Overpopulation Leading Into Other Troubles


Co-Written by Sally Dugman and Steve Salmony

Steve Salmony thinks:

The number of human beings on Earth was 2+ billion in the year of my birth (1945). In all of recorded human history there is no evidence to indicate that the human population was ever larger than it was then. Hundreds of thousands of years passed by without an incredible increase in absolute global human population numbers such as we have seen in one lifetime… in the past three score and ten years. During the past 70 years human numbers have increased by 5+ billion. There is only one question worth asking. Why have human numbers increased so rapidly in so short a period of time? The answer is simple. The spectacular capability of humankind to increase annual production and distribution of food for human consumption has given rise to the colossal growth of the human population in our planetary home.

One of the most significant unintended consequences of this bacterial-like growth of a mammalian species is the onset of the Anthropocene Era when Homo sapiens sapiens (self-named to signify ‘the wisest of wise’ species) became the momentary rulers of the world we inhabit. The skyrocketing increase of the human population on a planet with the size, composition and ecology of Earth has given rise to a number of apparently unforeseen and exceedingly deleterious outcomes. Among these potentially catastrophic, human-driven results is climate destabilization. What is fortunately becoming relatively easy to see now here, as we observe what is happening through our naked eyeballs, is the manifold ways overproduction, overconsumption and overproduction activities of the human species are occurring synergistically and simultaneously threatening life as we know it, environmental health and future human well-being. The spectacular increase of these distinctly human, overgrowth activities is causing the unrestricted extirpation of global biodiversity, the relentless dissipation of limited natural resources, the unbridled degradation of the environment and the reckless threat to a good enough future for children everywhere.

In relation Sally adds:

As resources decline in part due to increasing human population, aggression will increase. This happening is obvious to take place.

Often small scale conflicts and larger wars will act out through proxies — the satellite states in the Middle East and elsewhere located in my view, i.e., the usual current hell that is being brought to people in undeveloped and war-torn countries that have desired pathways for oil pipelines to wealthy nations or resources wanted by corporations affiliated with wealthy powerful nations.

USA reminds me of an aging alpha male gorilla not wanting to lose his power and control. So he runs out of the forest, huffs himself up to look large and beats his chest. Then he does all that he can imagine to continue to enforce his rule, including presentation of images of rage.

I met Robert Meeropol a few times long ago. His mother was innocent, but executed, anyway, along with Julius Rosenberg, his father. … Consider that only a balance of power prevents issues like the Japanese nuclear bombing being repeated to date. Consider J. Rosenberg’s thinking on the topic or the whistle blower M. Vanunu. They both sacrificed a lot to keep our world safe … as have done many others across the globe.

One was a friend of my parents. She brought around 5,000 Jewish children in small groups out of Germany through an underground network much like the one during the Civil War to free slaves and she was a French resistance fighter.

My mother once found her peeing in the woods and asked the reason that she did that rather than use a bathroom. “Old habit” was the reply and with the fighter’s pants down, my mother saw the many scars from bullet wounds suffered by this woman.

Of course, with increasing overpopulation in the mix, more and more critical resources will be removed across the globe to serve the needs of people and the corporations in power. More and more fights (small and large) will result over the resources and more government involvement will result, especially with climate change in the mix causing assorted types of devastation like floods and wildfires.

What is to happen with climate change immigrants — people fleeing impossible conditions where they formerly lived? What is to happen as globally conditions in many different ways worsen? One can only guess. …

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Steve Salmony and Sally Dugman both live in the USA



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