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gaza massacre

The title question is asked in dedication to the more than half million Syrians who have perished or been maimed in the so called civil war arranged by the American led colonial or neocolonial powers for the profit and power of wealthy investors speculating in death, terror and destruction.

The title question is directed to people in nations that have been invaded and bombed by Americans or Europeans in uniform. Why was majority humanity basically silent while Americans armed and supplied ‘Islamic’ terrorists to destroy enough of Syria and kill enough Syrians to overthrow its elected government? We know the great majority of people in the First World (nations of majority Caucasian population plus Japan), always either side with Americans and NATO, or are indifferent to slaughter of their former colonial subjects. (Every single nation of Caucasian population, even tiny Andorra and Monaco has been part of the murdering coalition in Afghanistan.) Where has the 7 to 1 numerically superior Third World been while Americans and their allies practiced genocide in Syria for seven years? The heavens await a redeeming solidarity from the majority humankind that is the Third World. 

Third World audiences, captivated by CIA fed American mainstream media telecasting by satellite, need not have doubted that Americans had been arming and supplying ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and many other terrorist groups fighting to conquer Syria, such as: Al-Nusra (al Qaida in Syria); Tahir alSham; Guardians of Religion Organization; Soldiers of the Caucasus; Katiba Abd Ar-Rahman; Soldiers of the Mahdi; Caucasus Emirate; Islamic Dawn Movement of the Levant; Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria; Ansar ut-Turkistan; Katibat al-Ghruaba al-Turkistan; Ansar al-Islam splinter faction; Jamaat Bayt al-Maqdis al-Islamiya; Malhama Tactical; Soldiers of the Levant; Ghuraba al-Sham; Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan; Fatah al-Islam; Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance and Liwaa al-Umama. Some of these groups are quite small and joining and rejoining with the larger organizations, but notice the international nature of most of these groups. Makes one recall how President Carter’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski headed up the first use of ‘Islamic’ terrorists for the US foreign policy goal of overthrowing a popular socialist women liberating government in Kabul in 1979 and meant to  draw the Soviets into the trap of facing afterward an international array of extremist Muslim terror invited and supplied by CIA and secret services of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. [watch Zbigniew Brzezinski to the Mujahideen: “Your cause is right and God and read Brzezinski bragging about it in Brzezinski Interview | David N. Gibbs ]

In 2011, US and NATO missiles destroyed prosperous Libya, using Islamic terrorists posing for CNN and al Jazeera as ordinary citizens in rebellion. CNN and al Jazeera never reported pro Gaddafi wild demonstrations of a near million Libyans, even while British and French warplanes bombed Tripoli. In the same year, 2011, came Syria’s turn, and for six years Americans, claimed yet another popular leader of yet another prosperous but independent nation, this time, the President of Syria, was “killing his own people.” Americans arranged for ‘Islamic’ terrorists to pour into Syria through Turkey, well supplied with heavy weaponry by US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar and indirectly by Americans themselves arming largely fictitious Syrians rebels.

Where have people in the Third World been during this latest American produced genocide? Are they silently awaiting a similar fate one country after another? Yes, revolutionary governments like Venezuela have spoken out in solidarity with Syrians fighting for their lives and country, but it is majority humankind or the people themselves of the Third World that must and will surely eventually condemn the First World for its five centuries of plundering genocide, and the sooner the better for their own protection and saving of millions in Third World from a future of bombs and starvation.

Has the great multitude of voices within the six-sevenths of Humanity remained silent for being taken in by Western media, impressed by its entertainment power and prestige, tacitly accepting  of the claims of officials of the US government, and shy of alignment with America’s designated enemy, President Assad – as apart from the compassion felt for the decimated Syrian people?

Your archival research peoples historian with a simple google ‘US Supplied ISIS,’ brought up pages of the following expose articles on the Internet. The reader might scroll down the first of these Internet pages just to see how commonplace knowledge of American provided genocide has been over the past seven years.

  1. Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and …

Jun 3, 2015 – For the past year, US, British and other western forces have been back in Iraq, supposedly in the cause of destroying the hyper-sectarian terror group Islamic State (formerly known as al-Qaida in Iraq). This was after Isis overran huge chunks of Iraqi and Syrian territory and proclaimed a self-styled Islamic …


  1. Exclusive: Tracing ISIS’ Weapons Supply Chain—Back to the US – Wired

Dec 12, 2017 – Spleeters is a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research (CAR), an international organization funded by the European Union that documents weapons trafficking in war zones. He is 31 years old, with a 1980s Freddie Mercury mustache and tattoos covering thin arms that tan quickly in the desert sun.


  1. Opinion | Fighting, While Funding, Extremists – The New York Times

Jun 18, 2017 – No matter: President Trump, captivated by Saudi royalty, sides with the Saudis — even though the United States has two important bases in Qatar. Baffling, right? But here is one clear bottom line: The biggest loser in all this may turn out to be the fight against the Islamic State. Nobody likes ISIS. Yet the idea …


  1. FactCheck Q&A: Is Saudi Arabia funding ISIS? – Channel 4 News

Jun 7, 2017 – Perhaps the most powerful indication of Saudi’s financial links with ISIS can be seen in the cache of emails leaked from the office of Hillary Clinton, who was US Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. The messages, published by Wikileaks, contain an unambiguous statement by her campaign chairman, …


5.Why Does the US Continue to Arm Terrorists in Syria? | The Nation

Mar 3, 2017 – The role of Turkey in not only turning a blind eye to ISIS’s takeover of vast swaths of northern Syria but also exacerbating the refugee crisis by its callous … Tahrir al-Sham consists of rebel factions that include Nour al-Din al-Zinki (recipients of US funding as recently as 2015), which gained worldwide …


  1. ISIS was state-sponsored by US allies, says former government ……/isis-was-state-sponsored-by-us-allies-says-former-government-i

Nov 3, 2017 – ISIS was state-sponsored by US allies, says former government intelligence analyst (EXCLUSIVE). By Nafeez Ahmed. Source: Wikipedia Commons. Published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowdfunded investigative journalism project for people and planet. Support us to keep digging where others fear …


  1. Congresswoman Who Says U.S. Funds ISIS Returned From Syria ……/congresswoman-who-says-u-s-funds-isis-returned-fr

Feb 26, 2017 – (AntiMedia) Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the lawmaker who accused the U.S. government of funding and arming ISIS and introduced a bill to prevent it from happening in future, recently disclosed that she met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during her recent trip to Syria. The move …


  1. US ‘created Isis’ and its war on the terrorists is ‘a lie’, says Iran’s … › News › World › Middle East

Jun 13, 2017 – Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has blamed the United States for instability in the Middle East and said Washington’s fight against Isis was “a lie”. “You [the United States] and your … The Iranian leader has accused the US and Saudi Arabia of funding hardline Sunni militants, including Isis.


  1. WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary Clinton Sold Weapons to ISIS? –…/wikileaks-cofirms-hillary-clinton-sold-weapons-to-isis/

Claim: E-mails released by WikiLeaks confirm Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS.


  1. Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act Introduced in Senate ……/gabbards-stop-arming-terrorists-act-introduced-sen

Mar 10, 2017 – Background: The Stop Arming Terrorists Act prohibits U.S. government funds from being used to support al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. In the same way that Congress passed the Boland Amendment to prohibit the funding and support to CIA backed-Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980’s, this bill …


  1. US Reportedly Ends Failed CIA Program to Arm and Train Non-Existent…

Jul 20, 2017 – U.S. Reportedly Ends Failed CIA Program to Arm and Train NonExistent “Moderate Rebels” of Syria; Similar Pentagon Program Already Junked as Ineffective …


Let those of us who would think this is not everyone’s problem remember that Martin Luther King famously quoted from Dante’s L’Inferno, “The hottest fires in Hell are reserved for those, who in times of moral crisis, maintained neutrality.” For the victimized, murdered and plundered within the 6/7ths of humankind we call the Third World, the fires have been spewed down upon them in this lifetime in the form of napalm, high altitude carpet bombing and live fire from American armed and supplied terrorists.


A 2011 article by this author describes the very beginning of the attack on Syria and is followed by an obviously concocted 2011 CBS News report as an example of devious unsourced ‘reporting’


Syria: CIA, M16, French, Mossad, Saudi, Turkish Involvement Unreported In Imperialist Media by jay janson

What is unfolding in Syria is an armed insurrection supported covertly by foreign powers including the US, Turkey and Israel. Armed insurgents belonging to Islamist organizations have crossed the border from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The US State Department has confirmed that it is supporting the insurgency. A monolithic unified slant media cartel restricts reports to indiscriminate killing of civilian protesters by Syrian government., 27 June, 2011

Here by contrast is CBS News with its 2011 first report citing anonymous sources.

Syrian protesters fired upon, at least 6 dead

Even more amazing is a 2016 New Yorker magazine’s preposterous article. Bashar al-Assad’s War Crimes, Exposed – The New Yorker…/bashar-al-assads-war-crimes-expose


The above two examples of articles of faked or false news seems to be enough for the majority of First World readers to give their blanket support, disinterested acceptance or indifference to genocidal action by Americans, but when the less sophisticated and less gullible great populations of economically struggling and financially suffering majority humanity in Third World arrive to having the time and media to inform themselves, the obvious lies of the First World justifying profitable genocide will not be believed nor the genocide tolerated.

This tract has focused on Syria, only one area of the ongoing genocide taking place as well in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan and Haiti that awaits the thunderous awakening of voices from majority Humankind.

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and in the US by Dissident Voice, Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents and others; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; article China Daily, 1989. Is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign, and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign, which Dissident Voice supports with link at the end of each issue of its newsletter.





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