modi poster 2

  1. ॐ Murderer of Democracy in India (MODI) नमोः नमः
  2. ॐ Manipulator of Democratic Institutions (MODI) नमोः नमः
  3. ॐ Mouthpiece of Derogatory Idiots (MODI) नमोः नमः
  4. ॐ Manager of Despotic Ideology (MODI) नमोः नमः
  5. ॐ Mover of Divisive Ideology (MODI) नमोः नमः
  6. ॐ Maniac of Disproportionate Irrationality (MODI) नमोः नमः
  7. ॐ Manu-smriti observer (for) Oppressive India (MODI) नमोः नमः
  8. ॐ Mahatma of Destructive Indoctrination (MODI) नमोः नमः
  9. ॐ Malice Out-breaker Disrupting India (MODI) नमोः नमः
  10. ॐ Malicious Obsessive Destructive Illiterate (MODI) नमोः नमः
  11. ॐ Model of Devastating India (MODI) नमोः नमः
  12. ॐ Monster of Dehumanizing Incidents (MODI) नमोःनमः
  13. ॐ Maker of Distorted Information (MODI) नमोः नमः
  14. ॐ Manufacturer of Dishonest Individuals (MODI) नमोः नमः
  15. ॐ Man of Deceitful Identity (MODI) नमोः नमः
  16. ॐ Master of Devilish Insanity (MODI) नमोः नमः
  17. ॐ Man of Deadly Insanity (MODI) नमोः नमः
  18. ॐ Materialistic opportunistic Dominating Individual (MODI) नमोः नमः
  19. ॐ Mind-set of Deviant Idiosyncrasies (MODI) नमोः नमः
  20. ॐ Man of Deformed Integrity (MODI) नमोः नमः
  21. ॐ Mann-ki-baat of Destructive Irritation (MODI) नमोः नमः
  22. ॐ Masculinity oriented Demagogue Idiot (MODI) नमोः नमः
  23. ॐ Male-chauvinist of Disproportionate Infinity (MODI) नमोः नमः
  24. ॐ Marrying off (with) Deserting Intent (MODI) नमोः नमः
  25. ॐ Memories of Demonetized India (MODI) नमोः नमः

T H Sreerama is a Poet. He is retired from Central Warehousing Corporation.

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One Comment

  1. Sally Dugman says:

    I read the list as a USA citizen and I see Trump in my mind, along with Modi. They are two peas in a pod — brothers together, ones who strongly need curtailment and reeducation.

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