Bloody springs in Kashmir

kashmir army

Young boys are joining the rebel groups consistently that signifies the complete failure of Hurriyat’s policies of leading the conflict to its logical conclusion. No one seems obedient to adhere their thoughts on the peaceful demonstration that could secede Kashmir from the clutches of India. Kashmiris are trying to convince two nations to enter into dialogue and resolve the protracted Kashmir tangle and let natives to decide the future course of their territory.

Ten years passed since the Amarnath agitation transpired into bloodshed and chaos in the valley. The public took various forms of protests to highlight their demands and aspirations of Azadi, the sounds of Azadi reverberated across the Kashmir region but resulted all in vain. India failed to provide speedy justice to those killed by the state forces and reconcile on the state’s future, Hurriyat was caged frequently and disallowed to travel abroad and talk to the people in diaspora and push the international community to take cognizance of the situation to force two nations to take positive steps in resolving the prolonged issue of Kashmir.

Hurriayt conglomerate despite internal differences joined hands together and formed JRL to fight the state architecture and were is in search of an opportunity to get back such a mammoth demonstration and support from people who lost their hearth and bread earners but struggled to materialize it. Young boys found gun as an ultimate solution to evacuate Army from the Kashmir region which has seen bloody results in 90s to ensure separation of state from India. Indeed, itis unlikely to fight a large number of Army which amounts7 Lakh Indian soldiers stationed across the terrain of Kashmir without proper planning and strategy. There must be a proper battle with equal amount of soldiers on both sides to have a win-win situation or win lose situation to decide the fate of Kashmir.

Let’s presume Hurriyat gets the support of Pakistan Army, still they will not be able to win the war and free us from India. India has a huge base of Army more than seven Lakhs are stationed in Kashmir. If they can take the help of China for the sake of argument, they will not be able to win the war. War is not such a thing that we imagine will win in a jiffy, it needs a proper planning and modern weapons and technology to defend a state.

Nuclear wars aren’t going to save us instead will destroy us completely. The atomic bomb dropped on Japan at the culmination of Second World War is still bearing the consequences of nuclear bomb, Japan is battling with restructuring the twin states in spite of being 70 years. The population is still facing genetic malfunction as a result of Atomic bomb radiations. What could be the solution of Kashmir if such wars are fought, we will be no more existing and what could be the fun of fighting such a war where people does not enjoy the essence of freedom.

Kashmir tangle is already discussed in the past with apt solution to allow indigenous people to decide their future course of themselves through the proper referendum.

The primary objective of the Hurriyat would be to stop the violence and call every youth back and surrender their arms and recruit them for a strategic role of talks and dialogue. Prepare them, train them how to debate, send them to the various universities to propagate the cause of their nation which will help both ways, it will help Kashmir to progress in terms of economy, and socially, and on the other hand, it will be an ideal way to see Kashmir problem through a different prism.

War is not a solution. There are death and destruction, two world wars have been fought, and the result is in front of our eyes.

Each spring especially from last ten years, we find flowers sprouting in Kashmir but pruned early or before they could see the onset of spring in gardens, they are sent to heaven where the spring remains fresh as dew droplets in the early morning.

Young boys are lowered to graves, flowers are strewn on their cemetery, and it is a disturbing situation to lose young people before they could make a decision about life. They are abandoned, motivated to join the rebel coterie and get consumed for a larger good.

Kashmir is again bleeding, this time more and more young people are joining the ultra-wings to free the Kashmir from the oppression. This continued from last twenty-eight years, there were elders in past volunteering for the cause of seceding the Kashmir and now the trend is same but in a different context.

People in Kashmir are laying their lives for the cause, the leaders are speechless and have one important tool that is Hartal to make entire India believe that there is a problem back in Kashmir that is getting worse day by day.

The government is talking about the development and requesting young people to shun the violence but didn’t find an alternative to rehabilitate these young people who have chosen a path resulting in chaos destruction.

The results are not in our favour, the results are favouring the oppressor, each day there is a killing, and there is an encounter, the fatigue in everyone’s mind that has broken spine. We no longer have the strength to bear more losses of young people who are getting consumed for this dirty war.

The encounters are no solutions for the problem instead of more violence inspires more people to join the rebel groups in Kashmir, banning the internet, after every encounter is no solution either. The government is throttling voices of people who are not allowed to express their anger thru singing dirges at each funeral. The biers are heavy when carrying the young people shouldered by father.

There was a time when fathers had expectations that son will take a lead in an ideal society when attaining an age of maturity but it is quite ironical that fathers are lifting the coffins of their wards, stream of tears flowing on each funeral, sea of people joining the rows to say the last prayer in unison.

In an ideal democratic setting, there are bargains and compromises, there are agendas, and on those agendas, leaders talk, they write and persuade the oppressor that these conditions are laid down on which they will talk. Here, is a problem of ego that becomes an obstacle to resolve the protracted issue of Kashmir tangle.

In the early 90s, there were people across the world spreading the message of violence and problem back in Kashmir that is now not seen, those who acquired PhDs and settled in European states are not doing anything substantial for their community to spread the message and raise voice against the massacres happening in Kashmir.

They do not provide any moral support like in every conflict happens. The Syria, Palestine and other such conflicts have one similarity that they have solidarity across the world. People come and write about the issues gripping in their own country.

There is a history of people living in abroad being more patriotic than those at home, and even organizing militant action against colonial rule. In India Ghadr being a chief example of seceding mainland India from the British Rule. It was set up in 1913 in the US and Canada to fight for the freedom from British rule. “The precedent for more recent funding and support of militancy in India was the Khalistan movement, which was almost entirely driven by the diaspora. The Khalistan movement wanted to create a separate Sikh country within India. The Kashmiris haven’t been nearly as successful”

If secessionist leaders send these young people to various countries in Europe and other English countries, provide them better education, instead of telling them to join the rebel groups that will solve the great problem of Kashmir tangle. A solution of Kashmir problem is to create more educational avenues, provide opportunities to the young people in a progressive way. Build universities, hospitals and other areas of development that will automatically help the cause. Hartal as an alternative is not a solution, the solution is education, utilize the potential of young people in the better way. Channelize their talent for next twenty years and then sit down and talk with India for the demands that these leaders have.

Right now, they have nothing to bargain, the fiscal autonomy is already taken away along with other critical autonomies, now education is the only alternative that should not be taken from these young people. They need love and care, recognition, at the early age. They lack all love and care in their lives.

There are a plethora of social problems in Kashmir including the late marriage issue, people are not marrying, but offering sacrifices like lambs, when the population is reduced, what for the freedom is required then, and we need to migrate people to do our work. Instead of having people spread across the world, bring them back and use their potential to build Kashmir. Violence is not a way out. There must be a thaw for at least twenty years. Only invest your time in actives like education and technology and make them self-reliant. Freedom will come one day but in an organized way.

 San’na Firdous is a student of Psychology at Union College, USA


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