Gaza Holocaust


“Never Again” was the cry after WWII asserting a solemn pledge by the international community to prevent another holocaust or any similar crime perpetrated against any other people. Yet the Jews, particularly the Zionist Jews, took this assertion as never again only to the Jews, but permissible to Jews to perpetrate similar holocausts onto other nations. Zionist terrorist Israeli state, supported by world Jewry and by the Zionist-controlled American administrations, has been perpetrating for the last 70 years a graduated holocaust against the whole Palestinian nation, while the whole world, seems to have forgotten this solemn pledge, is silently watching.

This Palestinian holocaust had been planned since 1897 in the first Zionist assembly in Basel; Switzerland.  Zionist Jews; leaders as well as commoners, can still be heard today calling for the extermination of Palestinians; Christians as well as Muslims. Israeli Jews openly demonstrate in the streets with “Kill them all” placards demanding the murder of all Palestinians. The Palestinians are their initial targets, the Arabs in between Nile to Euphrates (the so-called promised land) are their second target, the whole Middle Eastern region is their third target, and finally the whole world is their ultimate target.

To achieve these goals Israelis had been resorting to all kinds of evil means including wars of aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, targeted assassinations, total razing to the ground of towns, terrorism and support of terror organizations, naval piracy, and the use of illegal weapons including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Lately, since 30th of March, they have turned Gaza, one more time, into a killing field, where hundred Israeli snipers amused themselves by shooting peaceful Palestinian demonstrators, using hollow-pointed bullets to cause devastating injuries to their victims.

They have also targeted press reporters and first responder medics, who were wearing high visibility orange vests that were submitted by International Community of the Red Cross, similar to those used by the Israeli army, to indicate the person as a medical responder. These vests are clearly visible through the snipers’ telescopes. It is hard to believe that the Israeli snipers did not know that these victims were paramedics.  The fact that during the first six weeks of demonstrations no paramedics were shot, but in the seventh week a total of 19 paramedics were shot in one day, indicate that these targeting were obviously intentional and premeditated, probably following a military order to target paramedics to sabotage the administration of any medical help to the wounded victims in order to assure severe damage and death to demonstrators shot by the snipers. The Israeli soldiers want to inflict amputating damage to demonstrators first to prevent them from demonstrating again, and second to burden the Palestinians with heavy medical expenses.

The more than a decade-besieged (land, air and sea) and starved Palestinians in the world’s largest ever concentration prison, were peacefully demonstrating against the Israeli 70 years long occupation and atrocities, and demanding their freedom and their right to return to their Israeli-occupied towns and Israeli-usurped land; rights called for and guaranteed by UNSC resolution 194 giving the right to Palestinian refugees to go back to their own land. Also, Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms the rights of every person to move freely around their own country as well as the right to leave and return to their country.

This illegal inhumane Israeli enforced open-air concentration prison is a grave insult to all civilized nations of the world and to all international humanitarian, legal and political organizations.

Despite all the Israeli extensive coverup attempts of its ongoing slaughter against Palestinians, reports and videos exposing the indisputable Israeli crimes have reached the whole world. Yet, the only action the UNSC has offered is a call for an investigation into the actions of the Israeli army when it is so obvious that the terrorist Israeli government is an occupying power murdering civilian Palestinians in cold blood and encouraging its extremist fanatic militarized squatters (terrorist occupiers) to attack Palestinian villages, burning their homes, stealing their land and murdering their children under the protection of the watchful Israeli terrorist forces. The many previous investigations demanded by the UNSC and rejected by Israel, including this latest, had not protected Palestinians from the Israeli terror, rather had encouraged Israelis to intensify their terror since the UNSC did not punish Israel nor protected Palestinians.

Palestinians went out in demonstrations not to obtain UNSC investigation, but to regain their freedom, to break out of this largest open-air concentration prison, and to obtain protection from the self-claimed humanitarian international organizations. Investigations do not improve the lives of Palestinians.

On Friday first of June the UNSC failed to back a resolution tabled by Kuwait calling for protection for the Palestinians people. Ten-member countries, including China, France and Russia, supported the resolution, four other members; UK, Ethiopia, Netherland and Poland, abstained, while the US was the only member who rejected and vetoed the resolution. Abstaining UN member countries refusing to vote for the protection of Palestinians are cowardly selfish member countries, who seek economic gains from the US rather than seeing justice and their silence make them complicit partners in the Israeli crimes against Palestinians. The American Veto, similar to all previous Vetoes against Palestinians, reflects and affirms America’s hostile position against Palestinians specifically and against Middle Eastern Arabs generally. It also reflects American bias towards Israel since its illegal inception and America’s partnership in all Israeli crimes.

Besides demonstrating the weakness of the UNSC and its inability to enforce its resolutions and to maintain world peace, this American Veto treats Israel as an exceptional state, who is above all international laws and humanitarian principles. It gives Israelis protection against any punishment and boosts their audacity to perpetrate more crimes against Palestinians and Arab neighboring states.

Israelis have only contempt and disdain towards the UNSC and to any international legal organization. This is exhibited clearly when the Israeli ambassador; Danny Danon, to the UN took the podium to insult the members of the Council in their face stating that “UNSC members are puppets pulled by the strings of your Palestinian puppet masters.” Similarly the Israeli energy minister; Yuval Steinitz, told the European Union to “go to a thousand, thousand hells … I’m still talking in a friendly tone, but it’s the height of insolence, the height of hypocrisy” in response to the EU asking Israel to investigate an incident where an Arab human rights activist was injured by police while in their custody. Israel’s violations of 79 UN resolutions (by 2010) show clearly how much contempt Israelis have towards the UN and international law.

In the eyes of successive American administrations, and especially of Trump’s administration, the UN is just a tool used to legitimize American hegemonic policies around the world in the form of war against terror especially in the Middle East to protect Israel. Trump made this so obvious when the UN was debating the American recognition of al-Quds as Jerusalem the capital of Israel, he and his ambassador to the UN; Nikki Haley, threatened UN members to vote for American recognition or else lose American financial aid.  Afterwards, Trump decided to cut $20 billion in spending for UN programs as a punishment.

American administrations have always used lies, distortions of facts, and political maneuvers to manipulate the UN to serve Israeli interests.  This has been clearly exhibited by the present American ambassador to the UN; Nikki Haley. Nikki, who seems to be ashamed of her original Indian name; Nimrata Randhawa, thus changing it to Nikki Haley, had switched her loyalty from her Sikh Indian heritage and religion to Zionism. She does not hesitate to distort the obvious facts in order to protect Israeli crimes.

Despite the fact that the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights keeps warning the world that life in Gaza Strip is unsustainable under the Israel siege, and despite all the reports and videos out of Gaza exposing Israeli crimes against peaceful Palestinian demonstrators, Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley) defended Israeli crimes and blamed Hamas for the Palestinian misery. She unashamedly claimed that “no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has”, “Israel not to blame for Palestinian deaths; Hamas is to blame” and “Hamas’ monstrous actions that lead to increase the suffering of Palestinians”.

She absolved Israel’s 70 years old terrorism against Palestinians while condemning Hamas self-defense as terrorism. She blamed Hamas for launching rockets against Israeli military settlements not mentioning the fact that these rockets came as a self-defense measure in response to Israeli fighter planes and heavy artillery bombings against Gaza. No country would stay silent against such bombings. She ignored that fact that Israel had imposed land, air and sea siege against Gaza Strip for the last ten years and accused Hamas of causing the misery of Palestinians.

Besides her audacity to threaten and to warn members of Council in the past, Nimrata/Nikki joined her Israeli counterpart, Danny Danon, in insulting members of the Council accusing them of hypocrisy for calling to defend Palestinians.

Gaza Palestinians will go into history as the present-day holocaust (sacred sacrifice) to protect their nation first, the whole region second, and finally the rest of the world. Such realization would sadly come too late.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab American from a Palestinian descent. His family was evicted from Haifa, Palestine, after the 1948 Nakba when the Zionists stole his family’s property. Then the family was evicted again from the West Bank during the 1967 Naksah, after the Zionist, again, occupied the rest of Palestine.


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