Film Fraternity Condemn The Decision by Malayalam Film Actor’s Body To Reinstate Dileep


Around a hundred film actors, directors, technicians, writers and activist have signed a statement condemning  the decision of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) to reinstate the Malayalm movie star Dileep who is an accused in the adduction and molestation of a fellow actress. They extended their solidarity and support to the  actress and demanded that an atmosphere should be created in Malayalm film industry where all can work creatively without the hindrance of vested interests or the difference in caste/religion or gender.  They also demanded that MLAs who hold office in AMMA should step down voluntarily.

Dileep has been accused of hatching a plot with prime accused Pulsar Suni and his associates for abducting and assaulting the Malayalam actress in a moving car.

The actress, who has worked in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films, was kidnapped and molested in a moving car while she was on her way from Thrissur to Kochi on the night of February 17 this year.

Dileep was arrested on July 10 because of his alleged involvement in the molestation case.

On July 11, he was expelled from the primary membership of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) after being arrested. However, he was reinstated into AMMA on 24th of this month.

Several key members of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) including the victim resigned fromAMMA on Wednesday over the association’s decision to reinstate Dileep.

Statement in full:

We once again reiterate our public support and solidarity to our co-worker who survived a heinous sexual assault. We salute her fight for legal and social justice and her fight for dignity of labor at work place.

Our friend is not a victim. She is a courageous woman who survived cruel sexual, physical and mental assault and became a role model for society by fighting for justice. The actress who was sexually assaulted a member of AMMA. The organisation did not take any action against the actor even though a formal complaint was filed. Only after the actress was sexually assaulted and the actor was arrested by the police that AMMA expelled the actor. Now that the actor has been reinstated it becomes clear that it was only a face saving measure in the face of mounting public anger. Without saying a word about the complaint filed by the actress, the organisation continues to humiliate her and those who support her. We salute our co-workers who resigned from AMMA in protest over the misogynist, patriarchal and feudal attitude of AMMA. We also salute our co-workers who formed the women’s collective to fight for justice.

There are also MLAs (Member of Legislative Assembly) elected by people who are office bearers in AMMA. It’s an insult to the people of Kerala that MLAs continue to hold office in an organisation which is openly misogynist. It’s an assertion that they too uphold these misogynist values. If they do not support these misogynist values we hope that they would voluntarily step down from the offices they hold in AMMA and uphold democratic values and the responsibilities they owe to the voters who elected them to Kerala Legislative Assembly.

We appeal to the government, film trade bodies to create an atmosphere where we can work creatively without the hindrance of vested interests or the difference in caste/religion or gender.

Signed by:

1.Vinayakan -Actor & Music Director
2. .Vidhu Vincent- Director
3.Revathi -Actor & Director
4.Padmapriya -Actor
5.Parvathy -Actor
6.P Balachandran -Actor & Writer
7.Sajitha Madathil – Actor
8.Aashiq Abu – Director & Producer
9.Rajeev Ravi -Cinematographer & Director
10.Anwar Rasheed -Director & Producer
11.Amal Neerad -Director & Producer
12.Ajithkumar B -Director & Film Editor
13.Madhu Neelakandan -Cinematographer
14.Anvar Ali -Poet & Lyricist
15.Dileesh pothan -Actor &Director
16.Krishnanunni -Sound Engineer
17.Sameer Thahir -Director & Producer
18.Shyju Khalid -Cinematographer & Director
19.Kamal KM -Director
20.Ajayan Adatt -Sound Recordist
21.Ajayan Chalissery -Art Director
22.Venu -Cinematographer & Director
23.Bina Paul Venugopal -Film Editor
24.Asha Joseph -Director & Teacher
25.Manoj Kuroor -Poet & Lyricist
26.Pramod Thomas -Sound Engineer
27.Jayadevan C -Sound Engineer
28.Manoj Kannoth -Film Editor
29.Fauzia fathima- Cinematographer
30.T K Rajeev Kumar -Director
31.Zakariya Muhammed -Director
32.Muhsin Parari -Director
33.K P Sasi -Director , Activist & Cartoonist
34.Binu Mathew -Journalist & Activist
35.Unni Vijayan
36.Leenus KL -Teacher
37.Pradeep Nair
39.Shini K
40.Prakash Bare -Actor & Producer
41.Gokul Das
42.Unnimaya -Actor & Technician
43.MJ Radhakrishnan -Cinematographer
44.Dr Biju -Director
45.Smijithkumar -Sound Engineer
46.Sudevan -Director
47.Sunny Joseph -Cinematographer
48.Sajan kalathil -Cinematographer
49.Sribala -Director
50.Deedi Damodaran -Writer & Activist
51.Prakash Moorthy
52.Jayesh -Cinematographer
54.Suresh Rajan
55.Vinod Veerakumar – Cinematographer
56.John P Varkey -Music Director
57.Joshi Mathew
59.Jubith Namradath -Director
60.Sanal Kumar Sasidharan -Director
61.Mazhar Hamsa – Costume Designer
62.Miriam Joseph
63.Archana Padmini -Actor
64.Shehnad Jalal -Cinematographer
65.Ranjith Sankaran -Film Editor
66.Benny Benedict -Teacher & Film Activist
67.Rajasekhar v Das – Social worker & Film Activist
68.Srinda -Actor
69.Sunil Babu
70.Prakash kutty- Cinematographer
71.Sanal George – Sound Recordist and Designer
72.Appu Prabhakar -Cinematographer
73.Sudha KF –Director
74.Arun Varma – Cinematographer
75.Kukku Saritha- Actor
76.Anumol – Actor
77.Shanavas Bavakutty – Director
78.Praveen MK -Film Editor
79.Jain Joseph -Cinematographer, Teacher
80.Mohandas VP -Sound Recordist and Designer
81.Anvar S Kaithadi-Cinematographer
82.P.F Mathews -Writer
83.Praveen Prabhakaran-Cinematographer
84.Davis Manuel-Sound Designer
85.Kani -Actor
86.Pavi Shanker- Publicity Designer
87.Sudeep Joshy-Director
88.CS Venkiteswaran -Film Critic
89.Indu Namboodiri
90.Soumya Sadanandan
91.Sayanora- Singer
92. Alencier ley Lopaz -Actor
93.Ashraf Hamza -Writer
94.Vivek Satchidanandan- Sound Recordist and Designer
95. Ranjith Kuzhoor- Film
96. Sanju Unnithan – Producer
97. Hari Nair – Cinematographer
98. N.K Mohammed Koya – Director
99. Priyanandanan – Director
100. P.S Rafeeq – Writer


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