Love Not Cages

seperating children

I’m still grappling with what we’ve seen from the Trump administration in the past few weeks: kids in cages, families torn apart, bitter racist politics that vilify and divide.

It isn’t who we are. Not as a people and not as a nation.

But this isn’t the moment to look away. Through the anger and frustration, we have to stay engaged and speak our minds. Allow our single voice to join the voice of thousands and then millions.

I hope you’ll join the Center’s Ignite Change and other organizations by attending one of the Families Belong Together rallies. There will be hundreds around the country on Saturday. I’m proud that the Center is part of such an important moment.

The separation and detention of families was a horrifying new low for Trump. But, sadly, it’s part of a thread of inhumanity and cruelty that permeates so much of this administration, whether it’s demonizing groups of people, allowing our air and water to be poisoned, destroying our public lands or pushing our wildlife one step closer to extinction.

It has to stop.

Since Day 1 of the Trump administration, the Center’s staff has been working tirelessly to thwart his agenda. It’s around-the-clock work that requires us to rally and fight him at every turn. The border wall. Ocean drilling. National monuments. The end of protections for endangered species. The list goes on.

We show up every day, energized and ready to do whatever it takes to protect people, wildlife and this planet. It’s been a gut-punch these past few weeks to witness what Trump has done to children and families. But we also know that we have a duty to lock arms and stand against hatred — and speak out for love. That’s what we’ll be doing every hour and every day until we win.

I’m grateful that you’re standing with us.

For the wild,


Kierán Suckling is Executive Director at Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. As we intensify our fight consider making a gift to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund. Together we’ll beat back Trump’s attacks against wildlife and the planet.




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