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Imagine – front page headlines in the NY Times, Washington Post, Guardian and anchors on MSNBC, Fox News and the BBC hammering away at a factual and true story that could actually reverse the course of this surreal and unremitting US-NATO Reign of Terror over vast and far reaching areas of the Globe for the past 15 years. Imagine – being swept away by breathless pundits, angrily calling for the arrests and extradition of Bush, Blair and their accomplices to stand trial at the ICC for their convictions of crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission. Professor Francis Boyle, the lead prosecutor from the U.S., can’t keep up with the interview requests, speaking engagements and award ceremonies for his courage, integrity and brilliant legal work in obtaining convictions of the worst war criminals in modern history since Adolph Hitler; thereby, not only calling a halt to the military mayhem, but all plans for World War III.

Teams of anti-war attorneys, now confident that the Fourth Estate will shine a light on crimes against humanity committed by elected leaders and their accomplices in the U.S. and Europe, rush to file their cases with the ICC.  First charged are Obama, Hillary and Trump for their continuance of the unconstitutional and illegal War on Terror, which has manifested in: coup d’etats; false flag attacks; torture; secret renditions; indiscriminate bombings of innocent people and their children; genocide; complete destruction of beautiful countries and their prized historic landmarks; drone strike assassinations; indefinite detentions of suspects; the mass exodus of fleeing refugees; the murderous slaughter of millions; and for the grand finale, warmongering threats of First Strikes against North Korea, Iran, Syria and even Russia in a premeditated campaign, now at the tipping point of a nuclear World War, the horror of which cannot be fathomed!

Well, Dr. Francis A. Boyle, who is a distinguished professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, prolific author and legal advocate for oppressed people actually did obtain these convictions, in absentia, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 22nd of November 2011.  In an interview with Paul JayDr. Boyle stated “… these defendants have committed Rome Statutory crimes in Rome party states. Indeed most of Europe, where these extraordinary renditions in part took place, are parties to the Rome Statute, as well as Afghanistan. And therefore, I argued to the ICC that the court did have jurisdiction to prosecute them and should exercise that jurisdiction. “

However, this hottest news story of the past 15 years was apparently too hot for the mainstream media in the U.S. and Europe to dare touch. The MSM is a corporate owned conglomerate that reports the propaganda dictated to them by the Israelis and the military industrial complex who feed off these illegal, immoral and catastrophic wars at the ripped-off taxpayers’ expense. So while these Presstitutes could easily stop the mayhem with just this one – jaw dropping – real news story, they instead continue to robotically spew out the propaganda, which not only keeps the masses numbed to the horror and the  “..bombs bursting in air…;”  like madmen, they force the hands of the Doomsday Clock ever closer to Midnight. The MSM should also be prosecuted as accomplices!

With just 2 minutes left, let’s unite in a campaign to bring all the war criminals to justice – now – before it’s too late.   


Marie Estelle Spike is a former public high school English teacher, licensed psychotherapist and avid anti-war activist, who published Outcry: American Voices of Conscience, Post 9/11She is also a member of the Green Party of the United States’ Peace Action and International Committees.

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One Comment

  1. David Kennedy says:

    “let’s unite in a campaign to bring all the war criminals to justice”.
    If only it were that easy. People have been organising against war for centuries …. without success.
    Technological “advances” have made wars more deadly, but scientists and technologists carry on with their ‘innocent’ work, believing they are making things better, NEVER believing their work will be put to evil ends by people far less scrupulous than themselves. Why do well-meaning people engage in actions that can lead to terrible consequences? This includes journalists who put loyalty and peer-approval above truthful reporting.
    Ordinary people vote for ordinary people in the hope, and with the intention, of making things better. They don’t wittingly vote for evil. But wars of utter evil are contrived, decided, and implemented by people voted into power by ordinary people. Why? Because loyal journalists, committed to supporting the side chosen by their masters (the media barons), knowingly fail to report truthfully.
    So it all comes down to the nature of humans, or, specifically, the functioning of the human brain. Despite human pride in the imagined superiority of their brains over all other sentient animals, the human brain has certain characteristics that, ironically, might well lead humans to disaster. It is easily deceived. It is readily vulnerable to malfunction. While being brilliantly logical in many ways, this very brilliance makes it equally susceptible to unwitting hubris that makes it blind to obvious failings. Perhaps its greatest malfunction is addiction. Greed and lust for power are among the greatest addictions leading to decisions causing suffering and death on the grand scale without recognition of the evil being done.
    So, we are all part of the evil done by war criminals while never intending to be, nor recognising the joy we feel when “our side” (whichever one that may be) is successful.