Goodbye, Vaquitas…

By Diego, Marigona, Danny, Alice, Patri and the rest of the Avaaz team

There’s only 12 vaquitas left, down from 30 last year! But it’s not just the vaquitas we’re losing — we’re seeing a sixth mass extinction, and it’s human made. Top scientists are backing an ambitious plan to put half of the earth under protection, so nature and species can recover but we urgently need the governments to get on board. An upcoming nature summit gives us a big chance — sign now the global campaign for nature and share everywhere:

We just found out that vaquitas — super-cute “mini-dolphins” that live off the coast of Mexico — probably won’t survive. We’ve been fighting for them, but there are now only 12 left, down from 30 last year!

It’s not just the vaquitas that are being driven into oblivion. A sixth mass extinction is currently underway and humans are almost entirely to blame. By 2020, two-thirds of wild animals will have disappeared in 50 years.

Scientists say the solution is to protect half the planet, letting nature recover and restore itself — but our governments are dragging their feet because this crisis, and its solution, isn’t at the top of headlines!

But we now have a small window to help change that: a key nature summit in Montreal, where our governments will discuss the course of protection for the next 30 years! Sign the global campaign for nature — Avaaz will take our message to the summit and tell the story we need ​our leaders to​ hear:

Click to stop the extinction crisis

Overfishing, deadly pesticides, deforestation, poaching — you name it. Humans are putting every animal and plant in the world in danger. Including ourselves. A UN-backed panel of 550 scientists just confirmed that this massive loss of biodiversity can disrupt our global food system, our oceans, the air we breathe and even our economies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way — if we can simply live in harmony with the planet, setting aside half the land and sea for protected nature areas, we can stop this slide to oblivion. And have more than enough to fulfil what we as humans need.

And, we have to start paying attention to this crisis now — Avaaz has already met with many world leaders and each time they say “people don’t care, it’s not in the news!”. But, they said the same thing about climate change, until we rallied millions across the world and campaigned massively to make it the top of the headlines. The result was the historic Paris Climate Agreement.

Now we need to do the same for biodiversity — let’s sound the alarm for our governments and make sure protection is at the top of their list. Add your name now for our plants and animals. ​

Our movement has been at the front lines of environmental defense globally — just recently, 1.8 million Avaaz members pushed Brazil to protect a swath of the Amazon the size of Denmark; FOUR times we campaigned to create massive marine reserves to save our oceans, and much more. It’s time to unite again, to protect our fellow animals and plants who share this planet with all of us.

With hope and determination,

Diego, Marigona, Danny, Alice, Patri and the rest of the Avaaz team.


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