Civil Society Condemns Police Behaviour on the Protest in Kerala for Justice for Asifa

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 Many members of the civil society all over India are pouring in to condemn the police action on the protesters for justice for Asifa. We are producing a joint statement issued by concerned citizens:

`The Kerala police arrested close to a thousand people on April 16, 2018 in connection with the harthal seeking Justice for Asifa. Several youths have been arrested and charged with non-bailable offences. Arrested youths belonged to various organizations including CPM, Muslim League, Congress and SDPI and many others did  not belong to any organization.

The effort was to highlight the rape of Asifa and democratically protest against the Sangh Parivar forces seeking for justice.  Accusing the protesters of creating communal tension is highly condemnable. While it is understood that the law must be upheld during harthals, accusing the protesters of communal polarization and arresting them on non – bailable charges is discriminatory and unethical.

It is evident that the leaders of political parties in Kerala including the CPI(M) are backing the Sangh Parivar notions that the protest for Asifa is against the Hindu society. There is an apparent lack of democratic growth to accept protests and gatherings that are conducted outside the conventional organizational frameworks or political backing. The Sangh Parivar forces have exaggerated the reports of violence during the day of harthal, and as such there needs to be an immediate release of all the accused arrested in the Malabar region during the last two days. Reducing  democratic protests and gatherings as mere tools for political gains, and demonizing people’s protest is dangerous. We demand that the state and police will rely on evidence on such matters, and withdraw from violating the human rights and freedom of expression of the citizens’

Endorsed by:

1.BRP Bhaskar, writer/journalist
2. Dr. TT Sreekumar, EFLU
3. Abdurahman, Editor
4. C.P. John, Former MLA
5. Dr. AK Ramakrishnan, Professor, JNU
6. Dr. B. Rajeevan, Writer

  1. J. Devika, Researcher
  2. NP Chekkooty, Writer
  3. CK Abdul Aziz
  4. K. Ambujakshan, Activist.
  5. CR Neelakandan, Aam Admi Party
    12. Shaik Muhammad Karakkunnu, Spiritul leader
  6. Jithendrian Charvakan, Media Activist
  7. B.S. Sherin
  8. K.K. Baburaj
    16. GRO Vasu, Human Rights Activist
  9. P. Baburaj, Film Maker
    18. Jeny Rovina
  10. Hamid Vaniambalam, Writer
    20. Binu Mathew, Editor,
    21. Prof. MT Ansari
    22, Salina Prakkanam
    23. Rekha Raj, Human Rights Activist
    24. Geethanandan, Activist
    25, Sudesh M. Raghu
    26. Prof. Hani Babu
    27. Sreeja Neyyattinkara
    28. Dr. Narayanan M. Shankaran
    29. Anoop V.R.
    30. Advocate K.K. Preetha
    31. Dr. Varsha Basheer
    32/ A. S. Ajith Kumar
    33. S. Irshad
    34. Roopesh Kumar
    35. Afida Ahammed
    36. M. Joseph John
    37. P.M. Swalih
    38. Gopal Menon, Film Maker
    38, Nikhila Henri, Jounalist
    40. C.T. Suhaib
    41. M. Jisha, Film Activist
  11. Abhilash Padacheri
  12. Dr. Ranjith Thankappan , Professor, EFL University
  13. Susie Tharu , Professor, Anveshi Research Centre, Hyderabad
  14. Ansar Abubakar, National president, Fraternity Movement, New Delhi

46, Muthuvel, Writer and Translator, Chennai

  1. Nikhila Henry, Journalist , Hyderabad
  2. K P Sasi, Film Maker
  3. Prof. Jeny rowena
  4. Prof. M t ansari
  5. Sreerag Poickadan, President, Students Union, University of Hyderabad
  6. Ashique Rasool , Joint Secretary, Students Union , University of Hyderabad
  7. Sannaki Munna , President, Ambedkar Students Association
  8. Natasha Khan, Law Student, Chattisgarh.
  9. Sowmya Dechamma, Associate Professor, university of Hyderabad
  10. Abdullah Asim , Vice President, Students Union , Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad
  11. Srutheesh Kannadi, General Secretary, Ambedkar Students Association
  12. Nadeem Khan, United Against Hate, New Delhi
  13. Ansar Abubakar, National president, Fraternity Movement, New Delhi
  14. Mrudula Bhavani, Activist, Kerala
  15. Abhijith , Research Scholar, Cultural Studies, EFLU Hyderabad
  16. Dr Narayanan M Shankaran, Lecturer, WMO College Wayanad, Kerala
  17. Praveena Thaali, Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad
  18. Dontha Prashanth , Research scholar, University of Hyderabad

65, Thahir Jamal, Research scholar,
University of Hyderabad

66, Manasi , Research scholar, University of Hyderabad

  1. Alice Abraham, Research scholar,
    University of Hyderabad
  2. Anas Vithura, Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad

69, Shyamolie Singh, Research scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia

  1. Dr. B Ravichandran, Post – Doctoral Fellow, University of Western Cape, South Africa
  2. Thalleppalli Praveen , President, Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association, JNU, New Delhi
  3. Heba Ahmed, Convenor, Youth for Discussions and Welfare Activities, JNU, New Delhi
  4. K Ashraf , Research Scholar, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  5. Ummul Fayiza, Research Scholar, Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi
  6. AP Muhammed Afsal, Journalist, Qatar
  7. Shaheen K Moidunny, University of Leads, UK
  8. 78.  K K Suhail, Quill Foundation, New Delhi
  9. Thalleppalli Praveen, President, Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association, JNU
  10. Umar Khalid , JNU
  11. Heba Ahmed, Convenor, Youth for discussions and Welfare Activities, JNU
  12. Asad Ashraf , Senior Journalist, New Delhi
  13. Arpita Jaya, Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad
  14. Nahas Mala, President, Students Islamic Organization of India




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