Let’s Call Them Our Spiritually Spot On Souls

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“Combating… criminal threats are priorities for all Americans — Republicans and Democrats.” — Governor Jerry Brown of California, as he sent national guardsmen to the Mexican border… trying to give the impression that he was only expecting them to engage with the drug cartels… not long after he weakened the new “sanctuary laws” with legislative Democrats.

Concerned citizens can’t simply replace Republicans with Democrats who pass a litmus test that targets their positions on select issues. For though such temporary substitutes at this juncture might be crucially desirable — a great preference — deference must be paid to the radical voices which are proclaiming how dire our collective situation is at the moment. What’s below represents a short list respecting collective crises which stand to be ignored by even the best members of the Democratic Party… regardless of what a given career politician might say to get elected.

In no special order:

  1. Even the so-called best of the lot, Bernie, is a Company Man full of unnecessary warlike blood circulating in his veins. The Democrats are not known as the War Party for nothing. Ditto for Elizabeth Warren, of course. And the Black Caucus.
  2. The inhumane conditions suffered by our millions of incarcerated souls — some of which were spotlighted recently by Democracy Now! — have only grown worse over decades of Democratic rule. One would have to be a fool of the first order to believe that any member of either major party would lift a finger to make a dent in the momentum of the Prison Industrial Complex which plagues the nation.
  3. No Democrat, any more than any Republican, is going to suggest that citizens have to radically transform their shopping habits. And you know what issues are associated with our Consumerism on Steroids.
  4. Democrats might very well advocate that we recycle and/or stop using so much plastic, but not a single one would be sufficiently intrepid to take on the fact that we’re producing plastics at an increasing rate, that we’ve produced more plastic in the last ten years than in all of the previous century. This is somewhat related to “c” above, but can be taken as a separate concern.
  5. In California, according the American Lung Association, seven of the top ten slots assigned to Cities with the Worst Air Pollution; located in the Golden State that’s been run for quite some time by a Democratic governor. A governor who just recently played ball with Donald Trump, sending national guardsmen down the the Mexican border, finessing his move with disingenuous PR respecting how he’s NOT playing ball. He is most definitely in the same ballpark as our detested Commander in Chief, and he’s also been pushing an environmentally insane project (check out his Tunnel plan!) to be part of his legacy. To say nothing ’bout his being in bed with Big Oil. [Pause.] Okay, so I’ve lumped several issues together here. So what? The point should be clear. We’re not nearly going to be where we need to be if we simply secure offices for Democrats.


Only folks who are ignorant of history will think that Democrats will get around to doing the right thing if we give them time. For from every angle imaginable they’ve consistently let down their constituents on major issues. Under Democrats the quality of education has become disgusting whilst de facto segregation has increased. And who do you think is to blame for the ongoing animosity directed at immigrants, and the negative attitudes vis-a-vis refugees?

We could argue those questions of mine till the cows come home, but — regardless — you must admit that the Democrats won’t get us home. In fact, you can only count on them to contribute to the destruction of the only home we have, Planet Earth. You won’t find a single Democrat screaming about the record-setting rate of the extinction of species that’s going on, the greatest loss since the dinosaurs disappeared. Where are they on this abomination, dear God?

No, if we get some of them into office… fine and dandy, if it doesn’t require too many heartbeats. Most of our time and energy has to go into taking over highly influential offices in each and every state. With independents. True independents.

There’s no substitute for authentic independents taking over important decision-making capacities in each and every U.S. state. Democrats can no longer be trusted, can no longer be tolerated. Not as answers of any kind for any of our collective crises. I might jump for joy if you cast a vote for a given individual Democrat for a particular office, but NOT if you were doing so thinking that you didn’t have to get busy with taking over major reins of power in a given state through the election of singular independent candidates.

Even independents are suspect, of course. But I’m talking about that rare bird, the trustworthy independent candidate. Career politicians from any party are — almost by definition — too self-serving for the Collective Good. I’m advocating that readers get behind the “finds” of the New Century of Great Potential. Those special souls who understand what’s now needed, and who are willing to take unprecedented personal risks to do the right thing. Who don’t care first and foremost about a career in politics.

Let’s call them the Spiritually Spot On Souls. Not spotless, but spot on respecting what’s dear to our collective hearts. Healthy in heart, head and soul.

Our most excellent citizens. There are many.

Marcel Duchamp Oxman has been asked by a local radio station to mobilize viewers of its podcasts and live listeners for the purpose of generating interest in the “replacement of Republicans” in California. He intends to participate in that effort to some degree, but his reservations about the effort — headquarters based in Stockton, California — are touched upon here. For he fears that folks don’t really get who deficient such a project is… as locals head for another generic celebration of Earth Day. A discussion of radical replacements is in order, he feels, and urges readers to contact him at [email protected] …even if they live half a world away from the U.S. For international movement in solidarity on the thrust of this article would be desirable and — unquestionably — possible.




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