Finding Hope In An Era Of Darkness

Guarding the Flame
Protect candle flames

The Challenge is to rise above this hatred and divisiveness and create a new narrative of courage, beauty of diverse life and love.

It seems that we as a nation, in India, are experiencing a free fall to some unimaginable abyss. Every day brings news of ever more grisly, convoluted crimes planned not by some petty dirty criminals, but far more dangerously – by crooked, fundamentalist, organised forces of perverted “social engineers”.

In spite of all these darkness that occupies our consciousness, and recognising the absolute urgency and necessity to organise and fight these forces of darkness — life is still full of beauty, courage, love and the hope for a better tomorrow. There are periods when it seems that this veil of darkness is here to stay, but it never does. While we fight (not only on FB and social media, not only as silent protesters in candle light vigils – and all these add a small value in getting people’s consciousness raised a bit) the meriad downfalls, we also create a narrative that runs underneath the dominant one. And therein lies the hope of light, of renewal, of emerging stronger. All steel have to go through the fire hardening, that burns out the volatiles. All forest fires results in luxurious regeneration but it takes time and a whole lot of efforts by nature.

While it is necessary to hone our fighting skills, sharpen our weapons to resist the degeneration, we must never give in to the same forces that are being cultivated by these organised forces of unreason, of hatred.

We must never, never give up our passion for life, hope, to care – sometimes even for the misguided, and love, and keep shining a gentle light of understanding. kindness, courage to be gentle in face of provocation, passion for life and never fading love – these are far more precious to lose to hatred, anger and indifference.

Soumya Dutta
Beyond Copenhagen Collective /
Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha / India-Climate-Justice


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