“Emergency” Must Be Used, Embraced

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“Why don’t all schoolchildren know what TCE is?” — Richard Martin Oxman

“Not many people want to continue to aid and abet crimes against humanity and war crimes behind big lies launched against weaker nations with fabulous resources to loot.” — John McMurty

The Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada who I’m quoting above has written an article recently which puts the lie to the notion that we can afford to postpone informing youth about what’s going on in so-called higher educational circles, the realm that they move heaven and earth to enter, to which they devote the precious heartbeats of their most valuable formative years.

Tears, tears, tears that my words are likely to fall on deaf ears. Who wants to hear bad news? Doom and Gloom is not “in” in educational circles, hardly anywhere that’s not getting down with apocalyptic entertainment as a main diversion from what’s actually unfolding.

No, Bright-siding and Hiding Head in Sand is in vogue as the U.S. Military Band plays on incessantly. Kids can’t take the depths of our depravity? Better to encourage them to get involved in civic engagement at their own pace, as they see fit? As if there’s no EMERGENCY that needs to be addressed by one and all.

The complicity of esteemed professors at prestigious educational institutions in Canada and (now) all over the world in supporting and advocating the agenda of NATO — hellbent on bringing about an abominable confrontation with Russia* and guilty of intermittent atrocities along traditional lines — must be stopped, and that cannot be accomplished as long as educated souls in our midst, their charges and everyone one else refuse to acknowledge the military-related EMERGENCY that has reared its ugly head… and begs to be addressed with the greatest urgency.

*Russia, where some good is being done, yes? Yes.

That means Walk Talk, not the periodic Talk Talk that takes place here and there on campuses, in conferences and politically correct coffee houses in the mornings… or late in the day. That’s too little, too late. Baiting no one into meaningful action… soon enough.

One does not have to agree, however, that any armed forces worldwide should not be engaged in particular invasions, humanitarian interventions, etc. That kind of discussion distracts us from the fact that EVEN IN BRIEF MOMENTS OF WHAT MIGHT BE THOUGHT OF AS RELATIVELY PEACEFUL… organized military activity is on track to make this planet not worth living in.

Let’s take merely a couple of branches of the U.S. Military — which rules the realm I live in, and is aiming for full spectrum dominance worldwide — to drive my simple message home with a sense of URGENCY.

My Air Force — I’ll call it mine ’cause I’m somewhat responsible for its existence… courtesy of the tax dollars I pay — has acknowledged that virtually ALL of its airfields are seriously contaminated with solvents like trichloroethylene (TCE), which were used to de-ice and spray down planes. Historically, these chemicals — many of which are now known to be highly toxic in minute quantities — were allowed to drain directly into the ground for a very long period of time. Similarly, aviation fuel containing lead and other toxic additives has routinely leaked or been dumped at Air Force bases and Naval air stations AROUND THE WORLD.

Fuels and solvents like TCE are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because they turn readily into gaseous form. They can also migrate quickly in groundwater and have, at numerous locations tainted the water supplies of large urban areas. Like… Sacramento… near where I’ve recently relocated with my family.

Sacramento happens to be the capital of California, but no urban area is not vulnerable to the unconscionable impact of the U.S. Military… even in so-called times of peace.

I’d like to give the powers that be in the military realm a piece of my mind, but I can’t seem to even do that with the fine folks who frequent educational circles; not too long ago — at one of those Talk Talk summits I’ve participated in regularly — I was given the cold shoulder by administrators and teachers et alia who were supposedly devoted to the education of our youth… not a soul showing the slightest bit of interest in the whereabouts of the Super Fund sites which are festooned throughout the urban areas where they…instruct. The urban and rural realms in which they and other citizens teach, play and work… infected by the U.S. military’s residue. Irreparably damaged.

The other day I was on my way to preparing for two workshops I was slated to conduct at an alternative high school Youth Summit in Rohnert Park, California… located very close to one of those irreparably damaged areas. I was very excited about the prospect of interacting with youngsters and their loved ones over environmental issues, feeling that I’d get lots of support for what I wanted to share, moved deeply by the potential for action in the air. For Credo High School prides itself on being… AWARE. Being engaged in bringing about a sustainable planet.

But… once I underscored for producers of the event that I was intending to address the URGENCY associated with the environmental issues which they publicly declare are dear to their collective hearts (and bring in references to the U.S. Military’s complicity)… I was dis-invited.

Apparently, they’re into spoon feeding their youngsters, acting as if they have all the time in the world to carve out inroads environmentally, not having to pay attention to what’s impacting on teachers, students and parents alike right now… courtesy of the U.S. Military and other sources.

I was told — politely, yes, in politically correct fashion — that whereas my “work” was greatly appreciated, the thrust of my “agenda” would not be appropriate for their One Planet Youth Summit. They intended to entice the youth with a “sexy” approach that involved allowing all the kids to proceed at their own pace… without risking losing some over any Doom and Gloom approach. Their intention was to NOT stress anyone out by stressing the EMERGENCY aspect of our collective crises. And let the students decide on what directions to take… without having to take any unsolicited advice from elders. [Pause.] All very democratic and deeply respectful of the children, but devoid of any sense of EMERGENCY. No need, it seems, for direction… injunctions of any kind. Kind of like the approach to activism spotlighted in the popular Ladybird.

They’ve embraced that Bright-siding and Hiding dynamic.

With the posting of this piece I’ve probably put an end to the potential for interacting with the well-meaning adults who have organized that summit. They did agree — while clarifying their present purposes, and (essentially) dis-inviting me — to get together for “adult dialogue” at another time. But… the truth must be told now no matter what the risk, cost of the moment.

I’m looking forward to a proper summit, which has the word EMERGENCY as part of its title. Here’s hoping I’ll get another invitation from some other quarters SOON.

Rachel Oxman can be reached in a hurry if you contact her at [email protected].  A previous piece of hersmight serve as a decent complement to this article. She also believes that it’s important to underscore here that many reputable scientists  have urged the powers that be to embrace a WWII-type of mobilization to deal with environmental challenges, urgency being of the utmost importance.




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