Making The Case For A 100% Death Tax

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We are living at the cusp of a sixth planetary extinction, possibly with the totality of the Permian Triassic. The primary culprits are the fossil fuel and related extractive industries. This essay will offer a solution by making the case for a transnational 100% Death Tax; the purpose being to demonetize ownership and control over these industries.


Our generation is refusing to face an existential reality. It is a reality based on scientific fact. Here is that reality:

We are living on the cusp of the possibility of a sixth planetary extinction. It could have the totality of the Permian Triassic. Even if we can avoid that totality, our legacy to future generations as a result of rising temperatures will be the death and suffering of billions.

Any form of discussion must start with our fossil fuel dependency as the major cause of the problem. This essay will offer a solution by making the case for a transnational 100% Death Tax on those in control.

How did we reach this turning point? Why are the “HAVES” today turning their backs on the problem? Why don’t the “HAVE NOTS” seem to care?

One way to understand this is to observe our socio evolutionary change in mindset from the beginning of our Egyptian/Levant movement out of Africa several thousand years ago. As that movement proceeded, there was a new overriding socio economic construct. It was unlike any other in history going back six or seven million years when our ancestors first began to walk in an upright position. (Reference the famous Lucy in East Africa 3.2 million years ago)

That mindset was based on societal acceptance of an entrenched privileged/moneyed oligarchy dedicated to the preserving of their blood line. An underclass was left to live in subservience to that oligarchic blood line.

Ancient history from Egyptian to Roman to European feudal to Asian is replete with this story. More recent too: European, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern and African. Here in America we saw it during the Gilded Age (1865–1900). Then we saw it again during the roaring twenties. Even Soviet Marxism could not defy it.

It continues today throughout most of the industrial world. And now it is at the extreme. We are seeing wealth concentration at the highest level ever. And we are talking not about multi millions of dollars; we are talking about multi billions owned by a select group of plutocratic oligarchs controlling vast corporate interests.

As wealth continues to accumulate in the hands of the few, over succeeding generations this always leads to a fracturing and ultimately disintegration of underlying social order. Upward mobility in the middle and at the bottom becomes extremely difficult. Entry is rigged in favor of the oligarchic blood line by way of massive wealth transfer to succeeding generations, political advantage, inter marriage, education and medical care.

To remain in power plutocratic oligarchs need to control the underlying disintegrating social order under them. They achieve this by making the disenfranchised believe change will do them harm; that it will take something away from them. This is often accomplished through inculcating an emotional attachment to archaic images, often religious and even verging on the occult. A fear of possible loss of these images then holds those disenfranchised back from understanding the extent of their disenfranchisement. It prevents them from developing the higher order of critical thinking that would enable them to understand their plight. They are left unable to evaluate the real reasons for their lesser societal position.

All evidence today points to the fact that this socio economic historical reality has not changed. As in the past, the wealthy “elite” want to keep underlying society in a state of confusion and then ultimately hold onto the final prize; a long and continuing oligarchic blood line with succeeding genomic generations safely ensconced in the finest prep schools and universities and in their guarded estates and able to buy, as this generation is now doing; the politicians, media interests, think tanks, university trusteeships and politicians that will promote their interests. In America the recent Trump tax legislation shows every indication of this. (80% of the tax cut goes to the wealthiest 1% of households)

An example of one plutocratic oligarchic group today exercising enormous power can be seen in its control of the fossil fuel and associated extractive industries. To achieve objectives and avoid taxation, this group for years has been bribing local politicians throughout the world. That bribery exists in both the less developed and the developed countries. It exists in so-called democratic countries such as the United States. There is no concern for biosphere disequilibrium as a result of fossil fuel emissions.

The 21st century media and social internet revolution has sped up this whole two tier process. The objective is to channel misinformation to the disenfranchised in order to change perception of what is and what is not. Distortion of information is carefully crafted so as to plant seeds of doubt in the mind of the listener, viewer or reader as to information veracity. This leaves that person unable to evaluate.

It is accomplished through fake news in two types: misinformation and disinformation. Misinformation is a distortion of news being shared and promoted while disinformation is outright lies. As a result of these two methodologies, those on the receiving end are left unable to distinguish between truth, fallacy and fancy. Millions can be exposed to an untruth in a few minutes or hours. (2016 election examples) Each crafted untruth is cleverly designed to fester in the recipient’s mind, to sit there in its cranial silence as would a bacterial infection from an abscessed tooth. Then, as the untruth searches out old biases hidden away in the gray matter of the brain ‑ often rooted in religious or other “beliefs,” it quickly spreads like an infection. From this psychosomatic obfuscation and deception, deeply held opinions are formed. Opinions turn into truths which then take on the power of belief.

A quote here from Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels is in order. He said:

“Let me control the media, and I will turn any Nation into a herd of Pigs”.

Also this piece on Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, provides further explanation.

Such deception is now being spread by way of the social internet not just in America but throughout the world. This is not without serious “herd of pigs” consequences. Today many are living in a state of externally programed thought control.

Countries like China and Russia are recognizing this. For them thought control in this internet age is a matter of national survival. In these countries it is the government that controls thought. Not so for the rest of the world. Much of civilization functions in what can be called special interest fabricated thought control.

One solution to eliminating fossil fuel and associated extractive industry thought control is to demonetize the owners and controllers. This will cut to the heart of the problem as outlined in this essay. It can begin by way of a country-by-country progressive Death Tax (100% after reasonable deductions) with proceeds used to confront the damage already done and to bring other energy sources into the market.

Simply put; autocratic oligarchic suzerainty combined with thought control is placing the future of our species in doubt. An immediate solution to the problem has now become critical to human survival. That solution must center on those who control the fossil fuel and related extractive industries.

Only universal and coordinated action throughout all human society can save our species and our planet. All peoples of all nations need to understand this. Each and every human from birth onward must be encouraged to achieve his and her talent to the fullest. There can be no room for ancient long outworn plutocratic oligarchic preference.

And as for those who cannot achieve their fullest; respectful humility and continuing encouragement on the part of those who have.

I will end with several quotes from a new book by the well-known American/Danish intellectual John Scales Avery, world peace activist and theoretical chemist noted for his research publications in quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, evolution, and history of science:

“The Climate Emergency: Two Time Scales”



“In order to save human civilization and the biosphere from the most catastrophic effects of climate change we need to act immediately.”


“We are now living in the midst of a sixth, human-caused, mass extinction. How severe it becomes is up to us.”


“Thus the media are a battleground where reformers struggle for attention, but are defeated with great regularity by the wealth and power of the establishment. This is a tragedy because today there is an urgent need to make public opinion aware of the serious problems facing civilization, and steps that are needed to solve these problems.”


“Scientists warn that if the transition to renewable energy does not happen within very few decades, there is a danger that we will reach a tipping point beyond which feedback loops, such as the albedo effect and the methane hydrate feedback loop, will take over and produce an out-of-control and fatal increase in global temperature.”

David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics.

He has written three books. A fourth is near completion. It is about a necessary geo political, social, religious, economic paradigm shift for human survival.


David is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Hawaii (Harvard Asia Pacific) Advanced Management Program. Over his career he was an international risk manager and senior executive at several of America’s premier multinational institutions. During that period he became increasingly aware of the underlying cultural, institutional and religious causes of past and present civilizational dysfunction and conflict.




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