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I’m going to lay it out straight because I get worried. … I have no idea about the degree that this following assessment regarding India is accurate or not. I don’t know much about India details. So I am neither agreeing with nor disagreeing with this evaluation.

However, I do know this: We are a socialist democracy state in MA. As my girlfriend said to me two weeks ago and this is a direct quotation: “Do I mind paying more in taxes in Massachusetts than in many other states like the impoverished ones? No. It is because I ask myself about whether I am my brother’s keeper. The answer is that yes, I am and I continue to aim to be that way.” … way to go, Linda.

We have ample water, forests, food, jobs of all sorts and not at US minimum wage that my state rejected, and housing for all (who choose to not live in streets since we do not force people not to live on streets, but simply care for them there). We have universal health care at zero cost for the ones not able to afford it and at nominal cost for those who can. Our firefighters, who have really tough jobs and who are ever ready to lay their lives on the line, love providing holiday meals to financially poor families and you should see the happiness and loving sharing on their faces when they deliver them. We have great garbage collection and flash our waste into electrical energy and nontoxic bricks for the most part. And we have fabulous social services for people experiencing severe problems like loss of a spouse or some other problem (and I am not gloating over any of this being the case).

In the end it is about values. It is exactly that which my friend Linda stated. So come here if it gets to rough where you live. We even have sanctuary cities and the most popular governor of all fifty, Charlie Baker, while diplomatic supports sanctuary cities and we all don’t really give a hoot if we lose federal funding due to having them. So Trump (et al) and his sh^thole country comments can suck it up since MA WILL NOT conform. Keep the federal cash, Buster, since Linda and I will be glad to provide due to our morals!

I have to be really careful with divulging the following information, but I know laws regarding plagiarism. So let’s do this dance and I will transmute.

Subject is “India uses more groundwater in agriculture than China and the USA combined”

My friend wrote to me “From a friend who grew up in Kenya and has witnessed similar trends there (altered by me – S. D.).


IMO, this inefficiency may be due to the fact that much of India’s rural land is densely populated smallholder farms, ones which barely produce enough to feed their own families, let alone produce a surplus to sell (and of course feed India’s exploding population in cities).

Combined with a rapidly growing population, this trajectory is going to cause famine, increased severe social unrest and eventually worse conflicts in parts of India, when the wells run dry, exactly as it has done in Yemen.  And when that occurrence happens, the famine, the deprivation and poverty will be blamed on the conflict.  Conflict is the consequence or outcome, not the cause of poverty and starvation rather than being in reverse.  That suggestion, of course, enrages the cornucopians (like the late John Maddox for example), who have cause and effect reversed.

This is exactly what has happened in Yemen in many regards for example.  For decades we “Malthusian doom-mongers” had been warning that Yemen’s rapidly growing population was depleting its aquifers and that this would lead to starvation and war as showing discontent at poverty, unemployment and water shortage boiled over.  Which is exactly, as we can note, what happened.  Except now the world has completely lost sight of that critical and central fact and sees only the war and starving kids. On acvount, it blames the Saudis and the West  for it (though oddly enough, leftist activists don’t seem to blame the Houthis, Al Qaeda and Iran at all).

Astonishing: India uses more groundwater in agriculture than China and the USA combined- Dr Avinash Kishore ⁦@IFPRI⁩ ⁦@CGIAR⁩ Groundwater levels dropping rapidly, quality declining. Huge #food security challenge, Indo-Gangetic Plain a global hot spot.

I’m sorry about the troubles anywhere in the world. If you do decide to come here to MA due to water or other problems, please do not cross through our southern border since Trump is locking it off from access. Come into Boston Logan Airport or Green in Providence, RI. … We, people like my friend Linda and I, will love to help you here in MA since we, like Governor Charlie Baker, know our standards and principles deeply in ourselves. So we will love to have you join us here.

We don’t mind your culture, your religion, your skin color, your dietary habits or other aspects that make you different individually from us. We are inclusive.

Accordingly, we don’t mind sharing and look at what we amply have to share.So come if it gets too rough and tough wherein you live.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA


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