Infants Torn From Incubators, Babies Gassed: The Party Has Just Begun!

syria attack

 OF COURSE, the US and their democratic allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, still don’t know what kind of “chemicals” were used by that “animal” Assad “against his own people.” Thousands more Syrian civilians have been killed by “conventional weapons” used against them by the US, its allies and those militarized groups it finances and arms, but “we won’t tolerate chemical weapons!” The settler-colonial maniacs of Western Europe have joined with their blood-thirsty democratic allies in the Middle East to show Assad that none of them will tolerate use of chemical weapons, whether they have proof of that use, know what chemicals were used, or not.

Did you see the videos of new born infants being dumped out of incubators onto the hospital floors by Assad’s soldiers? Did you notice how astonished and passive those supposed child victims looked as the good Syrians ran around mopping floors and turning hoses on the stupefied kids and sticking a plastic device in the mouth of an wide-eyed infant. Those “chemical attack” videos appear to show more overwhelmed confusion at the antics of adults, than fear on the faces of children. I did not see the other videos of the infants torn from the incubators by Saddam’s troops in Kuwait documented by the US Congress (because it did not happen), and I don’t know what kind of WMD Saddam had hidden in Iraq (because none were ever found), but isn’t the same excuse used to blow up, take over Iraq and exploit Iraq being rolled out to do the same in Syria? The Man is a Monster; we must liberate the people. Kaptain Amerika to the rescue. If hundreds of thousands of children are killed in the process, “it” is worth the price (as Madeline Albright noted re Iraq, and I am sure her counterpart would agree the same is true in Syria today).

In the brilliant news wrap-ups to the President’s announcement after-the-fact that Syria was being bombed, American reporters on NPR kept saying, “but no one can tell us what kind of chemicals were used, or what proof they have than any chemicals were used! The same “journalists” keep repeating that “Assad has already won the war, so what use are these limited attacks?”

All the military men and academics (including the head of the Fletcher School of Diplomacy!?) interviewed on NPR immediately after the announcement of the US attack on Syria tonight sound like they can barely control their aggressive pleasure and passion for a “justifiable” war. Clearly “America defending its vital interests” in Syria, brings out the manly best in them. Those same reporters who note that none of their questions are being answered, have no doubt that America has done the right thing in defense of the free world “and all we stand for.” Fool me once, as George Bush tried to say, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me. Denial of the intentions and the truth before their own eyes—the truth of MLK’s identification of the USA as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today—that must take daily practice and determination to cultivate such blind ignorance. The British reporter in Damascus (whose “house was shaken to its foundations”) said no one was expecting the attack; the Russians had not been notified, and he is overwhelmed with phone calls from Syrian families wanting to know what more to expect. Here is a clue that the ghouls’ party has just begun: “With no legal authority and in clear violation of international law, the Trump Administration has started its criminal attack on the people of Syria with the largest U.S. Navy task force, including U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, since the attack on Iraq in 2003.” (Emergency Alert on Syria from UNAC, 4/13/18)

Mary Lynn Cramer, MA, MSW, LICSW has degrees in the history of economic thought and clinical social work, as well as over two decades of experience as a bilingual clinical social worker. For the past ten years, she has been deeply involved in “economic field research” among elderly women and men dependent upon social security, Medicare, and food stamps, living in Section 8 HUD housing projects. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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