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Women And Water Conservation

“Let’s take Africa as an example. Whereas there’s no question that it’s admirable, important and the spiritually-correct thing to help immiserated people to self-educate and act responsibly respecting the relationship of hygiene to diarrhea, there needs to be a simultaneous ‘immersion’ in the water-related dynamics stirred up by select corporations and AFRICOM.” — Richard Martin Oxman

Greed and appropriation of other people’s share of the planet’s precious resources are at the root of conflicts, and the root of terrorism. When President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that the goal of the global war on terrorism was the defense of the American and European “way of life,” they were declaring a war against the planet… its oil, its water, its biodiversity. That’s something that Vananda Shiva has driven home to me repeatedly for the last quarter century or so.

A “way of life” for the 20 percent of the earth’s people who use 80 percent of the planet’s resources guarantees the dispossession of 80 percent of its people of their just share of resources and eventually destroy the planet. We cannot survive as a species if greed is privileged and protected and the economics of the greedy set the rules for how we live and die.

The good folks (and the bad, for that matter) on this troubled planet who are calling the shots respecting HOW water will be distributed and controlled must be told… nay, replaced. Replaced by concerned citizens who understand how unconscionable the privatization of water is for the vast majority of souls on earth. For the folks who presently have an exclusive hold on decision-making power will not cower in the face of righteous indignation. Rather, they will tighten their grip — if history teaches us anything about those in charge when push comes to shove concerning their bottom lines — and will have to be “nudged” to… do the right thing. The right thing being that we make sure that EVERYONE has potable water accessible and affordable.

It will not be sufficient for well-meaning efforts worldwide — for example, those spearheaded by Living Water International (which has completed more than 18,000 water projects to date — to be funded and multiplied. For such efforts must be categorized as necessary tourniquets. Monumentally important measures taken which do not address the source of the bleeding, so to speak. Clearly, one is hard put to find any non-profit or any governmental agency dealing with the daunting causes for the dwindling supply of water worldwide, the desecration of existing supplies.

Community-based water solutions in developing countries are absolutely essential, but doing the most excellent job on earth respecting sanitation, hygiene, sustainability and even Christian Witness will not replace the need to replace the decision-makers. The decision-makers who are greatly responsible for the poverty, hunger and thirst which plays such an important role in the immiseration of billions, not just millions.

Even if the most admirable and deserving non-profits in the world are properly funded and successful vis-a-vis their socially-conscious agendas, their environmentally-centered goals, and their sublime spiritual purposes honored as much as is humanly possible, the need to replace the career politicians who presently hold decision-making capacities exclusively worldwide will remain a challenge to be addressed.

The Good News is that that can be done. But to move in solidarity on that score will require that a select group of concerned citizens acknowledge that there is a difference between applying necessary tourniquets and addressing the sources of our collective bleeding. And that career politicians — by definition — are too self-serving for the Collective Good.

What Bush and Blair did back in the 90s was preceded by shenanigans  traceable to many world leaders… and the misguided support provided by their counterparts serving in less influential capacities, in regions, states, provinces, cities and towns all over the earth. Ditto for one and all serving on all levels following the 90s, of course, right to the present day.

The proclivities of particular politicians are not germane here. Virtually all career politicians embrace policies that undermine the potential for potable water to be made available to one and all*, which contribute to our horrid momentum on many counts. And that’s a great part of what I’m calling the source of the bleeding which must be dealt with anew.

*Why… I can address, upon request.

Too few see that bombing blows away the potential for bringing potable water to the masses of humanity. And that over-development stands to do the same. Too few see that greed leading to the appropriation of other people’s water is a crime that is proliferating abominably. And too few see that we must and CAN do something about it all.

See what happens if you contact me to discuss the details.

Marcel Duchamp Oxman can be reached at [email protected].



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