In Love With The World

I’ve been working with several environmental and other groups, including ones involving local organic farmers, to try to financially secure a 13 1/2 acre, gorgeous farm with fields and an apple orchard near my home. It also has a very lovely old farmhouse.

Many of the apple trees are very old — dating from 1600’s or 1700’s. They were brought here by merchant sailing ships from Europe and Japan. These are heritage apples whose genetics should not be lost, especially with GMO apples now coming into the mix.

I have secured an orchardist whose specialty is apples and apple trees. She is willing to oversee and direct a worker or more than one to maintain the farm. She will also help.

Personally, there is nothing in this project for me. There is no private financial gain. Instead I just have work ahead of me to try to get this farm. (“Nothing ventured — nothing gained,” as the old saying goes. So I’m venturing — come what may.)

Besides I can go to one of our Massachusetts farms or a store and buy organic apples whenever I want them. Accordingly, my satisfaction for carrying out this project is that I am following the seventh generation principle. In other words, this farm should not be ripped up to put in hundreds of high rise housing units.

Instead it will be needed to continue in posterity to serve our local community for generations down the road. It will especially be needed for the times when fossil fuels are almost gone and long distance travel to obtain food will be difficult. So I am trying to secure this farm for future generations in my town with the seventh generation principle in mind.

seventh generation

Many people in my town and other locations across the world are very supportive of this effort. The property is being sold at a very modest sum. Any money raised toward the purchase will offset a mortgage. So let’s do this action together please.

To reiterate: I don’t need this farm for myself or my generation. Others in future generations will need it, especially when fossil fuels are no longer used and transition towns are in play. They will require a local source for food — period.

We will need such island securities, especially when more other parts of the world have increasingly undergone overshoot and collapse while people increasingly are trying to get to other places that haven’t broken down yet and perhaps won’t do so if their resource bases are secure. And I aim to secure a resource base, all be it a small one, for them — these unknown people after me in time on this Earth.

I learned of the seventh generation principle from one of my best childhood friends, an old Mohawk, who I knew since I was five years old. So I know my duty to try to secure a thirteen acre farm that is filled with apple trees, including heritage ones from as early as the 1600’s or 1700’s. Yes, it is a duty, but it is also an honor to help these unknown people yet to come.

Frankly I’m in love with the world. “I’m just a fool for you [world]. You have me wrapped around your finger,” — as the Linger song goes.Therefore, I, a singular little person, will do all that I possibly can to help the natural environment and people down to road in times to yet come. I have no choice. So please help me by donating as little or as much as you can to this GoFundMe site. Thank you.

I am adamant about not losing this farm to over-development. Sincerely I am sick of the economic activities (for self financial gains and due to over consumption of materials) driving the natural world towards major loses, indirectly driving climate change factors, the 6th great extinction, resource losses and overpopulation.

As I indicated, I’m just a fool …: The Cranberries – Linger – YouTube. As I increasingly age, I have my eye on the future past my time here on Earth. It is the best that I can be and do out of myself.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA




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