have already followed or are in store from the unprecedented conjunction of these factors, factors which include the very extremes of military arrogance and duplicity?

The Herndon et al. study’s unwelcome conclusions and bold statements will no doubt be derided, challenged or ignored by many other scientists as well as the military-related disinformation system; but to their credit the authors have taken the field, made their challenging statements and called for further independent study. The word independent is key. The authors call for further measurements of solar radiation, at different locations, elevations, and atmospheric conditions, around the planet, to confirm or invalidate their findings.

Such independent and integrity-based science pertaining to military-related subjects is now far more rare than common. An example of the kind of military-related disinformation matrix that we are subjected to is given in Rosalie Bertell’s book PLANET EARTH The Latest Weapon of War. When working on a US military-related project, cunning dishonesty is mandated by the military:

Cover stories about projects must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the program.

In the Herndon et al. study, many measurements were made over a period of one year in Northern California.

From the study:

Results: Our multifold measurements of solar irradiance spectra demonstrate conclusively that all wavelengths in the spectral range 200-400nm reach Earth’s surface, contrary to the widespread perception that all UV-C and the majority of UV-B never reach the surface. We confirm the surface UV-C measurements of D’Antoni et al. (2007) that were disputed, based on faulty computer model calculations of atmospheric ozone, and thereafter ignored by the geoscience community.”

Conclusions: The veracity of our data and D’Antoni et al. (2007)’s data call into question the validity of atmospheric ozone models. Further, we call into question the simplistic supposition of the Montreal Protocol that chloro-fluoro-hydrocarbons are the primary cause of ozone depletion, and point to the very heavy burden of halogens introduced into the atmosphere by ongoing jet-sprayed coal-fly-ash geoengineering…. We provide introductory information on the devastating effects of UV-B and UV-C on humans, phytoplankton, coral, insects and plants. These will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent articles.”

The study is refreshing in that it includes forthright references to the taboo subject of massive ‘geoengineering’ – really geo-atmosphere-experimentation – that has been carried out in Earth’s atmosphere for decades now: a possibly catastrophic experimentation that has been camouflaged by lies and secrecy, and carried out without any public discussion, let alone consent.

From the study’s Introduction:

“The geoscience community and the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has misled the public and the scientific community by not taking into account the consequences of aerial particulate spraying on climate. Even those who study the atmosphere do not mention the obvious spraying.”

“[Our] measurements … indicate the probable debilitation of Earth’s biota caused by the levels of UV-C radiation we recorded over the course of one year.”

From the Results and Discussion portion of the study:

“For more than four decades, the geoscience community has increasingly functioned on the basis

of committee/political standards rather than long held scientific standards. When an important contradiction arises in science, scientists have an obligation to attempt to ascertain the veracity of the contradiction and, if warranted, to correct the former contradicted understanding.”

“The discovery by D’Antoni et al. (2007) of UV-C radiation reaching Earth’s surface should have been the subject of intense investigation by NASA for two reasons, one scientific and one ethical.: Despite the implications of NASA’s 2007 findings for atmospheric science and despite their profound implications for human and environmental health, NASA failed to conduct a follow-up investigation.”

“This inaction begs the question: Is NASA complicit in as global covert activity, such as military’national-defense’ aerial jet-spraying of toxic coal fly ash that poses serious risks to life on Earth?”

“The consensus-approved model-driven irradiance storyline is badly flawed with regard to ozone viability and perceived threats to ozone depletion.”

“Covert geoengineering that jet-sprays massive quantities of ultra-fine coal fly ash places vast amounts of chlorine, bromine, fluorine and iodine into the atmosphere all of which can deplete ozone.”

The study notes the very broad and serious ecological threat posed by Earth-reaching UV-B and UV-C, including harm to the base of the food chain in the oceans. Corals, trees, insects, microorganisms, animals, humans, are all at great risk.

From the study’s Conclusion:

“Measurement of solar irradiance spectra in the range 200-400 nm demonstrates conclusively that all wavelengths in that spectral range reach Earth’s surface, contrary to the widespread perception that all UV-C and the majority of UV-B never reaches the surface.”

“[Called] into question [are] the validity of atmospheric ozone models.

Further, we call into question the simplistic supposition of the Montreal Protocol that CFCs are the primary cause of ozone depletion, and point to the very heavy burden of halogens introduced into the atmosphere by ongoing jet-sprayed coal-fly-ash geoengineering.”

UV-C and UV-B are not the only possible issues: cosmic rays add some small but significant percentage to ionizing radiation at the earth’s surface, and this percentage increases with elevation. Cosmic rays can damage electronics on earth, and outside the atmosphere and magnetic shield of Earth, present a potential lethal danger to space travelers. Are more so-called cosmic rays coming through the atmosphere? Given that the atmosphere is of late altered, what do we really know of this?

So many experiments; so many mysteries; so little understanding: For example, from the 630 page 1971 Oregon State U. study ‘Oceanography of the Nearshore Coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest Relating to Possible Pollution’:

“Relatively little is known regarding the ecological requirements of most species.”

Since the American military can now be relied upon to lie as default position, and to tell the truth as a kind of diversionary tease now and then, and since corporations and officials and institutions in direct or indirect relationship with military agendas now also revert to dishonesty as the default position, the citizens are in a kind of informational quagmire, opaque or bewildering or misleading for the unwary, and challenging at best for the wary. If military related malfeasance in the atmosphere is allowing more harmful radiation to strike Earth, the perpetrators can be sure to lie about it.

The potential for harm and killing power of UV-C is well known and has been put to many uses. Via technology, for instance, it is used to kill undesirable microorganisms in water, or disinfect hospital rooms. It is present in welding arc light and thus the great emphasis on proper eye protection when welding.

Too much exposure to the little bit of UV-B previously coming through the atmosphere is the cause of sunburns and implicated in many other health problems. If in fact life on earth is now being exposed to some UV-C, or more UV-B than previously proffered, this is bad news, and an extremely cautionary tale.

Whatever are the results of further independent research regarding the issues raised and assertions made in the Herndon study, they can be commended for daring to go where most spineless scientists dare not go: What is being done to the sky!? What unexpected catastrophes could be created, secretly, by this supremely arrogant mad science and technology overhead?

The use of the biosphere as a garbage dump is now generations old, with continents of plastic in the oceans as one of modernity’s most impressively stupid and irresponsible achievements; but using the sky above as the site of a massive ongoing military experiment, weaponizing the sky, is far beyond irresponsibility and stupidity, into the ominous realm of mad science conjoined with pernicious arrogance.

Destroying creation in order to enhance military capabilities is the ultimate pathology of the way of war.







From the above Executive Summary of the Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014, from the World Meteorological Organization. Notice that the statement below is not willing to directly point out the obvious, that geoengineering has already been ongoing for decades, and has been increasing much over the past several years.

“While ODS levels remain high, a large stratospheric sulfuric aerosol enhancement due to a major volcanic eruption or geoengineering activities would result in a substantial chemical depletion of ozone over much of the globe.”

[6] Just about everything reported about Fukushima is suspect or false. For example, owner/operator TEPCO did not admit that there were multiple reactor meltdowns for three months after 4 reactors exploded and three melted down, and the Japanese government has largely successfully censored reality re Fuksuhima ever since. Did the 2011 Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan, with its massive ejection of noble gases into the atmosphere in the spring of 2011, have a deleterious effect on the atmosphere’s ozone creation and Earth protection processes?

After the Fukushima disaster, numerous anomalies and declines in North Pacific wildlife were reported. Could this be a result of the combination of increased radiation with increased UV-B?

Robert Snefjella is a retired Canadian farmer and contractor


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