There are atrocities
Lynchings …..

Also there are protests
Struggles ….

Egging on the masses
For future peaceful lives

Though the ‘ opium’ of religion
Is engulfing the world over
People are coming out of intoxication
To challenge the fanatic power

The legacy of Marx
Unites the workers
To observe May day
With renewed vigor …in a novel way

We celebrate Russian revolution centenary
This year Marx birth bicentenary
But our struggle continues
For years and years
Till we achieve Marx’s vision
That was realised in Russian revolution
And a reporter would write the famous words
‘ I have been over into the future, it works’

The quote is from Lincoln Steffens (1866 – 1966) who visited Soviet Union after the revolution in 1917.

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


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  1. Avatar Sally Dugman says:

    Here in the USA, most people have been brainwashed since childhood to hate the commies, the USSR, Russia, China and so on. (The Vietnam War was partly about blocking the commies.) One won’t see anyone celebrating anything to do with liberation or Marx, Lenin, etc., on May Day or any other day here. Sure, there are a few communists in the USA, but they are mostly quiet and secluded. … Your poem, though, is wonderfully rousing, Sheshu!