Join Me in the Center’s Fight to Save Oceans


I’ve always had a special love for the ocean and the whales, dolphins and other animals that call it home.

But our oceans are at a critical moment — besieged by oil and gas drilling, pollution, overfishing and other mounting threats. If we don’t fight back now, we risk profound changes for our oceans for centuries to come.

That’s why I’m urging you to join the Center for Biological Diversity in their important, lifesaving work. … you’ll be contributing to the hardest-working, fastest-moving environmental group that’s securing victories for oceans and wildlife every single week.

Throughout my life, I’ve supported many important causes, including environmental protection, water issues, indigenous and human rights, and sustainable energy alternatives.

But these are times like no other. Our natural world faces unprecedented threats and we need to respond with unyielding action. That’s where the Center comes in.

For nearly three decades, the Center has been on the front lines of some of the most important environmental issues of our age, including climate change, wildlife extinction, ocean protection, public lands and human health.

The Center has secured Endangered Species Act protection for more than 600 species as well as more than half a billion acres of wildlife habitat.

It’s amazing — but there’s still much more work to be done. Can you help?

Some of the most important work right now is the fight against offshore drilling. The Trump administration wants to ramp up oil and gas drilling off every coast in America. Not only will this push us deeper into the climate crisis but it poses a direct threat to our beaches, coastlines and every animal that lives there.

It pains me greatly to think about what happens when these oil pipes break and spew toxic oil into our pristine oceans. Who can forget what happened with the Deepwater Horizon disaster? Dolphins are still suffering from lung injuries and lesions and that entire ecosystem has yet to recover.

We can’t repeat the same mistakes again in the Gulf, in the Arctic, the Atlantic or off the West Coast. Our oceans, our wildlife are just too important.

I’ve proudly supported the Center for nearly 20 years. They’re an organization full of fierce wildlife-lovers who secure real, tangible victories for wildlife around the country, including whales, wolves, polar bears and sea turtles.

Their work is more important now than ever. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Center …

In solidarity,

Musician Bonnie Raitt is a proud supporter of the Center for Biological Diversity. Please share her message with your friends and family. — Kierán, Director of Center for Biological Diversity


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