hunger in usa

 Over 40 million people experience hunger in our country [the USA] every day. That includes over 13 million children.

For me, hunger is a political condition. We have the food. We have the resources. We have the infrastructure. We know what it takes. We have everything we need to end hunger now – everything except the political will.

It’s our moral obligation to eliminate hunger in the U.S. That means we need leaders who are willing work together to #EndHungerNow.

Earlier this month, I worked to defeat a disastrous Farm Bill in the U.S. House that would have completely undermined our nation’s most important food assistance program (SNAP). It was a bad, bad bill designed to vilify working families struggling to get by and people living in poverty and keep them from the assistance they desperately need.

I will continue to speak on this issue, as I’ve done for years because it’s past time for Congress to help those impacted by hunger and to support those making a difference.

Jim McGovern is a US Congressman from MA, USA. Following his morals and principles, he believes that ALL people across the world need food security. He personally and with strong fervor acts on this position. He walked on his birthday and the day afterwards 43 miles to raise money for a food bank and he pushed a shopping cart some of the time to illustrate the problem. US Rep. Jim McGovern to walk 43 miles across Western –

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  1. Sally Dugman says:

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    1 in 6 people in America face hunger. The USDA defines “food insecurity” as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members. – 11 Facts About Hunger in the US | | Volunteer for …