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Nuclear Wastes Sellafield UK

“One in ten Americans live within ten miles of highly radioactive Superfund and other sites.” — Richard Martin Oxman

You can’t arm the world — like Obama and Trump — and claim that you care about school massacres. Neither can common citizens (who support our unconscionable geopolitical madness, proactively, silently and/or ignorantly) think there’s any chance whatsoever of addressing school massacres effectively, as long as we enable arms manufacturers to do business as usual.

But the killing of kids, our own and those of foreign mothers and fathers, is just one aspect of our collective crises which everyone needs to take another look at immediately. Related to what’s touched upon in the first paragraph above is the threat of what a score of retired generals and admirals from around the world spoke out about twenty years ago. That’s a threat that’s not being taken seriously — not on the level of its being an issue which demands urgent attention and action — in any educational circles I’ve entered nationwide since those retired military men took their stand. And that’s two decades of only coming across peripheral discussion — truly marginalized dialogue — during my encounters on well over a hundred campuses across the country; that’s a reference to institutions of so-called higher education, not counting the campuses of primary, middle and high schools I’ve visited in the same period of time.

But there’s another neglected matter, which I want to underscore here. When we do talk about international arms sales and the threat of nuclear weaponry, we never — and I do mean never — address the issue of nuclear waste., which is related to both of the foci above. Put simply, there is no way to dispose of nuclear waste, it’s impossible to do so.

And so, I ask readers to move in solidarity with me to take new steps toward truly educating our youth. Preparing them for living in a decent future setting. Giving them a chance to have any future whatsoever, actually, on this precious earth.

Our nuclear dynamic across the board begs to be reviewed anew, and acted on by every single educator and parent in the country. By all concerned citizens. By any sane soul. By any standards whatsoever.

Annapurna Tosca Sriramarcel is a member of the Oxman Collective. She can be reached at [email protected]. She wants readers to know that when they come across lists of  radioactive locations, it can be very misleading, distracting people from the fact that a nearby hospital one visits can be as bad for citizens as any place on earth if its high tech machines are not being inspected properly, regularly… or used appropriately. 


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